06SEP20 / 1945Z & 2015Z: [OMDB Spawn Now] The UAE Flyout @OMDB & OMAA

The United Arab Emirates Flyout

UAE. The land of shawarma & hummus, Burj Khalifa & Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Ferrari World, and the most importantly: home to Emirates & Etihad Airways. Thanks to my co-hosts @Tsumia & @Pingu, we’ll be flying out of 2 major airports in the UAE.

The airports that will be covered in this event:

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport**
  • Dubai International Airport

** Please note that Abu Dhabi Terminal 2 is currently closed. We have added extra Etihad & Etihad Cargo flights to make up for the shortage of flights from T2.


Server: Expert
Hosts: @ran, @Tsumia, & @Pingu

AUH: 2020-09-06T19:45:00Z
DXB: 2020-09-06T20:15:00Z

Airports: Abu Dhabi (AUH), & Dubai International (DXB).

ATC will be present in UAE on Sunday. Please make sure to follow all ATC guidelines. We are not responsible for any violations that you receive during this event.

Abu Dhabi International Airport (IATA: AUH, ICAO: OMAA)

Abu Dhabi International Airport is an airport that serves the capital of the UAE: Abu Dhabi.
The airport is the second largest in the UAE after Dubai International Airport. The airport is the only airport in the Middle East to have U.S. Border Pre-Clearance facilities.

AUH has three passenger terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3. The airport also serves as the headquarters for Etihad Airways, UAE’s main flag carrier.

