06MAR21 / 1800Z - The Garden State Flyout! @ KEWR


Hey all! Welcome to my next event! this time for my long overdue for my home airport Newark Liberty Int’l! Im very excited for this one and I hope the rest of you are as well! also this may be my last event hosting such a big and major airport at least without help as it is very stressful and annoying doing these big airports.

Event Info

Airport: KEWR
Date and Time: 1800Z 2021-03-06T18:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Note: Please spawn 15 minutes before the event starts and pushback 5 min after
the event starts.
We will use RWY 4L ONLY

Airport Info

originally Newark Metropolitan Airport and later Newark International Airport, is an international airport straddling the boundary between the cities of Newark in Essex County and Elizabeth in Union County, New Jersey. It is one of the major airports of the New York metropolitan The airport is currently owned jointly by the cities of Elizabeth and Newark and leased to and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Newark Airport is located 3 miles (4.8 km) south of Downtown Newark, and 9 miles (14 km) west-southwest of the borough of Manhattan. It is one of three major airports serving the New York metropolitan area; the others are John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, which are also operated by the Port Authority. Sandwiched between Interstate 95 and Interstate 78 (both components of the New Jersey Turnpike, as well as U.S. Routes 1 and 9) and has junctions of U.S. Route 22, NJ-81 and the Garden State Parkway. The airport handles almost as many flights as John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), despite being 40 percent of JFK’s land size. The City of Newark built the airport on 68 acres (28 ha) of marshland in 1928 and the Army Air Corps operated the facility during World War II. After the Port Authority took it over in 1948, an instrument runway, a terminal building, a control tower and an air cargo center were added. The airport’s original 1935 central terminal building is a National Historic Landmark. EWR employs more than 24,000 people. In 2017, EWR was the sixth busiest airport in the United States by international passenger traffic and fifteenth busiest airport. in the country. It served 43,393,499 passengers in 2017, which made EWR the forty-third busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic. In 2019, the airport saw 46,336,452 passengers, the most in its history.Newark serves 50 carriers and is the third-largest hub for United Airlines, the airport’s largest tenant (operating in all three of Newark’s terminals) and FedEx Express, its second-largest tenant (operating in three buildings on two million square feet of airport property). During the 12-month period ending in July 2014, over 68% of all passengers at the airport were carried by United Airlines.

Airport Charts


download (24)

download (25)



Terminal A

29 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Air Canada ERJ 175 Montreal CYUL 10
Air Canada ERJ 175 Toronto CYYZ 11 @anon67724595
JetBlue A320 West Palm Beach KPBI 12 @Nightt
JetBlue A321 Fort Myers KRSW 13 @B6_Andreas
JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale KFLL 14 @Butter1
JetBlue A320 Orlando KMCO 15
JetBlue A320 Monteago Bay MKJS 16A
JetBlue A321 San Juan TJSJ 16B
JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL 17
JetBlue A321 Los Angeles KLAX 18 @CaptainZac
United ERJ-170 Washington Dulles KIAD 20
JetBlue A320 Cancun MMUN 21 @AviationJack
United ERJ-170 Portland KPWM 22
United CRJ-700 Syracuse KSYR 23
United ERJ-170 Pittsburgh KPIT 24
United ERJ-170 Raleigh-Durham KRDU 24A
United CRJ-200 Albany KALB 25
United CRJ-700 Burlington KBTV 25A
United A320 Boston KBOS 26 @Infinite2674
United CRJ-200 Richmond KRIC 26X
United ERJ-170 Providence KPVD 27
United CRJ-700 Washington DC KDCA 28
Alaska 737-900 Seattle KSEA 30
Alaska 737-800 San Francisco KSFO 31
Alaska 737-900 Los Angeles KLAX 32
Alaska 737-900 San Deigo KSAN 33
American A321 Miami KMIA 34
American 737-800 Dallas KDFW 35
American 737-800 Chicago KORD 36
American 737-800 Charoltte KCLT 37
American A321 Phoenix KPHX 38

Terminal B

20 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Frontier A320 Orlando KMCO 40
Spirit A321 Atlanta KATL 41A
Spirit A320 Las Vegas KLAS 41B
Porter Dash-8 Q400 Toronto Billy Billsop CYTZ 42
Frontier A321 Miami KMIA 44
Delta 757-200 Atlanta KATL 45 @InfiniteFlight48
Delta CRJ-700 Detroit KDTW 46A
Delta CRJ-900 Minneapolis KMSP 46B
Delta 737-800 Salt Lake City KSLC 47
United 737-900 San Salvador MSLP 51
United 737-800 Guatemala CIty MGGT 52
Icelandair 757-200 Keflavik BIKF 53
United 737-800 San Jose MROC 54 @DeltaFox
United 777-300ER Rome LIRF 55
United 787-9 Sao Paulo SBGR 56
JetBlue A321 Santiago de los Caballeros MDST 57
Avianca A320 San Salvador MSLP 60
Swiss 777-300ER Zurich LSZH 61
SAS A350 Copenhagen EKCH 62 @Jukker
Air India 777-200LR Delhi VIDP 63
LaCompagnie 757-200 Paris LFPO 65
Austrian 777-200ER Vienna LOWW 66
Allegiant A320 Grand Rapids KGRR 67 @Deltadev13
British Airways 777-200ER London EGLL 68

