07FEB21 / 1830Z - The Aloha Flyout! @ PHNL

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the Aloha Flyout @PHNL!


Welcome to Honolulu Airport!

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (IATA: HNL, ICAO: PHNL, FAA: HNL) also known as Honolulu Airport is the main airport for the city of Honolulu and Hawaiian island of Oahu. It served over 21 million people in the year 2019. It is in the top 30 busiest airports in the United States. The airport is the primary hub for Hawaiian Airlines and a hub for Aloha Air Cargo.

Why This Airport?

I chose this airport because I have been wanting to do a Hawaiian flyout for a while now and I decided the best place to start would be the most recognizable and famous airport, PHNL. Additonally, there are many different airlines serving many different parts of the globe which I hope makes for a good event!

Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Honolulu International (PHNL)

Date and Time: 2021-02-07T18:30:00Z

NOTAM: Regardless of IFATC, please be respectful to other pilots, if IFATC is available, please follow instructions, realistic procedures will be used

(Austrian Wings)


Terminal 1 (Hawaiian)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
61 Hawaiian 717-200 Kona (PHKO)
60 Hawaiian 717-200 Lihue (PHLI)
59 Hawaiian 717-200 Kahului (PHOG)
58 Hawaiian 717-200 Hilo (PHTO)
57 Hawaiian 717-200 Kahului (PHOG)
56 Hawaiian 717-200 Kona (PHKO)
55 Hawaiian 717-200 Hilo (PHTO)
54 Hawaiian 717-200 Lihue (PHLI)
34 Hawaiian 767-300ER Auckland (NZAA)
33 Hawaiian 767-300ER Seattle (KSEA)
32 Hawaiian 767-300ER Boston (KBOS)
31 Hawaiian 767-300ER Seoul (RKSI)
30 Hawaiian 767-300ER Los Angeles (KLAX)
29 Hawaiian 767-300ER Las Vegas (KLAS)
28 Hawaiian 767-300ER Phoenix (KPHX)
27 Hawaiian 767-300ER San Francisco (KSFO)
26 Hawaiian 767-300ER New York (KJFK)

Terminal 2 (Other Passenger Airlines)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
25 Japan Airlines 777-200ER Osaka (RJBB)
24 Hawaiian 767-300ER Fukuoka (RJFF)
23 Delta 757-200 Seattle (KSEA)
22 Delta 757-200 Los Angeles (KLAX)
21 Delta 757-200 Salt Lake City (KSLC)
20 Delta 767-300ER Atlanta (KATL)
19 Hawaiian 767-300ER Tokyo (RJAA)
18 American 787-9 Dallas (KDFW)
17 American 777-200ER Chicago (KORD) @KTJ_Mitchell
16 Westjet 737-800 Vancouver (CYVR)
15 American A321-200 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Aviation2929
14 Alaska 737-900ER Seattle (KSEA)
13 Japan Airlines 777-200ER Tokyo (RJAA)
12 Air Asia X A330-300 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
11 United 777-200ER Los Angeles (KLAX)
10 United 777-200ER Denver (KDEN)
9 United 777-200ER Chicago (KORD)
8 United 777-200ER San Francisco (KSFO) @ORD777flyer
7 Qantas 787-9 Sydney (YSSY)
6 ANA 777-200ER Tokyo (RJTT)
5 Southwest 737-800 Oakland (KOAK) @Josh_aviation
4 Southwest 737-800 Kahului (PHOG) @miles

Cargo (UPS and FedEx)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
UPS 1 UPS MD-11F Ontario (KONT)
UPS 2 UPS MD-11F Louisville (KSDF)
FedEx 1 FedEx 777-F Memphis (KMEM)
FedEx 2 FedEx MD-11F Oakland (KOAK)

Airport Diagram


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Hope to see you there!

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This event is great!!

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Thank you!

I’ll take the United 777-200 to ORD

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That was totally unexpected…but there you go!


Ahhh shoot they changed it. May I change my flight if that’s ok man?

May I take the Delta 752 to LAX and then I’ll make the connection to ORD

I’ll take this and make the connection

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Yeah, lemme switch you now!

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Ok thanks so much man

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Hey could I get southwest to Oakland

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Hippity hoppity this gate is now my property

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There you go! Enjoy!

Indeed it is, enjoy!

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Can I have the Southwest 737 to Kahului please (operating as Southwest 677)

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Sure thing! enjoy!

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Thanks dude, can’t wait!!

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