06SEP20 / 1500Z-1600Z - Lukla Landing Competition (FINISHED)

Lukla Landing Competition


Welcome to the Lukla Landing Competition, hosted by @nativetoalaska and @Captain-787! If you recall the St. Barth’s Landing Competition, it’ll work like that with a few exceptions.

The largest difference is that this event will involve my Discord server, which a link for it will be sent in a DM if you sign up. Included with Discord is music, commentary, and good times. More will be sent in a DM if you sign up.

Whoever lands the largest aircraft first will receive first place, those who land the next largest aircraft first will receive second place, and the list goes on for five places. If you land an aircraft after someone else lands the same aircraft, your placement will not be counted.

To avoid any potential violations, this event will be held on the casual server. Additionally, you can spawn at any airport you want and land at Lukla, as long as your landings are between 1500Z and 1600Z. Any landings outside of that timeframe will not count.

Airport: VNLK / Tenzing-Hillary Airport

Time: 1500Z-1600Z / 3:00:00 PM4:00:00 PM

Server: Casual

NOTAM: There aren’t any reserved gates for this, to let us know you’ll be competing let us know below and we’ll add you to the signup list.



  1. @USA_ATC - A380
  2. @IF787 - 757
  3. @USA_ATC - A321
  4. @Vishark107 - 737-900
  5. @Marcel001 - 737-700

Thanks for reading and consider signing up!


I can attend

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Alright, you’re on the signup list!

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Let’s see if you can repeat this time!

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We going to sing the go around song lol

Sign me up please

Sure thing!

I would like to sign up as well

I’ll attend with pleasure!

i shall i try !

A little error here


Thanks for signing up! @nativetoalaska will put you down shortly.


They’re all on the list now :)

@BritishAirways001 thanks for pointing that out, fixed it!

Where’s the link to the discord server

It’ll be in the DM I’m about to invite you to.

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Is the A380 smaller than the 747SCA because it’s technically two aircraft?

You can sign me up.

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No the A380 is the second biggest. Later I will create a list of the aircraft from largest to smallest from the competition.

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I’ll add you to the list, thanks!

There’s always room for signups! :)

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Absolutely, you won’t want to miss it!

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