07FEB21 / 1800Z - The Andes Athens - Bogotá Fly-Out with IFATC @ SKBO

¡ Welcome to Colombia - Bienvenidos a Bogotá !

¡ Hello !

I’m Andrés, a 20 years old Colombian aviation lover, I’m studying Aeronautical Engineering, I’m on my 3rd year, SKBO is my home airport and the beginning of my dreams and my motivations as a student, and I’m here to invite you to this great event that will take place at Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento.

Throughout my stay here in Infinite Flight, I’ve been so interested to show the world that Colombia is a perfect country to fly, to the south with Leticia and its colorful amazonic landscapes , to the north with Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta’s airports and coasts , to Pasto with its dangerous and tricky approach and landing, also Bogotá, the busiest cargo airport in South America and second on passengers.

Who’s Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento? He was a liberal politician who ran for the presidency, but as you may know, between the 80s and the 90s, Colombia experienced a serious time of violence on behalf of the drug trafficking promoted by Escobar and other nefarious characters, Galan was murdered in the central square of Soacha (Municipality near Bogotá) during a campaign speech , then as a tribute, The Colombian Government named Bogota’s airport like that, but for everyone it’s better to called as El Dorado, which in fact is named like that because of the breathe-taking afternoon landscapes and El Dorado Legend, a gold piece exposed to the public on Museo del Oro in Bogotá Downtown.

A very special thanks to Tyler for allowing me to control this event!

General Information

Server : Expert Server

Date : 2021-02-07T18:00:00Z

Airport : El Dorado International Airport (BOG - SKBO)

  • Please follow ATC Instructions.

  • I am not responsible for any reports or violations.

  • If you see a route that you like, but it is already assigned, don’t worry, write the route you want down below and I will try to assign you a gate.

  • Spawn in 5-15 minutes before the start hour.

  • Reply in the chat with the route that you want and I’ll assign that one.

  • For international flights operated by any airline, Do Not cross through Venezuela, that means you have to make sure that you aren’t in Venezuelan Air Field (Maiquetia FIR).

  • Also, as you may know, SKBO is an airport that is located into the city with mountains ahead, so the use of the charts and differents aeronautical procedures is strongly recommend.

  • Thanks for join to this Fly-Out.


GTS: @Andres_Arevalo
Bogotá Departure: Vacant
Bogotá Center: Vacant

Airport Diagrams and procedures

This is, in my opinion, the common departure procedure used in SKBO, you can use ZIP VOR to the North, or SOA VOR to the south, there’s no flight that departures straight out (Obvious reasons)

For more information, check the charts of this wonderful airport.

Recommend Procedures


ZIP2D: Only for 31L/R Runways
OSUS1R: Transition to GIKPU, but feel free to follow your FPL
ZIP2C: Heavy flights uses this procedure often
DANS1R: Sincerely, I’ve never seen a flight use this procedure in real world, but feel free to use it, It could be fun

USID1B (13L/R ),USID2A (31 L/R): Rare procedure


BOGU2C: Runways 31 L/R
POVS2U: Runways 13 L/R
VAPO1R: Commonly used
KAMI2C: Commonly used


EPO1R: Commonly used
TOBK1R,VASI1U,VASI1T: Commonly used - Strongly Recommend

Also I recommend to all of you to use FPLTOIF if you don’t know how to use it, feel free to ask me for your FPL for your flight

