07NOV20 / 1800Z - Twisting and Turning into Queenstown - @NZAA

★彡[Qᴜᴇᴇɴꜱᴛᴏᴡɴ, ɴᴇᴡ ᴢᴇᴀʟᴀɴᴅ]彡★

Welcome to this event! Today, we will be exploring one of the least popular ranges of the world, New Zealand. We will be flying from Auckland to Queenstown using a combination of JetStar and Air New Zealand A320-200s.

Auckland and Queenstown are both beautiful airports with scenic approaches, but Queenstown is widely known for it’s difficult aproach. Having two airliner-capable runways that both have spectacular approaches, Queenstown is quite the diamond in the rough. Runway 23 has a banking, twisting approach all the way down to the airport, that guides through the valley and takes advantage of the rough terrain. Runway 05 has a slight turn on final to align with the runway, while navigating over the beautiful lake below.

What is the lake west of Queenstown Airport named?
  • Lake Queenstown
  • Lake Wakatipu
  • Lake Wanaka
  • Lake Pukaki

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After the flight, we will be gathering at the gate for pictures. Due to the limited amount of gates in Queenstown, we will be only accepting 9 members for this flight. Please only sign up for the event if you are 100% sure that you will be attending to maximize event attendance.


Auckland Gates

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
20 JetStar A320 Queenstown
21 JetStar A320 Queenstown @Pilot_Felix
22 JetStar A320 Queenstown @tunamkol
28 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @Pingu
29 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @IF787
30 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @darkeyes
31 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @aircasa_88
32 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @tjb0709
33 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown @Captainflight

Queenstown Gates
(Automatically reserved with a departure reservation)

Gate Airline Aircraft Origin Arrival Status
1 JetStar A320 Auckland
2 JetStar A320 Auckland
3 JetStar A320 Auckland [ESTIMATED]
4 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland [ESTIMATED]
5 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland [ESTIMATED]
6 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland [ESTIMATED]
7 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland
8 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland
9 Air New Zealand A320 Auckland

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Aircraft: Air New Zealand / JetStar A320
Time: 2020-11-07T17:00:00Z2020-11-07T18:50:00Z
Flight time: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Notams: Flight plan will be published on day of event, as it is unable to predict flight plan due to winds.



I’ll take gate 29 please! (Air Zew Zealand A320)

Awesome, I’ll see you there.

Tylerrrrrrr Queenstown is NZQN, it’s says NZAA in your title

The flight is Auckland to Queenstown… 🤦

Oh I thought this was a Flyout Im stupid

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Just so you know I misclicked in the poll 😂😅

Lake Queenstown is correct.

What happened to the newark flyout?

Got canceled due to a lack of members.

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Oh bummer. I’ll take an Air New Zealand gate here then

Hey! Can I have a gate please?

@darkeyes and @tunamkol you’ve both been signed up!


Thanks. See you there!

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I’ll take a gate AKL-ZQN with Air New Zealand

Get me this gate!

Hello, can I get this one please ?
31 Air New Zealand A320 Queenstown

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I’ll join in a jet star livery!

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Both of you have been signed up, I’ll see you there. 😊

Is the event starting? A PM? @Pingu