07NOV20 / 2200Z - The Land of 10,000 Lakes - The Twin City Flyout @ KMSP


Hosted By @KSS

Welcome to Minneapolis-St Paul Int’l Airport

Welcome to Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The state of Minnesota is nicknamed the land of 10,000 lakes because it has over 10,000 lakes. Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport is one Delta Air Lines’ 9 hubs across America. It 2 terminals and 8 concourses. It is the 17th largest airport in the United States. From Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, you can fly to over 140 different places around the world. More information on MSP is below.


Server : Expert

Airport : Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport ( KMSP )

Time : 2020-11-07T22:00:00Z


Airport Diagram


Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
A2 Delta CRJ-900 Duluth KDLH
A3 Delta CRJ-900 Rapid City KRAP
A4 Delta CRJ-900 Sioux Falls KFSD
A6 Delta CRJ-900 Cleveland KCLE
A7 Delta CRJ-900 Philadelphia KPHL
A8 Delta CRJ-200 Green Bay KGRB
A9 Delta CRJ-200 Aberdeen KABR
A11 Delta CRJ-900 Madison KMSN
A12 Delta CRJ-900 Cincinnati KCVG
A13 Delta CRJ-200 Cedar Rapids KCID
A14 Delta CRJ-200 International Falls KINL @AviatorNikola

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
B2 Delta CRJ-200 Iron Mountain KIMT
B4 Delta CRJ-200 Marquette KMQT
B6 Delta CRJ-200 Wausau KCWA
B8 Delta CRJ-200 Bemidji KBJI
B10 Delta CRJ-200 Rhinelander KRHI
B12 Delta CRJ-200 La Crosse KLSE
B14 Delta CRJ-200 Brainerd KBRD
B16 Delta CRJ-900 Minot KMOT

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
C1 Delta CRJ-900 Fargo KFAR
C2 Delta A319 New York KJFK
C3 Delta CRJ-900 Oklahoma City KOKC
C4 Delta CRJ-900 St Louis KSTL
C5 Delta CRJ-900 Windsor Locks KBDL
C6 Delta ERJ-170 Houston KIAH
C7 Delta ERJ-170 Chicago O’Hare KORD
C8 Delta CRJ-900 Raleigh-Durham KRDU
C9 Delta CRJ-900 Kansas City KMCI @PilotA320
C10 Delta CRJ-900 Memphis KMEM
C11 Delta CRJ-900 Calgary CYYC
C12 Delta CRJ-900 Dallas Fort-Worth KDFW
C13 Delta CRJ-900 Grand Forks KGFK
C14 Delta CRJ-700 Traverse City KTVC
C15 Delta CRJ-700 Louisville KSDF
C16 Delta CRJ-900 Milwaukee KMKE
C17 Delta CRJ-900 Nashville KBNA
C19 Delta CRJ-900 Rochester KRST
C20 Delta CRJ-900 Charlotte KCLT @CLTaviation13
C21 Delta CRJ-900 Bismarck KBIS
C22 Delta CRJ-900 Appleton KATW
C23 Delta CRJ-900 Indianapolis KIND
C24 Delta CRJ-900 Columbus KCMH
C25 Delta CRJ-900 Des Moines KDSM
C26 Delta CRJ-900 Wichita KICT
C27 Delta CRJ-200 Sault Sainte Marie KCIU

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
D1 Delta A321 Boston KBOS
D2 Delta A321 Salt Lake City KSLC @DeltaFox
D3 Delta A319 Austin KAUS
D4 Delta 737-900 Las Vegas KLAS @Alexian61
D5 Delta 737-900 San Francisco KSFO
D6 Delta A319 Billings KBIL

Concourse E

Use Us Airways or Generic Livery for AA E175

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
E1 Alaska 737-900 Seattle KSEA
E2 Spirit A321 Atlanta KATL
E3 Air Canada CRJ-200 Toronto CYYZ
E4 Spirit A320 Denver KDEN
E5 United ERJ-170 Houston KIAH
E6 United 737-800 Denver KDEN
E7 United 737-800 Chicago O’Hare KORD
E8 United ERJ-170 San Fransisco KSFO
E9 United ERJ-170 Newark KEWR
E10 United ERJ-170 Washington-Dulles KIAD
E11 American ERJ-175 Philadelphia KPHL
E12 American 737-800 Dallas Fort-Worth KDFW
E13 American ERJ-175 Miami KMIA
E14 American A320 Phoenix KPHX
E15 American ERJ-175 Washington-National KDCA
E16 American A321 Charlotte KCLT

