07JUL20 / 2330z - A West Coast Alliance @ KSEA - CYVR

An Air Canada Virtual, Delta Virtual, Alaska Virtual, and Southwest Virtual Official Event

Attention all, THIS TUESDAY, July 7th, major US and Canadian Airlines will be uniting for this one of a kind flight.

Join us as these 4 major VA’s fly from KSEA to CYVR onboard 6 distinct aircraft. .

When signing up, please include the VA, callsign, and gate you plan on using.
This event is open to both VA and all IFC members!

As always, screenshots are welcomed and even encouraged! Tag @AirCanadaVaOfficial, @DeltaVirtual, @alaskavirtualairline, and/or @anon42527263 for a chance to be featured! Each VA is responsible for what they post on their respected Social Media platforms.

Date: July 7th, 2020
Time: 2020-07-07T23:30:00Z
Server: Expert

Air Canada Virtual: CRJ9
Delta Virtual: A320/B737 family
Alaska Virtual: B739 (All three liveries)
Southwest Virtual: B738/A320 (Alaska livery)

Please Spawn in around 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time
Airport runway will be chosen by your departure airport’s flight leader (TBA closer to event date)
Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.
After you land stick around for some photos!

Cruising Altitude: FL220
Cruising Speed: 275kts IAS

Flight Duration: 37 minutes
Flight Plan: TBD

Flight Plan will be added on Event date

Air Canada Virtual
Gate Name Expected Callsign In ACVA?
Cargo 5-4 @flyinggoosey ACVA003 βœ…
Cargo 5-55 @Braydenma ACVA656 βœ…
Cargo 5-11 @CR3W ACVA500 βœ…
Cargo 5-6 @AviatorJake ACVA858 βœ…
Cargo 5-3 @Campusgod ACVA909 βœ…
Cargo 5-7 @Kat ACVA105 βœ…
Cargo 5-8 @michel_avegnon ACVA261 βœ…
Gate A14R @WestCoastAviator INFINITE
Gate A13R @Oli_Helm AC1014
Gate A12 @standby_pilot ACVA0202 βœ…
Gate A11 @SethMartinKaleb209 ACVA209 βœ…
Delta Virtual
Gate Name Expected Callsign In DLVA?
Gate B1 @MrMrMan DLVA428 βœ…
Gate B3 @RTG113 DLVA1148 βœ…
Gate B5 @Kyle.r24 DLVA653 βœ…
Gate B5A @mike116119 DLVA1619 βœ…
Gate B7B @Gavin_I DLV1506 βœ…
Gate B7A @Ross DLVA1397 βœ…
Gate B9A @Nick_Burgess DLVA3124 βœ…
Gate B11 @SirMarkieMark DLVA1906 βœ…
Gate B15 @M_Lameo_Aviation DLVA206 βœ…
Gate B14 @MJP_27 WSVG127
Gate B12 @SeekingSunsets229 DLVA229 βœ…
Gate B10 @MDoor DLVA4254 βœ…
Gate B8 @Activer DLVA1476 βœ…
Gate B6 @DDAVIS9 DLVA2020 βœ…
Gate B4 @DBOB DLVA1258 βœ…
Gate S12 @VulicityHD DLVA231 βœ…
Gate S15 @Ibrahim29 DLVA2905 βœ…
Gate S16 @Smax DLVA857 βœ…
Gate S1A @AsternAviation DLVA911 βœ…
Gate S1B @Jacob4422 DLV220 βœ…
Gate S2 @mwe2187 DLVA2187 βœ…
Gate S3 @Cannoli928 DLVA928 βœ…
Gate S4
Gate S6
Gate S7A
Alaska Virtual
Gate Name Expected Callsign In ASVA?
Gate N16 @FrankieFremont ASVA008 βœ…
Gate N1 @elovelin ASVA044 βœ…
Gate N2 @AIDAN101 ASVA079 βœ…
Gate N3 @EvanScruggs ASVA105 βœ…
Gate N4 @Austrian001 ASVA103 βœ…
Gate N6 @anon38496261 ASVA116 βœ…
Gate N7 @Oliver_Willis AS2930
Gate N8 @Daniel_Christensen ASVA077 βœ…
Gate N9 @Christian_Bancroft ASVA009 βœ…
Gate N10 @CaptainZac
Gate N11 @Bret_tjomsland ASVA053 βœ…
Gate N12B
Gate N12C
Southwest Virtual
Gate Name Expected Callsign In SWVA?
Gate C3 @anon42527263 βœ…
Gate C9
Gate C11 @Populeux_Music SWVA769 βœ…
Gate C15 @Liam_McAtee SWVA021 βœ…
Gate C17
Gate C20 @Bmh06 SWVA0687 βœ…
Gate C18
Gate Q16

Air Canada Virtual:
Main Thread | Website | Email | Apply

Delta Virtual
Main Thread | Website | Apply

Alaska Virtual:
Main Thread | Website | Apply

Southwest Virtual:
Main Thread | Website

Air Canada Virtual, Delta Virtual, Alaska Virtual, and Southwest Virtual are not responsible for any violations and/or reports received during the event.

Air Canada Virtual, Delta Virtual, Alaska Virtual, and Southwest Virtual are VA based on their respected counterparts. They are not affiliated with Air Canada, Delta, Alaska, Southwest, or their partners. Each VAs logo is owned by Air Canada, Delta, Alaska, and Southwest with modifications.

Banner background image credit goes to sightlineinnovation.com


Any gate

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ACVA500 any gate also

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Gate N9 Please

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Hey, Im all for west coast lol.

I’ll take N1. ASVA044

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So do you want a gate? πŸ™‚

I will take Gate A14R my callsign is INFINITE

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Gate C20 - SWVA0687

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Any gate, please

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Gate C9 SWVA9947

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Any gate SWVA769

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Please could I join I’ll take any gate
In game name- Oli Helm
Callsign- acva1014
If possible could you put me near people

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I’ll take a gate. ACVA858

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ACVA0202 any gate will work

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ACVA209 Next To Evan

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any gate

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ACVA909 any gate please!

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DLVA428 ;)

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