07MAY22 / 1600z - Madrid Flyout w/ AirEuropa @ LEMD

AFKLM Flyouts Volume 3

After 2 successful fly outs with AFKLM at both of our major hubs (EHAM & LFPG) we have expanded our horizons to visit one of our Sky team members, Air Europa! Our friends at Air Europa Virtual and the AFKLM Events team have put together this fly out to celebrate both our VAs with a fly out in Madrid! Luckily for everyone Madrid has plenty of space to accommodate you all so do feel free to sign up and join us in AFKLM Flyouts.

To signup please select your gate and message it with your Aircraft, Airline, callsign, and your gate.

Recommended format
[Quote gate] [Aircraft] [Airline] [Callsign]

All Gates available will be listed down below. If you wish to change the route from a gate let us know, and we will do our best to make it happen.

Passenger Airliner Route Finder | FlightRadar24

T1 Assignments - 7 Remaining
Airline T/Gate Destination Arrival ICAO Aircraft IFC/Callsign
Air Europa T1 Gate T01 Zurich LSZH B787-9 @Mollel.kid UX16
Air Europa T1 Gate T02 Athens LGAV B787-9 @_ServerNoob Air Europa 901VA
Air Europa T1 Gate T03 Paris Orly LFPO B787-9
Air Europa T1 Gate T04 Havana MUHA B787-9 @EricNL Air Europa 225AK
Air Europa T1 Gate T05 Havana MUHA B787-9 @jovictasor UXVA126
Air Europa T1 Gate T06 Buenos Aires SAEZ B787-9 @Manav_Suri
Aeromexico T1 Gate T07 Mexico City MMMX B787-9 @Abhijit_Sharma Aeromexio 339AK
Delta T1 Gate T08 New York KJFK B767-300 @Bill_Deng
Ryanair T1 Gate T09 London Stansted EGSS B737-800
Ryanair T1 Gate T10 Luton EGGW B737-800
EasyJet T1 Gate T11 Geneva LSGG A320-200
Lufthansa T1 Gate T12 Frankfurt EDDF A320-200
Turkish Airlines T1 Gate 70 Istanbul LTFM A330-300 @Cpt.Ace Turkish 232VA
Saudia Airlines T1 Gate 72 Jeddah OEJN B787-9 @Menno_R Saudia 194AK
EasyJet T1 Gate 73 Paris LFPG A320
EgyptAir T1 Gate 74 Cairo HECA A330-300
T2 Assignments - 4 Remaining
Airline T/Gate Destination Arrival ICAO Aircraft IFC/Callsign
KLM T2 Gate T13 Amsterdam EHAM B737-900 @Tom_Jennings
Air Europa T2 Gate T14 Barcelona LEBL B787-9 @Quincey
Air Europa T2 Gate T15 Palma De Mallorca LEPA E195 @Aiden_Hodges
Air Europa T2 Gate T16 Malaga LEMG B787-9 @MrJackT14
Air Europa T2 Gate T17 Alicante LEAL E195 @Brad_James
Air France T2 Gate T18 Paris LFPG A220-300 @GLITCH_GAMES
Swiss T2 Gate T19 Zurich LSZH A220-300
LOT Polish Airlines T2 Gate T20 Ibiza LEIB B737-800 @KJKLM281
TAP Air Portugal T2 Gate T21 Lisbon LPPT A320-200
Vietnam Airlines T2 Gate T22 Hanoi VVNB A350-900
Brussels Airlines T2 Gate T23 Brussels EBBR A319-100
T3 Assignments - 6 Remaining
Airline T/Gate Destination Arrival ICAO Aircraft IFC/Callsign
Alitalia T3 Gate T24 Rome LIRF A321-200 @Lij_Endrias
Air Europa T3 Gate T25 Bilbao LEBB E195
Air Europa T3 Gate T26 Fuerteventura GCFV E195
Aegean Airlines T3 Gate T27 Athens LGAV A320-200
Lufthansa T3 Gate T28 Munich EDDM A320-200
Air Europa T3 Gate T29 Gran Canaria GCLP E195 @DuncanNL Air Europa 255AK
Air Europa T3 Gate T30 Asturias LEAS E195
WizzAir T3 Gate T31 Sofia LBSF A320-200
T4 Assignments - 13 Remaining
Airline T/Gate Destination Arrival ICAO Aircraft IFC/Callsign
Iberia T4 Gate 330 London Heathrow EGLL A321-200
Iberia T4 Gate 332 Tenerife North GCXO A321-200
American Airlines T4 Gate 334 Dallas KDFW B787-9
Etihad T4 Gate 336 Abu Dhabi OMAA B787-9
Aer Lingus T4 Gate 338 Dublin EIDW A320-200
British Airways T4 Gate 340 Porto LPPT A320-200
British Airways T4 Gate 342 London Heathrow A320-200
Vueling T4 Gate 344 Ibiza LEIB A320-200
Luxair T4 Gate 346 Luxembourg ELLX B737-700
Vueling T4 Gate 348 Barcelona LEBL A320-200
Iberia T4 Gate 350 Valencia LEVC A321-200
Emirates T4 Gate 373 Dubai OMDB B777-200
Qatar T4 Gate 377 Doha OTHH B787-8
Cargo Assignments - 4w Remaining
Airline T/Gate Destination Arrival ICAO Aircraft IFC/Callsign
Turkish Airlines Cargo Apron 145 Istanbul LPPT B777F
DHL Cargo Apron 147 Frankfurt EDDF B777F @Harrison_EGLL
FedEx Cargo Apron 156 Paris LFPG B777F @TIQUITO
Turkish Airlines Cargo Apron 157 Porto LPPT B777F
AirBridgeCargo Cargo Apron 159 Liege EBLG B747-8
Emirates Cargo Apron 161 Amsterdam EHAM B777F