Terminal 1 - Abu Dhabi
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 101 Air India A321 Delhi (VIDP)
Gate 102 IndiGo A320 Mumbai (VABB)
Gate 103 Saudia A319 Jeddah (OEJN)
Gate 111 British Airways B789 London-Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate 112 KLM B789 Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 113 Royal Jordanian B788 Amman (OJAI)
Gate 121 Oman Air B788 Muscat (OOMS)
Gate 122 SriLankan A333 Colombo (VCBI)
Gate 123 Turkmenistan B772LR Ashgabat (UTAA)
Gate 131 MEA A321 Beirut (OLBA)
Gate 132 Wizz Air A321 Budapest (LHBP)
Gate 133 Egyptair B738 Cairo (HECA)
Gate 134 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul (LTFM)
Gate 135 Gulf Air A321 Bahrain (OBBI)
Terminal 2 - Abu Dhabi
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 201 Etihad B772F Frankfurt (EDDF)
Gate 202 Etihad B772F East Midlands (EGNX)
Gate 203 Etihad B772F Hanoi (VVNB)
Gate 204 Etihad B772F Shanghai-Pudong (ZSPD)
Gate 205 Etihad B772F Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate 206 Etihad B772F Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 207 Etihad B772F Mumbai (VABB)
Gate 208 Etihad B772F Bengaluru (VOBL)
Gate 209 Etihad B772F Chennai (VOMM)
Gate 221 Etihad B772F Dhaka (VGHS)
Gate 222 Etihad B772F Miami (KMIA)
Terminal 3 - Abu Dhabi
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 301 Etihad B78X Chicago (KORD) @Alaska170
Gate 302 Etihad B78X Tokyo-Narita (RJAA)
Gate 303 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @MacGyver
Gate 304 Etihad B77W Toronto-Pearson (CYYZ)
Gate 305 Etihad A388 New York-JFK (KJFK)
Gate 306 Etihad A388 London-Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate 307 Etihad A388 Seoul-Incheon (VABB)
Gate 308 Etihad A388 Paris-CDG (LFPG)
Gate 309 Etihad A388 Sydney (YSSY)
Terminal 4 - Abu Dhabi
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 401 Etihad A321 Mumbai (VABB)
Gate 402 Etihad A321 Nairobi (HKJK)
Gate 403 Etihad A321 Riyadh (OERK)
Gate 404 Etihad A321 Seychelles (FSIA)
Gate 405 Etihad A321 Medina (OEMA)
Gate 406 Etihad A321 Ahmedabad (VAAH)
Gate 407 Etihad A321 Kathmandu (VNKT)
Gate 408 Etihad A321 Chennai (VOMM)
Gate 409 Etihad A321 Hyderabad (VOHS)
Gate 410 Etihad A321 Malé (VRMM)
Gate 411 Etihad A321 Nur-Sultan (UACC)
Gate 412 Etihad A321 Khartoum (HSSS)
Gate 413 Etihad A321 Dammam (OEDF)
Gate 414 Etihad A321 Salalah (OOSA)
Gate 415 Etihad A321 Borg El Arab (HEBA)
Gate 416 Etihad A321 Kuwait City (OKBK)
Gate 417 Etihad A321 Kolkata (VECC)
Gate 418 Etihad A321 Islamabad (OPIS)
Gate 419 Etihad A321 Karachi (OPKC)
Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate 601 Etihad A388 London-Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate 602R Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Nicolas_Dejoy EYV447
Gate 603 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @wheeletfauzanfly EYV960
Gate 604 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Captain_Saremi EYV8888
Gate 605R Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @ghostcustoms EYV120
Gate 606 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
Gate 607 Etihad B77W Toronto-Pearson (KORD) @United2
Gate 608 Etihad B77W Los-Angeles (KLAX) @NathanD
Gate 609 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @T2118AB EYV002
Gate 610 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Amaar_Viqar EYV001
Gate 611 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Akshay_sai EYV003
Gate 612 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Patel_Mayur EYV747
Gate 613 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Ahmed_Ali1 EYV221
Gate 614 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @Ali_mujeeb EYV130
Gate 615 Etihad B77W Los Angeles (KLAX) @yatin_arora EYV147
Gate 616L Etihad A321 Moscow-DME (UUDD)
Gate 616R Etihad A321 Beirut (OLBA)
Gate 617L Etihad A321 Minsk (UMMS)
Gate 617R Etihad A321 Jeddah (OEJN)
Gate 618C Etihad B78X Chengdu (ZUUU)
Gate 619C Etihad B78X Beijing-Daxing (ZBAD)
Gate 620 Etihad B78X Bengaluru (VOBL)
Gate 621 Etihad B78X Geneva (LLSG)
Gate 622 Etihad B78X Milan-Malpensa (LIMC)
Gate 623 Etihad B78X Barcelona-El Prat (LEBL)
Gate 624 Etihad B78X Madrid (LEMD)
Gate 629 Etihad B78X Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)
Gate 630 Etihad B78X Melbourne (YMML)
Gate 631C Etihad B78X Munich (EDDM)
Gate 632C Etihad B78X Rome (LIRF)
Gate 633C Etihad B78X Vienna (LOWW)
Gate 634C Etihad B78X Brisbane (YBBN)
Gate 635C Etihad B78X Lagos (DNMM)
Gate 636 Etihad B77W Phuket (VTSP)
Gate 637 Etihad B77W Jakarta (WIII) @Suhas
Gate 638 Etihad B77W Manila (RPLL) @Derp_PH
Gate 639 Etihad B78X Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate 640 Etihad B78X Zurich (LSZH)
Gate 641C Etihad B78X Manchester (EGCC)
Gate 642C Etihad B78X Brussels (EBBR)
Gate 647 Etihad B78X Dusseldorf (EDDL)
Gate 648 Etihad B78X Delhi (VIDP)
Gate 649 Etihad B78X Istanbul (LTFM)
Gate 670 Etihad B78X Colombo (VCBI)
Gate 671 Etihad B78X Casablanca (GMMN)
Gate 672 Etihad A321 Kuwait (OKBK)
Gate 673 Etihad A321 Kozhikode (VOCL)
Gate 674 Etihad A321 Lahore (OPLA)
Gate 675 Etihad A321 Kochi (VOCI)
Gate 685 Etihad A321 Trivandrum (VOTV)
Gate 686 Etihad B78X Dublin (EIDW)
Gate 687 Etihad B78X Malaga (LEMG)

Dubai International Airport (IATA: DXB, ICAO: OMDB)

Dubai International Airport is an airport that serves the city of Dubai. The airport is the largest in the UAE & serves as the headquarters of Emirates. DXB is the world’s most busiest airport by international traffic, 5th busiest by passenger traffic & 6th busiest cargo airport. It is also the busiest airport for the Airbus A380 & the Boeing 777.

