07JUL23 / 1800Z | IFGA‘s belated 4 years of IFVARB approval celebration

Welcome to our 4 years of IFVARB approval celebratory Event!

Time truly flies, and we are happy to celebrate IFGA’s 4 year IFVARB approval with you.

We are looking forward to have you with us!

Here at Global Aviators we strive to fly to a standard above and beyond expected of Infinite Flight pilots.

We fly with skill and precision that is unrivaled in the Infinite Flight Community.

These two values allow us to perform an impressive standard of professionalism and courtesy which sets us apart from other groups.

We also offer an extensive team of talented and dedicated staff and moderators to ensure that our pilots have the best possible experience with us.

So why not join us and see what else we have to offer!

Apply here!

For this Event, we are hosting one of our unique "Meetup Event“s into Zurich!

That means, that you’ll be allowed to fly any route of your choice into Zurich.

The only requirement is that you arrive at the given arrival time of 2023-07-07T18:00:00Z

Please let us know which route, aircraft and airline you will be flying and what your callsign will be.

We kindly ask you to use the following format:

XXXX-XXXX | Aircaft - Airline | Callsign

Event Information





Date & Time / Arrival Timeframe


With IFGA hosting one of our “Meetup Event” as a public event, we’ll also host a public Group Flight!

If you are interested in joining this, please read below.

Group Flight Information



Date & Time


Aircraft & Airline

Airbus A321-200 - Swiss

Airbus A220-300 - Swiss


1 hour 20 minutes aprox.


To sign up for the Groupflight, please use the following format:

Callsign - Aircraft | Sign Up for Group Fiight


Please maintain a 10-15NM spacing throughout the flight

Our Featured Airports feature some Local Airports of our Staff members

These are

LSZH - Zurich, Switzerland (Hub)

LEBL - Barcelona, Spain

LPFR - Faro, Portugal

EDDL - Dusseldorf, Germany

EPWA - Warsaw, Poland

Since this Event is an official event, we kindly ask and expect you to follow all ATC instructions.

We are expecting to have full ATC coverage throughout the day.

We are not responsible for any violations you may receive.

Established Shorthaul Routes

See here
Aircraft Airline Route Flighttime
Airbus A220-300 Swiss LSGG-LSZH 30 min
Embraer E190 Helvetic Airways EDDF-LSZH 40 min
Airbus A220-300 Air France LFPG-LSZH 1h
Embraer E175 KLM EHAM-LSZH 1h
Airbus A321-200 British Airways EGLL-LSZH 1h 30min
Airbus A321-200 British Airways EGLL-LSZH 1h 30min
Airbus A220-300 Swiss EPWA-LSZH 2h
Airbus A321-200 Finnair EFHK-LSZH 2h 30min - @FinnairVA
Airbus A330-300 Turkish Airlines LTFM-LSZH 2h 30min
Airbus A320-200 Edelweiss LPFR-LSZH 2h 30min

Established Longhaul Routes

See here
Aircraft Airline Route Flighttime
Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways OTHH-LSZH 5h - @QatariVirtual
Boeing 777-300ER Emirates OMDB-LSZH 5h 30min
Airbus A330-300 Oman Air OOMS-LSZH 6h
Boeing 777-300ER Air Canada CYYZ-LSZH 7h
Boeing 777-300ER Swiss KMIA-LSZH 8h
Boeing 777-300ER Swiss VABB-LSZH 8h 30min
Boeinh 777-300ER Swiss KLAX-LSZH 10h
Boeing 777-300ER Swiss SBGR-LSZH 11h
Boeing 777-300ER Singapore Airlines WSSS-LSZH 12h
Boeing 777-300ER Swiss RJTT-LSZH 14h 30min

Follow ATC instructions at all times.

Please plan your flight accordingly to meet the planned arrival time of 2023-07-07T18:00:00Z

We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations.

Behave as professional as possible.

Insterested? Make sure Apply today to not miss out on an extraordinary experience and professionalalism here at IFGA!

We are looking forward to having you with us!

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This would be a great way to celebrate my birthday but I already have the other event scheduled😕


Looking forward to this ✈️


I’ll see what I can do

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Welcoming @QatariVirtual and @FinnairVA to our Event!


Happy to be part of this awesome IFGA jetting!

Chief Executive Officer


Grateful to have you lot with us!🙌🏼


That’s the beast thing

Wow that’s good

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Our Event is now officially featured! We hope to see you with us!💙


Looking forward to this!🙌🏽

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Make sure to join to see what IFGA is all about!

Cannot wait to be joining as part of IF Global Aviators!

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Happy to have you with us Anthony!

5 Days remaining!

Make sure to sign up and join us on our celebratory Event!

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Please take me one ,ZSPD-LSZH,CHINA EASTERN,MU219

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Thanks for joining, see you in Zurich!🙌🏼

We are very glad to participate in this year’s celebrations as well. Looking forward to Friday!

Mika L.


My airport!!! I love Barcelona. See you on Friday!!!

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Thanks a lot for joining us!🙌🏼

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