06MAY23: Big Bahamas Flyout

Big Bahamas Flyout!

Welcome to the Big Bahamas Flyout hosted by @Butter575! As many of you know I recently took a trip to the Bahamas last week for spring break. After going, it inspired me to create another flyout at the Bahamas’ largest airport of Nassau. Hope you can join me in taking over this airport and making it as busy as possible!

Event Specifics

Server: Training
Airport: MYNN
Date: 06MAY23


A Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A01 Pineapple Air C208 North Eleuthera
A02 Inter Caribbean CRJ9 Providenciales
A03 SkyHigh CRJ9 Santo Domingo
A04 BahamasAir Q400 George Town
A05 BahamasAir Q400 Crooked Island
A06 BahamasAir Q400 Marsh Harbour
A07 BahamasAir Q400 Rock Sound
A08 BahamasAir Q400 Freeport
A09 Rouge Canada A319 San Jose @MANDELA
A10 Air Canada A321 Montreal
A11 Westjet 737-800 Calgary
A12 Caribbean 737-800 Kingston @Cryptronic11
A13 BahamasAir 737-700 Havanna
A14 BahamasAir 737-700 Kingston
A15 BahamasAir 737-700 Orlando @Edward929
A16 BahamasAir 737-700 Fort Lauderdale
A17 BahamasAir 737-700 Freeport
B Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B18 JetBlue A320 Orlando @Connor_Ferguson01
B19 Frontier A320 Orlando @Mort
B21 Southwest 737-700 Fort Lauderdale @NonStopsAviation
B22 British Airways 777-200 Heathrow @Ben_Walsh
B27 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 Montego Bay
B28 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City @United403
B29 American E175 Miami @jacrock
B30 United 737-800 Washington
C Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C40 JetBlue A320 New York @HDS_Host
C41 JetBlue E190 Boston @777_heavy
C42 American A321 Charlotte
C43 American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth @Mason_Lennox
C44 Delta 737-900 Atlanta @plane_guy12
C45 Delta 737-900 New York @Ryan_15
C46 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale @HunterCallahan87
C51 United A320 Houston @CaptainMcsweeney
C52 United 737-800 Denver @Noobpilot123
C57 Silver Q400 Tampa
C58 Western Air CRJ9 Fort Lauderdale @Javaro_Davis
C59 Western Air CRJ9 Miami
R Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
R01 BahamasAir Q400 George Town
R02 BahamasAir Q400 Crooked Island
R03 BahamasAir Q400 Marsh Harbour
R04 BahamasAir Q400 Rock Sound
R05 BahamasAir Q400 Freeport
R06 BahamasAir Q400 North Eleuthera
R07 BahamasAir Q400 Spring Point
R08 BahamasAir Q400 Deadman’s Cay
R09 Western Air CRJ9 Congo Town
R10 Western Air CRJ9 Freeport
R11 Western Air CRJ9 Marsh Harbour

Air Traffic Control

Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575
Departure: @LuckyRc
Approach: @LuckyRc
Center: @IF_California



  • I am not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act professional
  • Have fun!

Moi, moi, moi!

Surprised you didn’t do the MBJ flight, I’ll get you down

I don’t usually do flights on TS

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@Flyin.Hawaiian will never get this bc i want it

Can I have 777-200 to Heathrow please

You both have been added

this please

happened to me when I went to Maui

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I’ll get you signed up

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this please!

Sure thing!

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|C40|JetBlue|A320|New York

I’ll get you down (Assuming you are requesting that gate)

I can take center for atc

Sure thing!

I wanted this :(

Eh, whatever. Sign me up for this

I’ll get you down