The airport has three terminals: Terminal 1, Terminal 2, & Terminal 3.

T1 consists of Concourse D. All airlines except 3 airlines fly to this terminal.
T2 consists of remote Gates. Only Flydubai & Air India fly to this terminal.
T3 is exclusively used by Emirates. T3 consists of Concourse A, B, & C.

T1 Concourse D - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate C48 Gulf Air A321 Bahrain (OBBI)
Gate C49 Air France B772 Paris (LFPG)
Gate C50 Ethiopian Airlines A359 Addis Ababa (HAAB)
Gate C51 SpiceJet B739 Kozhikode (VOCL)
Gate C52 Ukraine International B739 Kiev (UKBB)
Gate C53 Finnair A359 Helsinki (EFHK)
Gate C54 Korean Air A388 Seoul-Incheon (RKSI)
Gate C55 PAL A359 Manila (RPLL) @Rolls
Gate C56 Air Canada B789 Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate C57 Singapore Airlines B77W Singapore (WSSS)
Gate C58 Aeroflot A359 Moscow (UUEE)
Gate C59 Kenya Airways B788 Nairobi (HKJK) @Sam_Kiprotich
Gate C60 Lufthansa A333 Frankfurt (EDDF)
Gate C61 Air China B789 Beijing (ZBAA)
Gate C62 Norwegian B738 Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) @contrailer
Gate C63 Thai A359 Bangkok (VTBS)
Gate C64 Swiss A333 Zurich (LSZH)
T1 Remote Gates - Dubai (Extra Intl. Flights)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate C24 Saudia A319 Jeddah (OEJN)
Gate C25 Saudia A319 Medina (OEMA)
Gate C26 Saudia A319 Riyadh (OERK)
Gate C27 Saudia A319 Dammam (OEDF)
Gate C28 Turkish B77W Istanbul (LTFM)
Gate C29 SriLankan A333 Colombo (VCBI)
Gate C30 Transavia B738 Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate C31 Turkmenistan B772LR Ashgabat (UTAA)
Gate C32 Oman Air B788 Muscat (OOMS)
Gate C33 China Southern B788 Guangzhou (ZGGG) @Captain_74gear
Gate C34 China Eastern A359 Shanghai-Pudong (ZSPD)
Gate C35 Cathay Pacific B77W Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate C36 British Airways B772ER London-Heathrow (EGLL)
Gate C37 Azerbaijan Airlines B788 Baku (UBBB)
Gate C38 SpiceJet B739 Amritsar (VIAR)
Gate C39 SpiceJet B739 Madurai (VOMD)
Gate C40 SpiceJet B739 Pune (VAPQ)
Gate C41 SpiceJet B739 Delhi (VIDP)
Gate C42 IndiGo A320 Chandigarh (VICG)
Gate C43 IndiGo A320 Kolkata (VECC)
Gate C44 IndiGo A320 Bengaluru (VOBL)
Gate C45 IndiGo A320 Chennai (VOMM)
Gate C46 Air India B788 Delhi (VIDP) @mrfresh
Gate C47 PIA B772LR Karachi (OPKC)
Terminal 2 - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate E04 Air India A321 Mumbai (VABB) @Rohan_Mehrotra
Gate E05 Air India A321 Goa (VOGO)
Gate E06 Air India A321 Indore (VAID)
Gate E07L Air India A321 Visakhapatnam (VOVZ)
Gate E07R Air India A321 Lucknow (VILK)
Gate E08 Air India A321 Tiruchirappalli (VOTR)
Gate E09L Flydubai B738 Bishkek (UCFM) @Tsumia
Gate E09R Flydubai B738 Sarajevo (LQSA)
Gate E10L Flydubai B738 Sialkot (OPST) @Fynn111
Gate E10R Flydubai B738 Ishahan (OIFM)
Gate E11L Flydubai B738 Catania (LICC)
Gate E11R Flydubai B738 Rostov-On-Don (URPP)
Gate E12L Flydubai B738 Zagreb (LDZA)
Gate E12R Flydubai B738 Chittagong (VGEG)
Gate E13 Flydubai B738 Kilimanjaro (HTKJ)
T3 Concourse A - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate A01 Emirates A388 London-Heathrow (EGLL) @Andrew_Shay
Gate A02 Emirates A388 Paris-CDG (LFPG)
Gate A03 Emirates A388 Los Angeles (KLAX) @MJP_27
Gate A04 Emirates A388 San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate A05 Emirates A388 Sydney (YSSY) @Infinite_Josh
Gate A06 Emirates A388 Melbourne (YMML)
Gate A07 Emirates A388 Toronto (CYYZ) @Alexian61
Gate A08 Emirates A388 Frankfurt (EDDF)
Gate A09 Emirates A388 Tokyo-Narita (RJAA)
