07AUG24: The Heraklion Spotting Event

Heraklion Spotting Event

Welcome to my third Spotting Event! For this event we will be on the sunny island of Crete located in the country of Greece. Crete’s busiest airport, Heraklion International holds a large variety of airlines from Europe. I hope you will join me as I try and pack this airport!

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Airport: LGIR / HER
Date: 07AUG24

Spotting time:


Want to be part of the action? Sign up for a gate of your choice below!

Main Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01A Sunclass A330-900 Stockholm @United403
03 Edelweiss A320 Zurich
04 Condor A321 Frankfurt
05 British Airways A320 Gatwick @Apple_Haye
06 Air France A320 Paris @arlin1
07 Ryanair 737-800 Thessaloniki @CubanTwins
08 Sunclass A330-900 Stockholm @Olivia12
09 Austrian A321 Vienna @kon_616
10A Jet2 757-200 Manchester @Prestoni
11 Wizz A321 Milan
12 Easyjet A320 Naples
13 Swiss BCS3 Geneva
14 Corendon 737-800 Dusseldorf
15 Volotea A319 Lyon
Apron T
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Aegean A320 Athens
02 Aegean A320 Thessaloniki
03 Transavia 737-800 Amsterdam
04 TUI 737-800 Nottingham
05 TUI 737-800 Rotterdam
06 TUI 737-800 Munich
07 Vueling A320 Barcelona
Apron L
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Iberia A320 Madrid
02 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @deltaoutofdca
03 Finnair A320 Helsinki @MarcosHazard

Air Traffic Control

Any ATC services will be greatly appreciated during the event

Frequency User

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See you there!

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I’ll take this please!

You are signed up

Thank you good sir

This please

I knew you would take that

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This please at Apron T.

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Then you know me well 🤭🤭

@Butter575 guess what route imma take

If I had to guess, the Jet2 flight

Holy crap this guys good

I presume you’d like me to sign you up for that

No JK, yes please

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Fancy indeed lol

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Can I take this but switch it to Gatwick

Take this in Finnair 320 pls
For prettier spotting :)

I’ll take this, i’ll fly in too

All changes have been made

Event bump!