Terminal C

50 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
United CRJ-700 Buffalo KBUF 70
United 737-800 Houston KIAH 71
United 757-200 Denver KDEN 72 @N489DN
United 737-900 Chicago KORD 73 @Dylan.Winklosky
United 787-10 Los Angeles KLAX 74W
United 777-200ER San Francisco KSFO 75 @Pingu
United 737-900 Cancun MMUN 80
United ERJ-170 Jaxsonville KJAX 81
United ERJ-170 New Orleans KMSY 82
United 757-200 Eagle KEGE 83W
United ERJ-170 Key West KEYW 84
United 737-700 St. Thomas TIST 85
United 737-800 Cleveland KCLE 86
United ERJ-170 Nashville KBNA 87
United CRJ-700 Indianapolis KIND 88
United 787-10 Frankfurt EDDF 90W
United 787-9 Dublin EIDW 92W
United 737-700 Mexico City MMMX 94
United ERJ-170 Kansas City KMCI 95
United 757-200 Orlando KMCO 96 @Andrew_Yates
United CRJ-700 Detroit KDTW 97
United 787-9 Brussels EBBR 98
United 737-700 Bogota SKBO 99
United 757-200 Las Vegas KLAS 101
United 787-10 Tokyo RJAA 102W
United 737-900 Nassau MYNN 103
United CRJ-700 Nashville KBNA 104
United Q400 Sarasota KSRQ 105 (Q400/EMB)
United CRJ-700 Cincinnati KCVG 107
United CRJ-200 Columbus KCMH 108
United 737-900 San Deigo KSAN 109
United CRJ-700 Charelston KCHS 110
United 737-800 Tampa KTPA 111
United 737-800 Fort Laudrdale KFLL 112
United 737-900 Miami KMIA 113 @IF_Seattle
United 737-800 Fort Myers KRSW 114 @CaptainN
United CRJ-700 Rochester KROC 115
United A320 West Palm Beach KPBI 120 @Captain_T_Malone
United 737-900 Phoenix KPHX 121
United 737-700 Jackson KJAC 122
United 787-10 Tel Aviv LLBG 123W
United 737-900 Oranjestad TNCA 124 @Z-Tube
United A320 Montrose KMTJ 125
United 777-300ER San Juan TJSJ 126W @Texan
United 737-900 Puerto Plata MDPP 127
United CRJ-700 St.Louis KSTL 128
United ERJ-170 Savannah KSAV 130
United CRJ-700 Charlotte KCLT 130W
United CRJ-200 Bloomington KBMG 130X
United CRJ-700 Presque Isle KPQI 130Y
United ERJ-170 Atlanta KATL 130Z
United A320 Bozeman KBZN 131 @plane_guy12
United 737-800 San Pedro Sula MHLM 132
United 737-800 Santo Domingo MDSD 133
United 757-200 Salt Lake City KSLC 134
United 737-700 Dallas KDFW 135
United 737-800 Panama City MPTO 136
United 737-800 Basseterre TKPK 137
United 737-900 Havana MUHA 138
United 737-700 Vieux Fort TLPL 139

Remote Gates

You May ask for a route here if it is accepted
14 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
Air Canada A321 Toronto CYYZ Lindy Hardstand 1 @Aravind_Narayanan
Singapore Airlines A350 Singapore WSSS Lindy Hardstand 2
Lindy Hardstand 3
Lindy Hardstand 4
Lindy Hardstand 5
Amelia Hardstand 6
Amelia Hardstand 7
Amelia Hardstand 8
Ameila Hardstand 9
Wilbur Hardstand 10
Wilbur Hardstand 11
Wilbur Hardstand 12
WIlbur Hardstand 13
WIlbur Hardstand 14
WIlbur Hardstand 15


10 Gates Left

Airline Aircraft Route ICAO Gate Pilot
DHL 777F Cincinati KCVG DHL Express Cargo Stand 1 @Zand3r
FedEx 777F Ancorage PANC FedEx Express Cargo Stand 1
FedEx MD-11F Memphis KMEM FedEx Express Cargo Stand 2
FedEx MD-11F Pittsburgh KPIT FedEx Express Cargo Stand 3
FedEx 777-F Los Angeles KLAX FedEx Express Cargo Stand 4 @zion89
FedEx MD-11F Miami KMIA FedEx Express Cargo Stand 5
FedEx DC-10F Bermuda TXKF FedEx Express Cargo Stand 6
UPS MD-11F Louisville KSDF UPS Cargo Stand 1
UPS A330F Ancorage PANC UPS Cargo Stand 2
UPS MD-11F Des Moines KDSM UPS Cargo Stand 3

download (26)

Thanks For Taking A look at my event!

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No Singapore Airlines to WSSS?

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Couldn’t fit it in It could go in the hard stands if someone requested it…

Well, Singapore A359 to WSSS Please

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Yup, will put it in now, thanks for joining Mateo!

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C75 to San Fran, please! @Z-Tube 👀

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@Pingu got you in as well, thanks for joining!

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May I please have this one 🤩🤩

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@Andrew_Yates you have been added as well, thanks for joining!

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No problem 😉

Thanks for adding me

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Well…good event idea, had the same thing going, had all the stuff ready to go, but anyway well executed. I’ll take an Allegiant flight to KGRR.

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@IF_KGRR Man sorry you were gonna do the same thing…just wait I’m sure no one else is planning it soon after me. Also Do you want to be in the remote stands or do you want me to swap out the terminal C gate instead?

Can i grab this?

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@plane_guy12 you have just been added thanks for joining!

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Il take this one please!

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Terminal 3, Stand 113 to Miami please!

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It’s good, found another date to do it, I’ll swap a C gate, thanks!

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@CaptainN you have been added thanks for joining!

@IF_Seattle you have been added and also welcome to the community!

@Deltadev13 just added you too! also I meant terminal B not C. and glad to hear you found a date! I think I will join!

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Hi, I´d like to do that route

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