07MAY21 // 1645Z Who would like to join this flight @FACT


  • Aircraft and Livery:
    Crj SA express

  • Route:

  • Time of Departure:
    6:45 o’clock South Africa time at night

  • Server:

  • Additional Information:
    Please enjoy the flight 🙂
    And pls copy my flight plan please

I would recommend using Zulu time so we don’t spend 10 hours trying to find what time 6:45 would be our time.

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Ok, I will do that next time so would you like to fly now

Hey there as stated above Zulu time is what we need In order to get the perfect time for your group flight. In addition your title and overall body post doesn’t meet the requirements for posting in this category. Take a look at this topic here:

And get the title fixed so it helps other users know when, where, and what your event is about.

Edit: fixed up the title for you reference the topic above for future topics in this category.

I could if u were still open but im guessing you are not :/

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