07MAR21 / 1900Z - The Motor City Flyout @ KDTW

I’ll take a Delta Connection gate to San Antonio, please.

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@Kedz and @Luke_Sta You two have been signed up. Thanks for joining :)



We currently have 25 pilots signed up for this event along with TWR, GND, and ATIS. We can still hold up to about 162 more people!! Let’s try to get to 30 pilots!! Also, thank y’all so much for the current signups. It’s extremely appreciated :)

The Delta One cabin on one of Delta’s A330-300s. I flew this a few months ago from Cancún to Detroit. What an awesome route!

Could I change my destination from San Antonio to San Jose Del Cabo? I’ll be flying the Delta 738.

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Sure thing! What an awesome destination to fly to :)

Please can I take

D16 Spirit Spirit Airbus A320-200 New York (KLGA)

I regret to inform y’all that this event has been postponed. This decision was not taken lightly, but I have been forced to postpone it for multiple reasons. Again, I am extremely sorry about the inconvenience and I thank everyone for their participation and patience. Thank you!

Hello! Would you still like this gate even though the event has been postponed? I’m sorry about any inconvenience it has caused.

When will the event go ahead :)

I’m sorry. Made a typo in my previous reply. Event has been postponed to Sunday, March 7. Would you still like to reserve that gate?

Urm no thank you :)

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A flight to my home airport. Quite rare. Is there still time to get this flight?

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Yes. Will sign you up!

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Can we get a few signups today!

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Everyone, please welcome our new Co-Host, @Chicago_Aviator! He will also be serving as TWR, GRD, and ATIS for this event.

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We currently have 26 pilots for this event! Also, we have TWR, GRD, and ATIS. Let’s get some more signups for this event! Many gates are still left :)

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Only 26 pilots can we get some more!

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Quick Event Update:

Current Amount of Pilots - 26 pilots
Current ATC - @Chicago_Aviator (TWR, GND, ATIS)
Pilots Slots Remaining - 161+
ATC Slots Remaining - 3 (DEP, APP, CTR)

Hi! Can I have A72 to PBI?

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Sure thing! Will add you right now. Thanks for joining :)