Our event is staffed by some IFATC controllers, who have kindly taken their time to control for us. Once the final list is compiled, it will be posted down below so that you can see who your controllers may be! Do make sure to give them a massive thanks for controlling for us.

LEMD Controllers


Tower TBC
Ground TBC
Approach TBC
Center TBC

Departure Information

Departure Runways 36L and 36R
Departure Procedures At Discression of controllers
Pushback Advisory
sPlease push back throughout the hour, we do not want everyone leaving at 1600z on the dot
Please spawn 15-30minutes before you wish to depart

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A Message From The CEO of Air Europa

Air Europa Virtual was founded in February 2021 and it is based off of the real world airline Air Europa. Air Europa is Spain’s third largest Spanish Airline and they fly to 20 domestic destinations as well as 44 international destinations in 33 countries with Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez being it’s main HUB. Air Europa Virtual strives to give members a realistic, professional and enjoyable experience. If you want to join Air Europa Virtual and explore Spain and many other destinations around the world then apply now!

Air Europa Thread | Air Europa Application


Thread @benrdutch
Graphics @hass.ik
Gates @MrJackT14


This one please! (Callsign UXVA126)

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May I take this gate?

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Air Europa To Malaga Please!


May I have this one

ill take it

Guys so sorry but I can not join anymore

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Excited for this event!

Hey all! Sorry for the late replies, had some personal issues to take care of outside of the VA!

Thank you for your continued patience,
Ben | AFKLM Events Manager

Of course! Enjoy the flight.

AFKLM Events Manager

You certainly can! Enjoy it.

AFKLM Events Manager

To Malaga it is!

AFKLM Events Manager

Of course!

AFKLM Events Manager

Could I have this gate?

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Excited for this event!

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Air Europa|T2 Gate T17|Alicante|LEAL|E195

can i have this one

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Hi! This one for me please. Callsign: Air Europe 255AK.

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Hi! I’ll take LEMD-SAEZ onboard Air Europa’s B787-9. This route isn’t listed on the thread. A gate somewhere in Terminal 1 would be really appreciated.

Looking forward to this!


I really would like to fly to Havana.

T1 Gate T05 - Boeing 789 - Air Europa - Air Europa 225AK

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