07NOV20 / 1700Z | The Not New York Flyout, Presented by Pingu and Z-Tube | KEWR

The Gateway City Flyout!

Hey y’all! Today, we’re going back to Newark for my second, new and improved Newark Fly-out, featuring more accurate gates, updated routes, and more organized details. Partnering with @Z-Tube for this one, we both know Newark airport inside and out, so we are able to create a more accurate event using each other’s knowledge. Newark, often referred to as the Gateway city, is the main shipping area for New York City, and houses one of the oldest airports in the states.

About Newark

Also known as EWR, this airport is located 15 miles southwest of midtown Manhattan in New York City and sits on the border between Newark and Elizabeth, in New Jersey. Owned by the city of Newark, it—like nearby LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports—is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Together, the three airports make up the largest airport system in the country, the busiest in the world by flight operations, and second busiest by passenger traffic. While 37.5 million travelers passed through EWR in 2015, a combined 122.7 were served by the New York City airport system.The first major airport in the United States, Newark Library International Airport now hosts a total of 50 carriers. It’s United’s third largest hub (after Chicago-O’Hare and Houston-Intercontinental), and passengers flying on the airline represent over 68 percent of all travelers flying to and from Newark. It opened first opening in 1928 as the New York metro area’s first major commercial airport, and remained the busiest in the world until the opening of LaGuardia in nearby Queens, New York, in 1939.


Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR)
Time: 2020-11-07T17:00:00Z
In the event that IFATC is present at the event, you are accountable for your own actions.
I will not be held accountable for any violations of ghostings recieved during this event.


