07AUG21 / 1700Z - IG_infiniteflight.bc 1 year @ LEMD - EGLL

One year on the IFC

Hello there! This is @IG_infiniteflight.bc 's first year anniversary on the IF and would want to celebrate it with a short but beautiful flight with the new Iberia A330, between London Heathrow and Madrid


About Iberia


About @IG_infiniteflight.bc

My Stats

Event Information

Server: Expert
Departure: Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas - LEMD
Arrival: London Heathrow - EGLL
Flight Time: 1:50
Aircraft: Iberia A330
Time: 2021-08-07T17:00:00Z


Terminal 4S (28 gates)

Madrid ATC

Frequency Controller
ATIS @9to5Gamer
Ground @9to5Gamer
Tower @9to5Gamer


  • You should spawn 10-15 minutes before the event
  • Please spawn with Iberia callsign if you don’t use a unique callsign, avoid flying with a different airline callsign. (Does not apply to people with permanent callsigns)
  • Pushback will be +5 minutes
  • ATC may or not be, please use UNICOM correctly.
  • Please, if you want to join reply with the gate you want. Avoid unnecesary messages like “I would join but I can’t”.
  • I am not responsable for any violations you receive.

I’ll be GTS at Madrid


Thank you mate!

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thank you so much Dave


No problem!

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@IF-Mallorca you can now change the tag to atc staffed :)

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Can I use my current one N247SH Heavy

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Of course, that rule if only for people that doesn’t use the same callsign all the flights

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Is there a PM for this

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bobo, Private Message

ssssshhhh, a callar LOL


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