Concourse F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
F1 Delta A319 Pasco KPSC
F2 Delta A319 Washington-National KDCA
F3 Delta 737-900 Seattle KSEA
F4 Delta A319 Orange County KSNA @Jacob_Layton
F5 Delta A321 San Diego KSAN
F6 Delta 737-900 Portland KPDX
F7 Delta A321 Tampa KTPA
F8 Delta A321 Detroit KDTW
F9 Delta A321 Fort Myers KRSW
F10 Delta A321 Salt Lake City KSLC
F11 Delta 737-900 Denver KDEN
F12 Delta 757-200 Los Angeles KLAX
F13 Delta A321 Sacramento KSMF
F14 Delta A321 Boise KBOI @juan_tavares
F15 Delta 737-900 Anchorage PANC @Johhhn
F16 Delta 737-900 Las Vegas KLAS

Concourse G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
G1 Delta 757-200 Atlanta KATL
G2 Delta 777-200 Paris LFPG
G4 Delta A330-300 Amsterdam EHAM
G6 KLM 787-9 Amsterdam EHAM @KMSPheavy
G8 Delta 767-300 Honolulu PHNL
G9 Delta A350-900 Seoul-Incheon RSKI
G11 Delta A321 Spokane KGEG
G12 Delta A321 Atlanta KATL
G13 Delta A321 Phoenix KPHX
G14 Delta A321 LaGuardia KLGA
G15 Delta A321 Bozeman KBZN
G17 Delta 737-800 Montego Bay MKJS
G18 Delta 737-900 Punta Cana MDPC
G19 Delta 737-900 Cancun MMUN
G20 Delta A319 Mexico City MMMX
G21 Delta 737-900 Denver KDEN
G22 Delta 737-900 Orlando KMCO

Concourse H

Use Generic livery for Sun Country 738.

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
H1 Sun Country 737-800 Bullhead City KIFP
H2 Sun Country 737-800 Los Angeles KLAX
H3 Sun Country 737-800 San Fransisco KSFO
H4 Sun Country 737-800 San Diego KSAN
H5 Sun Country 737-800 Palm Springs KPSP
H6 Icelandair 757-200 Reykjavik BIKF
H7 Sun Country 737-800 Las Vegas KLAS @MSP_Spotter
H8 Sun Country 737-800 Orlando KMCO
H9 Frontier A320 Denver KDEN
H10 JetBlue A320 New York KJFK @PilotChrisSG
H11 Southwest 737-800 Chicago-Midway KMDW @ORD777flyer
H12 Southwest 737-800 Phoenix KPHX
H13 Southwest 737-700 Denver KDEN
H14 Southwest 737-800 Nashville KBNA @Butter1

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
Infield Cargo Apron 1 Fedex MD-11 Indianapolis KIND
Infield Cargo Apron 2 Fedex MD-11 Greensboro KGSO
Infield Cargo Apron 3 Fedex MD-11 Fort Worth Alliance KAFW
Infield Cargo Apron 4 Fedex MD-11 Chicago O’Hare KORD
Infield Cargo Apron 5 Fedex MD-11 Memphis KMEM
Infield Cargo Apron 6 Fedex MD-11 Newark KEWR
Infield Cargo Apron 7 UPS MD-11 Louisville KSDF
Infield Cargo Apron 8 UPS 757-200 Chicago-Rockford KRFD
Infield Cargo Apron 9 UPS 757-200 Winnipeg CYWG
Infield Cargo Apron 10 UPS 757-200 Philadelphia KPHL


  • Spawn 10-15 minutes prior to departure
  • Do not attempt to pushback at the sametime as another aircraft beside you
  • Respect Unicom or IFATC if present
  • I am not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!

Group PM will be sent 3 days prior to event.
Hope to see you there!


Loveeeee this! Use to fly through MSP all the time when heading to school!

P.S Not that it really matters or anything, but only the CRJ2s park on concourse A/B😁 Great event tho!

I’ll take this:

C20 Delta CRJ-900 Charlotte KCLT

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@CLTaviation13 it doesn’t seem that only CRJ2s are the only aircrafts that use Concourse A/B anymore.

@CLTaviation13 you are now signed up also

I’ll take this gate please!

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@Jacob_Layton you are signed up

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Thank you!

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I’ll fly Southwest to MDW

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@ORD777flyer you are now signed up

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Thank you sir

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Yay a delta hub! One of my favorite airports IRL right behind KSEA.

If you ever have a layover in KMSP make sure to try black sheep pizza.


Any chance I could get the flight to KINL with the Skywest CRJ200, I love Northern MN!

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Idk if I will be able to come though my plans change a lot.

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@juan_tavares you can claim a gate and if you are unable to make it you can cancel if you’d like

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Could I fly to KLAS with sun country? Gate H7

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We don’t have a sun country livery.

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Can I have this? Thanks!

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@juan_tavares Use Generic livery for Sun Country 738.

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@Alexian61 you have been signed up

Ill take the KLM flight to EHAM. Gate G4! Thanks. Really looking forward to this. I did notice however that the flights to tokyo-haneda, dublin, as well as london-heathrow are all missing here.

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