07JUN20 / 1800Z - Korean Virtual Presents: NEW Korean Virtual Cargo Fly-out@RKSI


Welcome to Korean Virtuals New Cargo Routes

Recently Korean Virtual was given the go-ahead to allow for Korean Airlines cargo flights to be apart of our Airline! And to celebrate this we will be hosting a fly-out at our hub of RKSI to deliver cargo to places in need during this crisis.

Date/Time: 2020-06-07T06:00:00Z @1800Z
Equipment: B77F & B747-800 (generic or regular Korean Air livery) & B744 (Generic livery)

B777-F Gates
Cargo-Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
604 B777-F PANC @ORD777flyer
605 B777-F CYVR
606 B777-F KJFK
607 B777-F ZLXY
608 B777-F WIII
609 B777-F WMKP
610 B777-F WMKK
611 B777-F LFPG
612 B777-F VVNB
613 B777-F LIMC
614 B777-F VHHH
615 B777-F ZBTJ @Infinite_Pro
616 B777-F LOWW
621 B777-F ENGM
622 B777-F VVNB
623 B777-F EGLL
629 B777-F PANC
630 B777-F PANC
631 B777-F KLAX
632 B777-F KJFK
636 B777-F EGLL
B747-400F Gates
Cargo-Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
634 B747-400F ZSPD
635 B747-400F RJAA
624 B747-400F ZSPD
625 B747-400F WSSS
603 B747-400F RJAA
626 B747-400F WSSS
B747-800 Gates
Cargo-Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
633 B747-800F LOWW
641 B747-800F PANC
601 B747-800F KLAX
602 B747-800F PANC
627 B747-800F PANC
628 B747-800F PANC
642 B747-800F PANC
643 B747-800F KLAX
644 B747-800F KSEA
645 B747-800F KSFO
646 B747-800F LOWW
647 B747-800F KSEA

Host Details


Korean Virtual is a virtual airline based in Seoul, Korea, operating 12 aircraft in the game, and over 660 different and unique routes.

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This please :)

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Can I get the 777F to ANC please thanks so much

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You are both signed up!!

Thanks sir

@Infinite_Pro and @ORD777flyer This event will be canceled because of a lack of signups, sorry for the inconvenience


ok Then. :)

That’s all good man

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