07AUG21 / 0000z - Qantas Virtual Group Presents: Cleared for Takeoff!

Hello @GDS111006,

If you dont want to fly, but want to ATC, thats entirely up to you. We would gladly appreciate it.


QVG Events Manager

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Hello Pilots,

Its not too late to sign up for a gate. With the flight departing in just under 24 hours until the event

We hope to see you all there for this exciting event!


QVG Events Manager

Hello @Flyingshib

Would you still like to sign up for this event? or have you changed your mind?


QVG Events Manager

Actually, it’s too early for me to join this event! Since it’s 5:30 am for me. So, I won’t be able to join this event. Have it been a little late like 01:30 Z I would have surely joined this event.

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All good, As most of the pilots for our VA pilots are in Oceania, we also do make sure a timezone preference is for them.

Hope to see you at one of our future events.


Can I please grab a gate?

Gate 146 - QVG75 - Declan_O


Hi @QantasVirtualGroup , am I correct the event is tomorrow?

Yep that is correct the Event is tomorrow morning at 10am

Alright thanks! I will be there

by the way i realised congrats on 3 years on the community

I would like to request a gate. Callsign - QVG809, IFC - Nikhil_Wong

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Hey @Nikhil_Wong,

Gate has been added. See you soon.


Shortly you will be added to a group chat. This chat will have the flight information and where we will chat for the flight so please keep an eye out.

Just a reminder, flight will be departing in 2 hours. See you there



There is still 2 hours left to sign up for this event, see you all there

I’m not signed up with any VA at the moment, but I would like to join this event.

Hi @jtrrs1, You don’t need to be apart of any VA to join. We just need your in-game callsign so we can identify which aircraft is you. That’s all.

Thanks and see you there

My in-game callsign will be VH-TJA

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