06MAY23: Big Bahamas Flyout

Something came up last minute and I gtg:(

Ok no worries

Pretty good, actually!

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Why thank you!

Oh shoot im coming

@Butter575 can I share 1 or 2 of my events?

I cant actually

How was my takeoff? (Frontier A320, “Hugh the Manatee”)

Great! I was still taxiing when you left

Just as I rotated, the crosswind hit me, but with a bit of rudder I corrected almost instantly.

Just one.

This event is tomorrow! Would love to see it get some more sign ups

Can I do one as well?


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For another tropical flyout, join the Great Guanacaste Flyout on 2023-06-24T16:00:00Z!

Fun long, short, AND medium haul flights available, from taking the A340 across the Atlantic to Zurich, to flying a C208 across the jungles of Costa Rica to Tamarindo, a mere 15 minutes from Liberia. Join today!

Made a spotting topic


Thank you everyone for coming! I hope to see you all at my next event tomorrow

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San Juan on expert right?

That’s correct

yes im going!