07DEC20/ 0200Z- Realistic Dubai Flyout! @OMDB

Dubai International Airport Flyout

Event Information

Server : Expert
Airport : OMDB
Notams :
▪ Spawn in 15-5 minutes before the event starts
▪ Respect Unicom if there’s no ATC available
▪ Reply below with your prefered Airline and Destination and I will give you a gate

Why Dubai?

Dubai International Airport logo.png250x90
I chose Dubai because it is one of my favorite Airports in the world and It is one of the busiest and most Popular Airports in the world so lets turn this event into a reality with a massive and exciting flyout from Dubai.

Don’t just stay there quickly take the gate

Charts , Airport Diagram , SIDs.



Terminal 1 (International Airlines)
| — | — | — | — | — | — |
|D2|Air India|B777|VIDP|
|D3|Air India|B777|VABB|
|D4|Royal Jordanian|B788|OJAI||

Terminal 2
| — | — | — | — | — | — |
|E1|Fly Dubai|737-8|OOMS|
|E2|Fly Dubai|737-8|OERK|
|E3|Fly Dubai|737-8|OEJN|
|E4|Fly Dubai|737-8|OKBK|
|E5|Fly Dubai|737-8|OISS|
|E6|Fly Dubai|737-8|OLBA|
|E7|Fly Dubai|737-8|HEBA|
|E8|Fly Dubai|737-8|VABB|
|E9|Fly Dubai|737-8|OPKC|
|E10|Fly Dubai|737-8|VIDP|
|E11|Fly Dubai|737-8|LTFJ|
|E12|Fly Dubai|737-8|HAAB|
|E13|Fly Dubai|737-8|OBBI|
|E14|Fly Dubai|737-8|OEJN|
|E15|Fly Dubai|737-8|LLBG|

Terminal 3 (Emirates)

| — | — | — | — | — | — |
|B1|Fly Dubai|B737|UAAA||
|B13|Emirates|B777|WIII|@Airliner |
|C11|Cathay Pacific|B777|VHHH||
|C12|Cebu Pacific|A330|RPLL||
|C13|Philiphine Airlines|A330|RPLL||
|C14|British Airways|DC-10|EGKK||
|C15|Iran Air|B747|OIIE||
|C16|Turkish Airlines|B737|LTFM
|C18|Mahan Air|A340|OIIE||
|C25|Virgin Atlantic|A340|EGLL||
|C26|Air France|B78X|LFPG||
|C27|Fly Dubai|B737|UTDD||
|C28|Fly Dubai|B737|VTBS||
|C29|EL AL|B737|LLGB||
|C30|Turkmenistan Airlines|B777|UTAA|


| — | — | — | — | — | — |
|C36|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|ZSPD|
|C35|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|EDDM|
|C34|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|LFPG|
|C33|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|EGLL|
|C32|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|LSZH|
|C31|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|YSSY|
|C30|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|VIDP|
|C29|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|RKSI|
|C28|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|RJAA|
|C27|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|KJFK|
|C26|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|KLAX|
|C25|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|EHAM|
|C24|Emirates Sky Cargo|777-2F|LEMD|
|C47|Southern Air DHL|777-2F|EDDK|
|C46|Turkish Cargo|A330-2F|ZSPD|
|C45|Korean Air Cargo|777-2F|RKSI|
|C44|Lufthansa Cargo|777-2F|EDDF|
|C43|Air France Cargo|777-2F|LFPG|@NuggetFornia
|C42|UPS Cargo|A330-2F|KATL|

More information about Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport logo.png250x90
Dubai International Airport , OMDB is the primary international airport Dubai United Arab Emirates and is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic It is also the third-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic the sixth-busiest cargo airport in world the busiest airport for Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 movements, and the airport with the highest average number of passengers per flight.


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Hope I did everything correct

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May I take this one?

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Well no do you want me to tell you the gates?


Emirates does not fly to UUEE, they fly to UUDD.

Signed up!, Have a nice flight!

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Fixed that

More gates coming soon!

Terminal one is not concourse C gates concourse C gates are for terminal 3

Ok, i’m gonna fix that

Can I have a route to Vienna with a 772? The route is historic

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Ok, then I will add Austrian airlines in terminal 3


Can i have this?


@Ritesh321 Signed up


How is the fly out only 15 minutes?

And Title format should be: 07DEC20 / 0200Z - Realistic Dubai Flyout @ OMDB

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