07NOV20/1600Z American VS British @KJFK

Hey this will be a long group flight are you ready?

  • **American Airlines 777-300er or British Airways 777-300er **:

  • We will be doing JFK-LHR:

  • Approximately 10:17Am CST 1617Z:

  • Expert Server:

  • More info before the flight!!
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Hello, Im sorry but I cant join.

and your tittle should be

07NOV20/1617Z American VS British @KJFK-EGLL

Hi Mate I will attend

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Thanks man

Terminal 4 gate 41 start spawning in there and Ill have flp set

Wait a moment I’ll spawn

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Do you have connection with the live server?

No its weird

Yeah it’s weird

Man I can’t connect

Im trying rn

I have connected

lemme try again

there isn’t atc?

do you see atc

Yes I’m in ES

It has connected

I’ll copy your FPL

k ill tell you when we ready

we will be going alt 40000 and 236kts under 10000 268kts from 10000-18000 and 315 above 18000 to 40000 makes sense?