07JUN20 / 1800z Casual Server Airshow at KRDU

Any aircraft
June 7th, 2:00 pm EDT
Casual Server

  • Additional Information:
    Fighters fly first from 2:00-2:15
    Then cargo aircraft from 2:15-2:30
    Passenger aircraft from 2:30-2:45
    Finally GA and light aircraft from 2:45-2:50

No takeoff order just fly and do cool aerobatics while the other members watch.

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This sounds fun! Please make sure to follow the title guidelines:



DD = Day
MON = Month
YY = Year
HH = Hours
MM = Minute
Z = Zulu
Title = Title of your event
ICAO = The 4 letter airport code of the airport your event is at

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Was literally typing the same thing lol.

Sounds like a cool event! Don’t think lax is a good airport though, as there are multiple new players there. You should make this an event too by the way :)

Fixed for him ;)

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Unfortunately, you need to post in #live:events, since it’s 3hrs+ from departure, but your TL1, so you can’t post there, I suggest just re-posting it 3hrs before the flight ;)

the pain never stops

Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. Count me in for fighters. You wouldn’t want to miss the Virtual Raptor Demo 😉

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yessir lessgo

Please check out the rules of #live:groupflights — events can only be posted within three hours of the event, etc. It helps keep our community organized and lets people find fun events like these.

Feel free to repost within the specified time. Thanks!