If you want a different real flight , feel free to request it

National Flights
Airline Aircraft Destination Flight time (HRS) Gate Pilot
Avianca Airbus A320 Medellín (SKRG) 0:45 71
Avianca Airbus A320 Barranquilla (SKBQ) 1:20 72
Avianca Airbus A318 Villavicencio Vanguardia (SKVV) 0:30 73 @DeltaFox
Avianca Airbus A318 Pasto (SKPS) 1:20 74
Avianca Airbus A320 San Andrés (SKSP) 1:45 76 @Liam_Gardener
Avianca Airbus A320 Cali (SKCL) 1:00 11
Avianca Airbus A320 Santa Marta (SKSM) 1:15 12
Latam Airlines Airbus A320 Cucuta (SKCC) 1:00 13 @AeroUnionYT
Latam Airlines Airbus A320 Pereira (SKPE) 0:50 15
Latam Airlines Airbus A320 Cartagena (SKCG) 1:00 17
International Flights
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Aprox. Flight Time (HRS) Pilot
24 Copa Airlines Boeing 737 Panama City (MPTO) 1:45
27 Avianca Airbus A320 Lima (SPJC) 2:40
30 Avianca Airbus A320 Cancún (MMUN) 3:00
32 Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) 3:20
35 Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300 Atlanta (KATL) 4:10 @IFFM_Juanito
38 Aeromexico Boeing 787-8 Mexico City (MMMX) 4:20 @David_Mogollon
39 United Airlines Boeing 737-8 Houston (KIAH) 4:30
41 American Airlines Airbus A320 Dallas Fort Worth (KDFW) 5:00
42 Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Toronto (CYYZ) 5:30
43 Avianca Airbus A320 Sao Paulo Guarulhos (SBGR) 5:50
44 Avianca Boeing 787-8 Los Angeles (KLAX) 6:00
46 Latam Airlines Boeing 787-9 Santiago (SCEL) 5:40 @nicopizarro
48 Avianca Airbus A320 Buenos Aires (SAEZ) 6:00
50 Iberia Airbus A350-900 Madrid (LEMD) 10:00
51 Air Europa Boeing 787-9 Madrid (LEMD) 10:00
53 Avianca Boeing 787-8 Barcelona El Prat (LEBL) 10:30
55 Air France Boeing 787-9 Paris (LFPG) 10:40
77 Avianca Boeing 787-8 London Heathrow (EGLL) 10:40
81 Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 Frankfurt (EDDF) 11:00
79 KLM Boeing 787-9 Amsterdam (EHAM) (VIA SKCG) 11:30
20 Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 Istanbul (LTFM) (VIA MPTO) 12:00
Airline Aircraft Destination Aprox.Flight Time Pilot Gate
Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 Miami (KMIA) 3:10 Cargo Apron E01
Ethiopian Cargo Boeing 777F Mexico City (MMMX) 4:20 Cargo Apron E02
FedEx Boeing 777F Miami (KMIA) 3:10 Cargo Apron E03
CargoLux Boeing 747-8 Aguadilla (TJBQ) 2:30 Cargo Apron E04
Some Charter or Special Flights From Bogotá
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Aprox. Flight Time (HRS) Pilot Reason
Military Apron 03 Avianca Boeing 787-8 Rome (LIRF) (VIA SKCG) 12:30 Bringing the Pope back to Vatican City after in his visit to Colombia in 2017
Cargo Apron E05 Avianca Boeing 787-8 Milán (LIMC) 12:30 Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Avianca did some flights to bring back Colombians
Cargo Apron E06 Avianca Boeing 787-8 Shanghai (ZSPD) (VIA MMGL - RJAA) 17:00 Due to the covid-19 pandemic, Avianca did some flights to bring back Colombians
Military Apron 02 Colombian Air Force Boeing 737-700 BBJ Zurich (LSZH) 10:30 FAC0001 - Juan Manuel Santos (Former President) went to Zurich to attend the World Economic Forum 2017

6 Pilots will atend this event
The photos that were used are not my property, if you have any problem with me using them, I will remove them as soon as possible :)


Nice event! I’ll take this gate please :)

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I wanna participate in this event.
Please give me SKBO - SKCC with Avianca if you can.
¡Good vibes Colombia!

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Of course! Two sister cities connected!

Enjoy the event!

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Welcome to Cucuta.

Enjoy the event.

I’d like another gate for SCEL please, with Avianca 787, thanks!

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All yours!

Enjoy the event!

Did you know that Bogotá is the third highest capital in the world? (8358 ft)

In second place is Quito, Ecuador (9350 ft)

First is La Paz, Bolivia (13314 ft)

Let’s fly in Colombia!

Did you know?

Skytrax in 2020, rated this airport as the third best airport in Latin America and number 52 in the world!

Above world-class airports such as, UUEE, CYUL, LIRF, KLAX, KJFK, among many others!

Reply to get your gate!

Can I please get this spot?

Of Course!

One of the busiest international routes, enjoy the flight!

Let’s sign up!

Did you know?

The Airbus A350-1000 landed in Bogotá in 2017?

Due to tests called “High and warm”, this aircraft held for 4 hours the procedure known as “Touch and Go” on runways 13 L/R of El Dorado.

Source (Spanish):https://volavi.co/aviacion/noticias/airbus-a350-1000-regreso-colombia

So sorry I won’t be able to participate, something came out. Sorry again and have a nice flight!

Uh… well, it will be next time!

Did you know?

Avianca is the second oldest continually airline in the world.

In the first place is KLM!

These airlines are available to fly at this event! Let’s get signups!

Please can I take,

Avianca Airbus A320 San Andrés (SKSP) gate 76

Thank you :)

All yours, Now you’ve the main flight to vacation in Colombia!

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Did you Know?

Bogotá has many cultural venues including 58 museums, 62 art galleries, 33 library networks, 45 stage theaters, 75 sports and attraction parks, and over 150 national monuments.

Let’s get more signups

Can I be removed from the event? O fell sick so I can’t attend it. I’m extremely sorry. 😥

this one please