07-8MAY2022The Weekend Adventure @100 Zulu to EDDM

So Tonight I am going to try again With yet another group flight

Lufthansa 747-8 or a350-9


100 Zulu
Or 21:00 pm

Expert Server

On cruise @34,000 @Mach 82
Please keep 5-10 NM Separation
And please change your callsign to flight of ##
The flight is about a 12-13 hour flight

Feel free to PM me

Liftoff in 2 hours

I would recommend taking a look at the title I don’t think it looks right.

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Spawn in 45 minutes

Please join me it will be fun

Would you like to join

Now spawning at terminal 1 gate 39

Liftoff in 10 minutes

I don’t have Infinite Flight subscription right now so I’m not going to.

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