07MAY2022-“Party” @KBOI 1430Zulu

I will be Hosting another event this Tina @Boise Idaho where is a beautiful location that I thought would be fun for all I can’t wait to have some Par-Tay @Boise

Expert server

Airport code ICAO KBOI

There will be no gate assignments
This was inspired by @No_Name_gaming

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Hey! Really nice event and I may join, but unfortunately your title is formatted incorrectly.

According the #live:events category rules “Titles must be formatted as DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Title @ ICAO”

How would I format the title then

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The correct formatting would be “07MAY2022 / 1430Z - “Party” @KBOI

Quick bump

Quick Bump

What about Boise time for the fly in still 8:30?

Yes still 8:30

I really missed it I hope someone does another Boise one

We’re are u I joined late I didn’t know it was at 4:00 in the morning for me

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Oh sorry I was busy family emergency

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