Gate D01 Emirates A388 Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate D02 Emirates A388 New York-JFK (KJFK)
Gate D03 Emirates A388 Washington-Dulles (KIAD)
Gate D04 Emirates A388 Singapore (WSSS)
Gate D05 Emirates A388 Houston (KIAH)
Gate D06 Emirates A388 Beijing-Capital (ZBAA)
Gate D07 Emirates A388 Shanghai-Pudong (ZSPD)
Gate D08 Emirates A388 Johannesburg (FAOR)
Gate D09 Emirates A388 Seoul-Incheon (RKSI)
Gate D10 Emirates A388 Muscat (OOMS) @Salim_Bello
T3 Concourse B - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate B13 Emirates B77W Mumbai (VABB)
Gate B14 Emirates B77W Mumbai (VABB) @PocketRishi
Gate B15 Emirates B77W Ahmedabad (VAAH) @ng123
Gate B16 Emirates B77W Kolkata (VECC)
Gate B17 Emirates B77W Chennai (VOMM) @Charrison
Gate B18R Emirates B77W Hyderabad (VOHS) @Saharsh
Gate B20 Emirates B77W Kochi (VOCI)
Gate B21R Emirates B77W Edinburgh (EGPF)
Gate B22 Emirates B77W Tiruvananthapuram (VOTV)
Gate B23 Emirates B77W Phuket (VTSP)
Gate B24 Emirates B77W Phnom Penh (VDPP)
Gate B25 Emirates B77W Dhaka (VGHS)
Gate B26R Emirates B77W Hanoi (VVNB)
Gate B27 Emirates B77W Ho Chi Minh (VVTS)
Gate F17 Emirates A388 Madrid (LEMD)
Gate F18 Emirates A388 Barcelona (LEBL)
Gate F19 Emirates B77W Beirut (OLBA) @zaki_fauzan_efendi_h
Gate F20 Emirates B77W Brussels (EBBR)
Gate F21 Emirates B77W Athens (LGAV)
Gate F22 Emirates B77W Kansai (RJBB) @Callsign15
Gate F23 Emirates B77W Stockholm (ESSA)
Gate F24 Emirates B77W Venice (LIPZ)
Gate F25 Emirates B77W Jakarta (WIII) @BlakeShutak
Gate F26L Emirates B77W Dublin (EIDW)
Gate F27 Emirates B77W Lisbon (LPPT)
T3 Concourse C - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate B01 Emirates A388 Boston (KBOS)
Gate B02 Emirates B77W Dallas Fort-Worth (KDFW) @SirMarkieMark
Gate B03 Emirates B77W Chicago-O’Hare (KORD) @ORD777flyer
Gate B04 Emirates B77W Seattle (KSEA) @Axeno
Gate B05 Emirates B77W Newark (KEWR) @Marcello_Jr
Gate B06 Emirates B772LR Fort-Lauderdale (KFLL)
Gate B07 Emirates A388 Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate B08 Emirates A359 Sao Paulo (SBGR) @captainshayan
Gate B09 Emirates B77W Rio De Janeiro (SBGL)
Gate B10 Emirates B77W Milan (LIMC)
Gate B11 Emirates B77W Bangkok (VTBS)
Gate B12 Emirates B77W Delhi (VIDP) @MAFiA
Gate F02 Emirates A388 Nice (LFMN)
Gate F03 Emirates A388 Malé (VRMM)
Gate F04 Emirates A388 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate F05 Emirates A388 Manchester (EGCC) @Zachary_Naponic
Gate F06 Emirates A388 London-Gatwick (EGKK)
Gate F07 Emirates A388 Moscow (UUEE)
Gate F08 Emirates A388 Auckland (NZAA)
Gate F09 Emirates B772LR Adelaide (YPAD) @Jennifer23
Gate F10 Emirates B77W Kuwait (OKBK) @Mazyad
Gate F12 Emirates B77W Cape Town (FACT) @CPT_Bambi
Gate F13 Emirates A388 Copenhagen (EKCH)
Cargo Gates - Dubai
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Name Notes
Gate E14 Emirates Skycargo B772F Adelaide (YPAD)
Gate E15 Emirates Skycargo B772F Leipzig (EDDP)
Gate E16 Cargolux B748 Hong Kong (VHHH) @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME
Gate E17 Cargolux B748 Komatsu (RJNK)
Gate E18 Cargolux B748 Luxembourg (ELLX)
Gate E19 DHL B752 Bahrain (OBBI) @Butter_Boi
Gate E20 FedEx B772F Delhi (VIDP)
Gate E21 FedEx B772F Bengaluru (VOBL)
Gate E22 FedEx B772F Mumbai (VABB)
Gate E23 FedEx B772F Goa (VOGO)
Gate E24 FedEx B772F Paris-CDG (LFPG)
Gate E25 FedEx B772F Hong Kong (VHHH)
Gate E26 FedEx B772F Chengdu (ZUUU)
Gate E27 FedEx B772F Milan-Malpensa (LIMC)
Gate E28R FedEx B772F Athens (LGAV)

