07APR21 / 1900Z - Back in 2000 Flyout! @KATL

Welcome at the “Back in 2000 flyout event” in Atlanta airport!

Tthrowback at the start of the new millennium in 2000! Let’s see if we can recreate as close as possible the traffic of that time!

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Event info

Server: Expert
Date & time: 2021-04-07T19:00:00Z
Airport: KATL

Some historic context:

The new millennium has just began and Atlanta Jackson Int’l is keeping his record as the airport with most passengers traffic in the world, first airport in the history to reach 80 million passengers per year!

737s classic series -300, -400 and -500 are big presence in the airport, with the new 737 next generation -700 and -800 starting to appear.
Trijets like 727s, MD-11, DC-10 and L-1011 Tristar are also common in the airport.
Rarely to be seen are airbus planes, the few landing are from non USA airlines.

Delta and the regional airline AirTran uses Atlanta as their hub airport.

Atlanta is a focus city for a lot of international and domestic airlines.

Sources: Video, Written

Planes Allowed

(example) → plane replaced


  • A319 Air Canada
  • A320 US airways (B73x USair, A319 America West)
  • A330 Swiss (swissair)
  • A340 Lufthansa
  • B717 AirTran (DC9), Delta (B727, MD88, L-1011)
  • B737 AirTran (B732), Southwest Canyon Blue/Desert Gold, United (Continental)
  • B738 Delta (B73x), United (B733), American TWA livery
  • B742 all [EAA 50th livery for TWA B741]
  • B744 Qantas, Air France (A340), Lufthansa
  • B752 America West (B733), Delta, American 68, LAPA (B767), United (Continental)
  • B763 American, Delta, KLM, United Continental
  • B772ER British Airways, Delta, American 68, United Old, United (Continental), Korean Air
  • DC10 Continental, Northwest
  • MD11 Delta (DC10, 727, L-1011), American Airlines


  • C208 FedEx
  • B744 AtlasAir
  • B748 Cargolux (B744)
  • B757 generic (FedEx, DHL, UPS)
  • B767 generic (FedEx, DHL, UPS)
  • DC10 Federal Express (FedEx), Emery Worldwide, Arrow Air
  • MD11F all


