07AUG21/1400Z, 1600Z - Airbus Virtual Presents: "Welcome Back, Airbus A330!" @ LFBO

Sure! Thanks for signing up and see you soon!

Please add me for LGVA, Lion 046VA


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Let me take this one :)

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I can Ground Controller Both Time

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No problem. Thank you for joining us!

Hey there, another pilot has taken up the space, so you are assigned to the next gate. Is that ok?

Glad to hear about this! Feel free to take up ATIS and Tower if possible, it is still vacant. Thank you!

Please sign me to gate no 12 as LGVA043, airbus delivery parking to WIII for frist wave.

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Hello! One of the other pilots have occupied that stand, would stand 6C be alright? It is still in the delivery parking apron.

Tower + ATIS for @Varunsehdev


Both Time


Perfect. PM us if there are any problems. Thanks again!

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It’s okay! :D

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hi, can i have this gate? Malaysian 082VA

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Certainly! See you soon!

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