We Hope You Enjoy This Event!

Event brought to you by Dubai Virtual & Etihad Virtual:

Founded by @MJL_Productions on October 22, 2019
IFVARB Approved on November 11th, 2019
Previously known as Fly Emirates Virtual

This event gives all Dubai Virtual pilots a 2x multiplier on all Emirates, EK SkyCargo, & Flydubai flights in this event!

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Hi! I’d like to sign up for all 3 flights if possible. So would we be those airlines listed or the same airline and all? That confuses me a little bit :/


Hey @Huzefa_Bohri,

In order to complete 3 flights, you would need to take the short-haul flights in Dubai-World Central & Abu Dhabi. You would need to fly the airline that is specified on your gate.


Alright, so can i sign up for gate B13 at DXB for the flight to Mumbai?


New Signups:


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This gate please!


Can I pickup this gate please? Awesome event Ran I can’t wai
Oops sorry. Can I have the KSFO one if you’re not flying it


@PocketRishi you can have the gate to KLAX. It’s fine

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Nah please have the LAX one. I hadn’t seen your comment my bad


You take it. It’s fine.

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You were there first so please have it haha. I’m very happy with SFO or IAH as well


I’ll take this one.



Unless, we can both fly that route!


New Signups:


@PocketRishi (I can still get you an LAX Gate if you want)


Thanks Ran and it’s alright. Where will you be flying btw?


Remember, we also have the remaining LAX gate at Abu Dhabi, so it’s not over :)


So could we fly together to KLAX?


I’ll pick something once everyone chooses. New destination :)


Yeah let’s fly together to LAX then! Sorry for the extra work ran


No worries, both from DXB?