07JAN22 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Viva Las Vegas @ KLAS


  • Use 26L for landings :)

What If I use 26R for Fly By? 🤪

Then you will bring great shame to your family.

Anyways, to stay on my traditional FNF posts…

Going to bet that LAS as a FNF will be a jackpot


I bet you there will be someone who plays roulette with ATC and loses their grade. Let’s hope the dice lands equally so that everybody can enjoy themselves without developing a problem. You should never count your XP when you’re sitting at the cockpit, there’ll be time enough for counting when the landing’s done.

I’ll see myself out…


Nice! Can’t wait

WestJet 737-8 yyz-las!!! Sounds like a plan

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Awesome, Awesome and even more AWESOME! McCarran! (Sorry, I refuse to call it Harry Reid)

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I’ll know when to hold them and when to fold them. I’ll also know when to walk away and when to run.

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this is going to be the best Friday night ever cause it’s my birthday tomorrow

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Ah, great FNF since I’m literally planning a trip to Vegas IRL. Very fitting, can’t wait!

Ok… my city and my airport! Let’s do this!


Hi are screen shots permitted on FNF post? I currently do not have an active subscription but thanks to infinite flight new update regions including updating the california region, even if it is out of green boxes I still have the ability on a jet airliner to land and taxi to a gate at Las Vegas Harris Reid Airport.From end of green box region to las vegas valley and all the airports is about 41 nautical miles. Can I post shots here?

Hey there!

You can post shots on social media tagging @infiniteflight or by making a Screenshots and Videos topic to share your shots! Posting shots in here is allowed but wouldn’t get as much attention and or traction as making a dedicated topic or tagging and posting on social media. If you make a screenshots and videos topic please just read the rules of the category.

ok i will enjoy flying into las vegas even without an subscription thanks so much

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Have fun everyone! Time to give my home airport some love :)

happy early birthday

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Misha’s final FNF by the sounds :( surely this can’t be true

It was you I followed in to KXTA earlier then!

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Thank you for all your work over the years creating these events @MishaCamp, I can imagine it’s a lot of work to do. :)


Let’s make this flight a good one! Make Misha proud of his community guys!