07OCT21 / 1600Z - The Greater Istanbul Flyout @LTFM


Hello everyone, welcome to my first ever Infinite Flight event! My first event will be hosted at Istanbul International Airport. Istanbul Airport is located in the Middle East and serves as Turkey’s busiest airport! LTFM is also home to Turkish Airlines. What makes this location even better is that LTFM is now a 3D airport in Infinite Flight! Anyways I thought this would be a nice place to host an event, please consider signing up! (Gates listed below)

Event Specifics

Sever - #Training
Airport - Istanbul International Airport (LTFM)
Event Time - 2021-10-07T16:00:00Z2021-10-07T17:00:00Z
Event Type - Fly-Out

Photos of LTFM



Concourse A
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Concourse A Gate A2 Amman (OJAI) Royal Jordanian B787-8
Concourse A Gate A3 Madrid (LEMD) Iberia A330-300
Concourse A Gate A4 Dubai (OMDB) Emirates Airlines A350-900
Concourse A Gate A5 Kuwait (OKBK) Kuwait Airways B777-300ER
Concourse A Gate A6 Manchester (EGCC) British Airways B757-200 @AndrewGraham
Concourse A Gate A7 Frankfurt (EDDF) Lufthansa B747-400 @Arnav_Ola
Concourse A Gate A8 Lisbon (LPPT) TAP Air Portugal A330-900neo
Concourse B
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Concourse B Gate B1 Rio De Janeiro (SBGL) Azul A330-900neo
Concourse B Gate B3 Paris (LFPG) Air France B777-200ER
Concourse B Gate B4 Amsterdam (EHAM) KLM B787-9
Concourse B Gate B5 Bangkok (VTBS) Thai Airways A350-900
Concourse B Gate B6 Sydney (YSSY) Qantas A380-800
Concourse B Gate B7 Brussels (EBBR) Air Belgium A330-900neo @RhendyAvGeek
Concourse B Gate B8 Shannon (EIDW) Aer Lingus B757-200
Concourse B Gate B9 Dakar (GOOY) Air Senegal A330-900neo @JEN
Concourse B Gate B10 Cape Town (FACT) South African Airways B747-200
Concourse B Gate B12 Athens (LGAV) Aegean Airlines A320-200 @11138
Concourse B Gate B13 New York (KJFK) United Airlines B747-400
Concourse B Gate B15 Abu Dhabi (OMAA) Etihad B787-10 @Captain_Dreamliner
Concourse B Gate B17 Los Angeles (KLAX) Turkish Airlines B787-9 @Captain_Ahmad1
Concourse B Gate B18 Moscow (UUDD) Aeroflot B777-300ER
Concourse C
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Concourse C Gate C1 Trabzon (LTCG) Turkish Airlines B737-900
Concourse C Gate C2 Budapest (LHBP) Wizz Air A320-200
Concourse C Gate C3 Zagreb (LDZA) Croatia Airlines A319-100
Concourse C Gate C4 Athens (LGAV) Aegean Airlines A320-200 @RazPeleg7
Concourse D
Gate Destination Airport Airline Aircraft Pilot
Concourse D Gate D1 Cairo (HECA) Egypt Air B737-800
Concourse D Gate D2 Oslo (ENGM) Turkish Airlines A330-300 @Neman_Rahmani
Concourse D Gate D3 Dubai (OMDB) Fly Dubai B737-800
Concourse D Gate D4 Antalya (LTAI) Turkish Airlines B737-700
Concourse D Gate D5 Athens (LGAV) Aegean Airlines A320-200 @Andy_Nss
Concourse D Gate D6 Incheon (RKSI) Turkish Airlines B777-300ER @Flyingshib
Concourse D Gate D7 Muscat (OOMS) Oman Air A330-300
Concourse D Gate D8 Amman (OJAI) Royal Jordanian B787-8 @Captain_Yousef
Concourse D Gate D9 Jeddah (OEJN) Saudia B777-300ER
Concourse D Gate D10 Doha (OTHH) Qatar Airways B777-300ER
Concourse D Gate D11 London (EGLL) Tui ;) B757-200
Concourse D Gate D12 Basel (LFSB) Turkish Airlines A321-200 @AviationZyYT
Concourse D Gate D13 Zurich (LSZH) Swiss B777-300ER @Issa_Gaye
Concourse D Gate D14 Boston (KBOS) Turkish Airlines A330-300 @Ritesh321


As of now, we do not have Departure and Istanbul Center, if you would like to control any stations please let me know!
Ground: @ModdedGamer Tower: @ModdedGamer Departure: @ Istanbul Center: @

Rules, Tips & More Info:

  • Please Spawn in 15-20 mins before flight
  • Please use the airline and airplane that is assigned to the flight you choose
  • I am NOT responsible for any violations, reports, or other problems you may have while flying
  • All gates should fit the assigned aircraft, however, if you have a problem with your gate please let me know!
  • No pattern work will be allowed
  • Once your signed up add this to your calendar so you can remember the date and not miss out!
  • FPL to IF (I recommend using this for making your flight plans)
Airport Chart


Anyways… Most Importantly I hope this event will be fun and enjoyable for everyone, I’d really appreciate it if you could signup :)


Hello, can I have this short flight, please?

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Sure thanks for signing up @MainSky

Concourse B Gate B12|Athens (LGAV)|Aegean Airlines|A320-200|

This gate for me please!

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Sure! Thanks for signing up @11138!

Il take this one :)

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Hey! Your event looks great but just FYI LTFM is not in EU-East. It’s in Middle East.

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Sure! Thanks for signing up @AndrewGraham!

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Ok thanks for telling i wasn’t sure but thanks for telling me i changed it!

May I have this please!!?

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Sure! Thanks for signing up @JEN!

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I would like to fly to LFSB (LFSB) Türkisch A321 or somewhere Else :)

ok sure 1 sec ill add that

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there we go i added you check your assigned gate

Sir I want Basel LFSB :)

Not Bordeaux ^_^

there thanks for joining


Not LFBO this is Toulouse :D

oh sorry i dont know what’s wrong with me i edited it

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No Problem ;)


See you in Istanbul !

see ya in istanbul

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