Terminal A - JetBlue, Air Canada, United Express, Alaska, American
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
A10 Toronto [CYYZ] Air Canada CRJ-200 @Aviation2929
A11 Ottowa [CYOW] Air Canada CRJ-200
A12 San Francisco [KSFO] JetBlue A321-200
A14 San Juan [TJSJ] JetBlue A320-200
A15 Fort Lauderdale [KFLL] JetBlue A320-200 @pingu
A16A Boston [KBOS] JetBlue ERJ190
A16B Palm Beach [KPBI] JetBlue A320-200 @PilotChrisSG
A17 Fort Lauderdale [KFLL] JetBlue A320-200 @CaptainZac
A18 Los Angeles [KLAX] JetBlue A321-200
A20 Washington [KIAD] United Express CRJ-700
A20B Detroit [KDTW] United Express CRJ-700
A21 Pittsburgh [KPIT] United Express CRJ-700
A22 Cleveland [KCLE] United Express CRJ-700
A23 Indianapois [KIND] United Express CRJ-700
23B Memphis [KMEM] United Express CRJ-700
A24 Albany [KALB] United Express CRJ-700
A24A Rochester [KROC] United Express CRJ-700
A25 Montreal [CYUL] United Express CRJ-700
A25A Quebec [CYQB] United Express CRJ-700
A26 Ottowa [CYOW] United Express CRJ-700
A26A Buffalo [KBUF] United Express CRJ-700
A26X Toronto [CYYZ] United Express CRJ-700
A27 Syracuse [KSYR] United Express CRJ-700 @KSS
A27A Harrisburg [KMDT] United Express CRJ-700
A28 Norfolk [KORF] United Express CRJ-700
A31 Seattle [KSEA] Alaska Airlines B737-900
A32 Los Angeles [KLAX] Alaska Airlines B737-900
A33 San Francisco [KSFO] Alaska Airlines (More to Love) B737-900
A34 San Diego [KSAN] Alaska Airlines B737-900
A35 Phoenix [KPHX] American Airlines B737-800
A36 Dallas [KDFW] American Airlines (TWA) B737-800
A37 Miami [KMIA] American Airlines B737-800
A38 Chicago [KORD] American Airlines B737-800
A39 Charlotte [KCLT] American Airlines A321-200
Terminal B - International Airlines, Delta, Elite, Spirit, Frontier
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
B40 Atlanta [KATL] Delta B737-900 @Rolls
B41 Detroit [KDTW] Delta CRJ-900
B41A Minneapolis [KMSP] Delta CRJ-900
B42 Atlanta [KATL] Delta B737-800
B44 Salt Lake City [KSLC] Delta B737-800
B45 Orlando [KMCO] Spirit A321-200
B46 Fort Lauderdale [KFLL] Spirit A321-200
B47 Chicago [KORD] Spirit A320-200
B51 Frankfurt [EDDF] Lufthansa A330-300
B52 Munich [EDDM] Lufthansa A350-900
B53 Singapore [WSSS] Singapore Airlines A350-900
B54 Denver [KDEN] Frontier A320-200
B55 Orlando [KMCO] Frontier A320-200
B56 Copenhagen [EKCH] SAS A330-300
B57 Oslo [ENGM] SAS A330-300
B58 Bogota [SKBO] Avianca A320-200
B61 Hong Kong [VHHH] Cathay Pacific A350-900
B62 London [EGLL] British Airways B777-200
B63 Vero Beach [KVRB] Elite Airways (Generic) CRJ-200
B64 Warsav [EPWA] LOT Polish B787-8
B65 Tel Aviv [LLBG] El Al B787-10 @Z-Tube
B66 Dublin [EIDW] Aer Lingus A350-900 (Sub A330-300)
B67 Athens [LGAV] Emirates B777-300ER
B68 Lisbon [LPPT] TAP Portugal (Generic) A321-200
Terminal C - United (International and Domestic)
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
C70 Mexico City [MMMX] United B737-700
C71 San Juan [TJSJ] United B777-300ER @Kevinsoto1502
C72 Charleston [KCHS] United B737-700
C73 London [EGLL] United B787-10
C74 Denver [KDEN] United B737-900
C75 Chicago [KORD] United B777-300ER @Pilot_Felix
C80 Siint Maarten [TNCM] United B737-700
C81 Vancouver [CYVR] United A320-200
C82 Seattle [KSEA] United A320-200
C83 Orlando [KMCO] United B737-800
C84 San Jose [MROC] United B737-800
C85 Providenciales [MBPV] United 737-800
C86 Key West [KEYW] United ERJ170
C87 Cincinnati [KCVG] United ERJ170
C88 Washington [KDCA] United ERJ170 @darkeyes
C90 Portland [KPDX] United B757-200
C91 Southwest Florida [KRSW] United A320-200
C92 London [EGLL] United B787-10
C93 Aruba [TNCA] United B737-900
C94 Los Angeles [KLAX] United B787-10 @DeltaFox
C95 Santiago de los Caballeros [MDST] United B737-800
C96 San Francisco [KSFO] United B777-200/300ER @ORD777flyer
C97 Eagle County Reigonal [KEGE] United B737-700
C98 Anchorage [PANC] United B757-200
C100 Washington [KIAD] United CRJ-700
C101 Fort Lauderdale [KFLL] United B737-900 @FlyTC93
C102 Indianapolis [KIND] United CRJ-700
C103 West Palm Beach [KPBI] United B737-800
C104 Phoenix [KPHX] United B737-900
C105 New Orleans [KMSY] United B737-900
C106 Sarasota [KSRQ] United A320-200
C107 Pittsburgh [KPIT] United CRJ-700
C108 San Antonio [KSAT] United ERJ170
C109 Burlington [KBVT] United ERJ170
C110 Frankfurt [EDDF] United B787-10 @Furwani
C111 Houston [KIAH] United B767-300 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
C112 Hilton Head [KHXD] United CRJ-700
C113 Greensboro [KGSO] United CRJ-700
C114 Saint Louis [KSTL] United CRJ-700
C115 Colombus [KCMH] United CRJ-700
C120 Brussels [EBBR] United B787-10
C121 Zurich [LSZH] United B767-300ER
C122 Tokyo Narita [RJTT] United B777-300ER @William_Walker
C123 Shanghai [ZSPD] United B777-200ER
C124 Hong Kong [VHHH] United B777-200ER
C125 Delhi [VIDP] United B777-200/300ER @Captain-787
C126 Mumbai [VABB] United B777-200/300ER @GameBoy_KIRB
C127 Tel Aviv [LLBG] United B777-200/300ER @MJP_27
C128 Tokyo Narita [RJAA] United B777-200/300ER
C130 Fort Lauderdale [KFLL] United B737-800
C131 Bermuda [TXKF] United A320-200
C132 Dallas [KDFW] United B737-800
C133 Atlanta [KATL] United A320-200
C134 Saint Thomas [TIST] United B737-800
C135 San Juan [TJSJ] United B737-900
C136 Munich [EDDM] United B787-10 @CPT_Bambi
C137 Johannesburg [FAOR] United B787-9 @JarrettFlies
C138 Cape Town [FACT] United B787-9
C139 Sao Paulo [SBGR] United B777-200/300ER @Gabriel_Gava
Cargo - FedEx
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 1A Atlanta (KATL) FedEx Express B757-200 (Generic)
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 1 Pittsburgh FedEx Express B757-200 (Generic)
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 2 Greensboro (KGSO) FedEx Express B757-200 (Generic)
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 3 Chicago (KORD) FedEx Express B757-200 (Generic)
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 4 Los Angeles (KLAX) FedE Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 5 Memphis (KMEM) FedEx Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 6 Indianapolis (KIND) FedEx Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 7 Allentown (KABE) FedEx Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 8 San Juan (TJSJ) FedEx Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 10 Ontario (KONT) FedEx Express MD-11F
FedEx Express Cargo Stand 11 Paris-Charles de Gaulle (LFPG) FedEx Express B777-200F @Zach007

That’s all! Feel free to shoot me or @Z-Tube any questions, comments, or concerns about the event. If there is a flight that you want to do that isn’t listed, feel free to ask us to add it, I’ll be happy to work it in.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there!

Looking for sponsors. :)


So happy to host this with you! You already know which route I’ll be asking for. 😉


I’ll take this gate please! Thanks!

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@Z-Tube and @MJP_27, I’ll see you both there!


Looks like I’ll be seeing you in TLV!

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I’ll take this gate please


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@Aviation2929 and @Rolls, I will see you there. :)

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I’ll take this gate if you don’t mind

I would like this one please (300ER)

Of course I don’t mind, it’s all yours. @Captain-787, singing you up too.


You put me down for Mumbai instead of Delhi

I’m was wondering if I could do the Narita route as well? Is that possible? If not that’s ok

@William_Walker, I’ll add another Narita route for you. @Captain-787 sorry about that, fixing now.


Thank you so much! I can’t wait!

I’ll take this flight. Thanks!

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I’ll see you there!

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I’ll pick up the FLL @ C101 if that’s alright @Pingu

Of course it’s alright! See you there!

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can I choose this flight please