07FEB / 0330Z - Super Bowl Celebration Flight! @KTPA-@KCAK

  • Citation X with any livery


  • 0330Z 2021-02-08T03:30:00Z

  • Training:

  • Spawn in 10-5min and copy my FPL as we celebrate the Tampa Bay Bucs win!, you do not have to fly the whole flight if you don’t want to
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How long is it?

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It’s late for me. I’m ready to sleep tonight. Nice event though

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Should be around 1:30 to 2:30 spend the winds and how fast you go

ok, I like. What aircraft will you use?

We are using the citation X any livery.

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Am I still late? I want to join you

im still on the ground I spawned a little late finishing my FPL so you can come!

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spawn in at the GA gates please.

Ready, spawned

ok copy my FPL and make sure you have enough fuel, we are departing RWY 1R

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At what altitude will we be flying at?

32,000FT seems good to me, also you flying to the right spot your FPL says your going to KMKC

Oh, I think I copied someone else’s FPL 😆

lol, yea it was the dude in front of you who is going to KMKC XD

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Sorry, I was rushing cause it was late, if you want, you may take the lead, I’m giving you space

Ok, no problem I will pass you to lead the way, I would like your comments but I ran out for today.

I just passed you can follow the FPL direct with me now.

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