07AUG21 / 0000z - Qantas Virtual Group Presents: Cleared for Takeoff!

Cleared for Takeoff!

A Qantas Virtual Group Event

Qantas Virtual Group is celebrating the introduction of the Qantas A330 livery into Infinite Flight. (Thank you IF).
So your invited to join us as we both celebrate this huge moment for QVG and in other great news, Brisbane has recently been announced to be hosting the 2032 Olympic Games. So come join us as fly from RJTT to YBBN.


Departure Airport: RJTT - Haneda
Arrival Airport: YBBN - Brisbane

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Qantas A330

Flight Time: 8 Hours 30 Minutes

Event Depature
Please spawn-in 15 minutes before departure

ATC Coverage may be available


To request a gate, simply reply to the thread with: GATE ## - IF Callsign - IFC Username

Haneda International Terminal
Gate IF Callsign IFC Username
Gate 116 QVG 21 @Thor_Jensen (QVG Event Manager)
Gate 115 VH-DEV @Infiniteflight2
Gate 141 ZK-AUG @ThatOneKiwi
Gate 142 QVG24 @Robert_Thomas1
Gate 143 9M-ARV @Rifz
Gate 144 QVG253 @FiniteFlying
Gate 145 N516GO @N516GO
Gate 146 QVG75 @Declan_O
Gate 147 QVG809 @Nikhil_Wong
Gate 148 @jtrrs1
Gate 114
Gate 113
Gate 112
Gate 111
Gate 110
Gate 109
Gate 108
Gate 107
Gate 106
Gate 105R

More gates will be added if needed


Additionally, check out our thread here.


May I have this gate please? My callsign will be VH-DEV

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Hello, Sorry for the delay. You sure can!

See you there

Hi Everyone! Its not too late to sign up for the event!!

Hope to see more people there :)

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This, please! ZK-AUG.

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Hey great to see you again.

Sure thing, your gate has been allocated. See you there

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Thank you! See you there

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Just happen to see this thread. Since there’s no actual flights from RJTT-YBBN in the real world, I created a flight plan using SkyVector. Based on what type of aircraft is to be flown, figured with cruising speed of M0.81 and FL350, the ETE is 8:03. You are welcome to use the attached FPL. Let me know how it works. Thank you.

YBBN.fpl (13.3 KB)

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Hello Thor,

Drop my name in there as well please I’m hoping to be home to be able to fly the Event, thank you my friend

Callsign - QVG24

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Hi Jtrrs1,

Thanks for the offer, However we have an events team which are all over creation of flight plans for our events. Like I said, thank you for the offer anyway.

Safe flying and have a great day

QVG Events Manager

Hey mate, All done.

See you there hopefully

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What will the cruising altitude and speed be? Thanks!

Hi @Infiniteflight2,

On the day of the event, you will be added to a private message which will have all that information.

See you then

Hello Pilots,

Now its not too late to reserve a gate and join the fun!

Just comment your IF callsign and IFC username.

Hope to see more pilots there.

QVG Events Manager

Oh alright. Thank you see you there!

Gate 143

can i take this gate. callsign 9M-ARV

GATE 143, QVG253, Finite Flying

Sign me up!

Gate 144, callsign N516GO.

If possible I can be ATC there :)

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@Rifz, @FiniteFlying, @N516GO

Apologise for the delay. Your gates have been submitted.

See you there