06SEP21 / 0600Z - GA Day: Colors of Colorado @ Colorado

Nice colorado is cool


Oh that’s nice

Any suggested routes for a TBM?

There are not set routes for a TBM but try flying between whatever airports are open. They are all at a close distance so it should be quick and fun!

Awesome @MishaCamp , keep these events coming! 😎


real bush pilots at GA Day


The Colorado Department of Natural Resources and the FAA has some questions for you guys. You have some explaining to do. :)

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Do you have to turn 343 immediately after you airborne at KASE airport?


Hey mate,

Yes, that is correct. As the NOTAM states, you must turn right to a heading of 343 degrees straight after departure from KASE, until you reach a minimum altitude of 9100 feet.

Wasn’t able to make the event since I had to go in to the actual airport, but here’s what it looked like IRL today in the right downwind for 17R @ APA (with a G650 rolling out on 17L), and a surprise guest.


As much as I love flying in IF, I am very jealous of you lol.

First GA Day event I’ve been able to attend! Was good fun and thanks to the IFATC at KASE for the arrival and departure just now

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