Gate map

Red = B747, B777, A340 max
Green = A319, B737 max
Blue = MD-11, B767 max

Gates allocations
Concourse T - American Airlines, Delta, United
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
T01A B767 American Airlines Miami KMIA
T02A B777 American Airlines Los Angeles KLAX
T03 B752 American Airlines New York La Guardia KLGA
T04 B752 American Airlines Washington Reagan KDCA @zand3r
T05 MD-11 American Airlines Chicago KORD
T06 B752 American Airlines Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW @Aviation2929
T07 B767 American Airlines Phoenix KPHX
T08 B767 American Airlines Philadelphia KPHL
T09 B757 Delta Air Lines New York KEWR
T10 B767 Delta Air Lines Honolulu PHNL
T11 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Los Angeles KLAX
T12 B767 United Chicago KORD
T13 B767 United Houston KIAH
T14 B767 United Washington KIAD
T15 B767 United Denver KDEN
T16 B767 United New York KEWR
T17A B777 United (old) San Francisco KSFO
Concourse A - Delta
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
A01 B767 Delta Air Lines Boston KBOS
A02 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Anchorage PANC
A03 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Oakland KOAK
A04 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Portland KPDX
A05 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Seattle Tacoma KSEA
A06 MD-11 Delta Air Lines New Orleans KMSY
A07 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Houston KIAH @PappaHotel
A09 B767 Delta Air Lines Los Angeles KLAX
A10 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Indianapolis KIND
A11 MD-11 Delta Air Lines St. Louis KSTL
A12 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Orlando KMCO
A13 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Denver KDEN
A14 MD-11 Delta Air Lines San Francisco KSFO
A15 B757 Delta Air Lines Fort Myers KRSW
A16 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Fort Lauderdale KFLL
A19 B767 Delta Air Lines Miami KMIA
A20 B767 Delta Air Lines Sacramento KSMF
A21 B757 Delta Air Lines San Diego KSAN
A24 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Washington KIAD
A25 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Salt Lake City KSLC
A26 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Phoenix KPHX
A27 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Detroit KDTW
A28 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Las Vegas KLAS
A29 B757 Delta Air Lines Philadelphia KPHL
A30 MD-11 Delta Air Lines New York KJFK
A31 B767 Delta Air Lines New York Newark KEWR
A32 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Chicago KORD
A33 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Minneapolis KMSP
A34 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW
Concourse B - Delta
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
B01 B738 Delta Air Lines Reno KRNO
B02 B717 Delta Air Lines Cincinnati KCVG
B03 B717 Delta Air Lines Wichita KICT
B04 B738 Delta Air Lines San Jose KSJC
B05 B738 Delta Air Lines Baltimore KBWI
B06 B717 Delta Air Lines Knoxville KTYS
B07 B738 Delta Air Lines Asheville KAVL
B09 B717 Delta Air Lines Greenville KGSP
B10 B717 Delta Air Lines Charlotte KCLT
B11 B738 Delta Air Lines Albany KABY
B12 B738 Delta Air Lines Memphis KMEM
B13 B738 Delta Air Lines Albuquerque KABQ
B14 B738 Delta Air Lines Syracuse KSYR
B16 B717 Delta Air Lines Austin KAUS
B17 B717 Delta Air Lines El Paso KELP @zion89
B18 B717 Delta Air Lines Bozeman KBZN
B19 B738 Delta Air Lines Boise KBOI
B20 B738 Delta Air Lines Sioux Falls KFSD @travelingcornstalk
B21 B717 Delta Air Lines Springfield KSGF
B22 B717 Delta Air Lines Milwaukee KMKE
B23 B717 Delta Air Lines Cleveland KCLE
B24 B738 Delta Air Lines Washington Reagan KDCA
B25 B717 Delta Air Lines Nassau KNAS
B26 B738 Delta Air Lines Pittsburgh KPIT
B27 B717 Delta Air Lines Tampa KTPA
B28 B717 Delta Air Lines Sarasota KSRQ
B29 B717 Delta Air Lines Columbus KCMH
B31 B738 Delta Air Lines Oklahoma City KOKC
B32 B717 Delta Air Lines Nashville KBNA @BransonRodriguez
B33 B717 Delta Air Lines Raleigh KRDU
B34 B738 Delta Air Lines Myrtle Beach KMYR
B36 B717 Delta Air Lines Fort Walton Beach KVPS
Concourse C - AirTran, Southwest
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
C01 B717 AirTran Panama City KECP
C02 B737 AirTran Richmond KRIC
C03 B717 AirTran Jacksonville KJAX
C04 B717 AirTran Pensacola KPNS
C05 B737 AirTran Louisville KSDF @NathanD
C06 B717 AirTran West Palm Beach KPBI
C07 B717 AirTran Tampa KTPA
C09 B737 AirTran Orlando KMCO
C10 B717 AirTran Little Rock KLIT
C12 B717 AirTran Cleveland KCLE
C13 B737 AirTran Philadelphia KPHL
C14 B717 AirTran Washington Reagan KDCA
C15 B737 AirTran Washington KIAD
C16 B737 AirTran Austin KAUS
C17 B717 AirTran San Antonio KSAT
C20 B737 AirTran Fort Lauderdale KFLL
C21 B737 AirTran Miami KMIA
C22 B737 AirTran New York La Guardia KLGA
C30 B717 AirTran Kansas City KMCI
C33 B737 AirTran Dallas KDAL
C34 B737 AirTran Denver KDEN
C35 B737 AirTran Phoenix KPHX
C36 B737 AirTran San Diego KSAN
C37 B737 AirTran Las Vegas KLAS
C40 B737 AirTran Oakland KOAK
C41 B737 Southwest Indianapolis KIND
C42 B737 Southwest Chicago Midway KMDW
C43 B737 Southwest Chicago Midway KMDW
C46 B737 Southwest Columbus KCMH
C47 B737 Southwest Milwaukee KMKE
C49 B737 Southwest Omaha KOMA
C50 B737 Southwest Orlando KMCO
C52 B737 Southwest Fort Myers KRSW
C55 B737 Southwest Sarasota KSRQ
Concourse D - Air Canada, domestic airlines
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
D01B B742 Northwest Seattle Tacoma KSEA @N489DN
D02 DC-10 Northwest Anchorage PANC @Lachlanavitor
D03 DC-10 Northwest Los Angeles KLAX
D04 DC-10 Northwest Detroit KDTW
D05 DC-10 Northwest Memphis KMEM
D06 DC-10 Northwest Minneapolis KMSP
D07 B767 Continental New York KEWR
D08 B767 Continental Fort Lauderdale KFLL
D08A B717 Delta Air Lines Grand Rapids KGRR @Deltadev13
D09 B757 Continental Houston KIAH
D09A B757 Continental Cleveland KCLE
D10 B757 Continental Charlotte KCLT
D11 DC-10 Continental Guam PGUM
D12 B757 Continental Hilo PHTO
D13 DC-10 Continental New York KJFK
D14 DC-10 Continental New Orleans KMSY
D15 A319 Air Canada Toronto Pearson CYYZ
D16 B757 America West Phoenix KPHX
D21 B757 America West Las Vegas KLAS
D23 B757 America West Long Beach KLGB
D24 A320 USairways (America West) New York La Guardia KLGA
D25 B757 America West Columbus KCMH @nbiler
D26 DC-10 Continental Salt Lake City KSLC
D27 B737 Continental Washington Reagan KDCA
D28 B737 Continental Tampa KTPA
D29 B737 Continental Albuquerque KABQ
D30 B737 Continental Bermuda TXKF
D31 B737 Continental Nassau KNAS
D32 B737 Continental Monterrey KMRY
D33 B737 Continental Ontario KONT
D34 A320 USairways Charlotte KCLT
D35 A320 USairways Philadelphia KPHL
D38 A320 USairways Phoenix KPHX
D39 A320 USairways Washington Reagan KDCA
D40A B767 Continental Seattle Tacoma KSEA
D41 A320 USairways Norfolk KORF
D42 A320 USairways Ontario KONT
D44 A320 USairways New York La Guardia KLGA
D46 A320 USairways Palm Beach KPBI
Concourse E - international flights
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
E01 B767 Delta Air Lines Cape Town FACT @tunamkol
E02 B767 KLM Amsterdam EHAM @tjb0709
E03A B744 Air France Paris LFPG
E04A B772ER British Airways London Heathrow EGLL
E05 B757 LAPA Buenos Aires SABE
E06 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Lima SPJC
E07 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Barcellona LEBL
E08 B777 Delta Air Lines Tokyo Haneda RJTT
E09 B767 Delta Air Lines Rome LIRF
E10 MD-11 Delta Air Lines Sao Paulo SBSP
E11 A330 Swiss (swissair) Zurich LSZH
E12 B772ER Korean Air Seoul RKSI
E14 DC-10 Northwest Tokyo Narita RJAA
E15 B744 Lufthansa Munich EDDM @Jukker
E16A DC-10 Northwest Amsterdam EHAM
E17 A340 Lufthansa Frankfurt EDDF
E18A B742 TWA London Gatwick EGKK
E26 B772ER United (old) Manchester EGCC
E27A MD-11 American Airlines Lagos DNMM @Udeme_Ekpo
E28 MD-11 American Airlines Madrid LEML
E29 B767 American Airlines Dublin EIDW
E30 B772ER American Airlines Rio de Janeiro
E31 B737 Continental Cancun MMUN
E32 B772ER Continental London Heathrow EGLL
E33 B767 Continental Montreal CYUL
E34 B757 Continental Vancouver CYVR
E35 DC-10 Continental Mexico City MMMX
E36 B742 Alitalia Milan Malpensa LIMC


