07APR21 / 1900Z - Back in 2000 Flyout! @KATL

Hi, I’d Like to do E15 to Munich :)

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@Jukker You’re signed up!

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Remember that you are free to request signup with a different destination and aircraft from the ones indicated!

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Can I get this gate?

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@travelingcornstalk It’s all yours, see ya at the event!

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Sorry about the switch, I just wanted the live cockpit of the 757.

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I’ll take T06 please

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|D11|DC-10|Continental|Guam PGUM

Could I take this?

Sorry disregard that, the flights to long for me can I take…

D02 DC-10 Northwest Anchorage PANC

@nbiler No problem, gate changed!

@Lachlanavitor @Aviation2929 you’re signed up!


Thank you!

Could I take this flight? :D

@PappaHotel sure thing!

Cheers! :D

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Cargo gates are now available!

To signup for cargo you have to choose aircraft and destination yourself.


Can I take this flight?


@Hops_the_Rabbit Sure thing, see ya at the event!

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Could I please have gate C05 Air Tran to Louisville?

@NathanD Sure, it’s all yours!

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2 weeks to the event!

We’ve had some signups already, but there are still a LOT of gates empty! Feel free to sign up!