Cargo map

Red - all planes allowed
Blue - max MD-11
Yellow - Cessna 208

Cargo allocations
Gate Aircraft Operator Destination Pilot
DHL 01
DHL 02
DHL 03
UPS 01
UPS 02
UPS 03
UPS 04
UPS 05
FedEx 01
FedEx 02
FedEx 03 MD-11F FedEx Ontario California KONT @Hops_the_Rabbit
FedEx 04
FedEx 05
FedEx 06A
FedEx 06B
FedEx 07
FedEx 08
FedEx 09


Be respectful to others
Use unicom properly if no ATC is present
If ATC is present follow all the instructions
Runways in use will be 8s and 9s as runway 10 was yet to be constructed at the time
Suggested taxi routes will be given prior to the event
No intersection departures
Suggestions and questions are welcome below!

Main Sources

Direct flights from Atlanta (ATL) - FlightConnections

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Terminal Information - Atlanta ATL International Airport Guide - World Airport Guides

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport - Wikipedia

AirTran Airways - Wikipedia Northwest Airlines - Wikipedia

Trans World Airlines - Wikipedia List of TWA destinations - Wikipedia

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Hello, I love this event you created. So, I will go ahead and take this historic route to my home country Naija 🇳🇬


Hi! What’s the longest flight you have available?

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Happy you like! You’re signed up, see ya at the event


I’d say Cape Town or Seoul

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Can I have the one to Cape Town please?

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Sure thing it’s all yours!

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Can I have this gate

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@zion89 It’s all yours!


What a fantastic idea for an event! I’m definitely interested, i’m still thinking of a route i’d like to do, there are so many good ones out there, honestly, hats off to you, what a fantastic event!


@simopoint I think I will be flying in with a 717 as well!

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Great! interesting double leg haha


Can I have this one? (I might not be able to make the event, but I will try)

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@nbiler It’s all yours! Just let me know if you can make it


Thanks for understanding. It means a lot.


I understand this is a Continental gate, but could I switch this to a DL 717 going to GRR (that’s that gate I used when I flew that, if you’d like to keep it organized, replace it with B03)

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@Deltadev13 sure thing! 717 delta to KGRR Grand Rapids right?


that is correct, thanks!

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Perfect, you’re signed up see ya at the event!

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Would you mind if I switch to this one?

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