06MAR21 / 1100Z - The City Beautiful Fly Out @ KMCO

The Orlando International Airport Fly Out

By: @InfiniteFlight48


Training Server

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About Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport opened in 1981. The airport is owned by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. The airport serves many airlines, and serves as a focus city for many airlines. It is six miles from downtown Orlando, and in 2019 50,613,072 passengers traveled through MCO. The airport has four airsides that serve for the forty four airlines that operate out of MCO.

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About The Event

This event will have four waves. Each wave will be four hours, and you must depart your flight during your wave time. There are ten flights in each wave. There will also be ATC for the four waves. Please spawn in about ten to fifteen minutes before your flight to prepare. Spawn into your correct gate, and please be respectful to other players and ATC. Thank you, enjoy the event, and I hope you can make it!

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All Gate and ATC assignment times listed below are in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Gate Assignments

Wave #1 ; 6:00AM EST → 10:00AM EST
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City Int’l 90
Delta Airlines 757-200 Atlanta Int’l 73
Spirit Airlines A320 Detroit Int’l 31
Spirit Airlines A321 Fort Lauderdale Int’l 33
United Airlines 737-800 Chicago O’Hare Int’l 41
JetBlue Airways A321 JFK Int’l 8
Frontier Airlines A321 Denver Int’l 17
American Airlines 737-800 Dallas/Fort Worth Int’l 57
Southwest Airlines 737-700 Houston Int’l 124
Delta Airlines A319 Raleigh-Durham Int’l 74 @barbadian
Wave #2 ; 10:00AM EST → 2:00PM EST
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
American Airlines 737-800 Miami Int’l 55 @Mulon.M
Delta Airlines 737-900 Los Angeles Int’l 77
Spirit Airlines A320 Baltimore Int’l 33 @bbrockairbus
Frontier Airlines A320 Philadelphia Int’l 14 @plane_guy12
Southwest Airlines 737-800 Montego Bay Int’l 110 @fly.akm
Spirit Airlines A320 Atlantic City Int’l 35 @DeltaFox
United Airlines A320 La Guardia Int’l 43 @PolandBall_120
JetBlue Airways A320 Providence Int’l 27
Southwest Airlines 737-700 Pittsburgh Int’l 103
American Airlines A321 Charlotte Int’l 58 @Carson_Martin
Wave #3 ; 2:00PM EST → 6:00PM EST
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Southwest Airlines 737-800 Chicago Midway Int’l 101
Southwest Airlines 737-700 Islip Int’l 106 @Butter1
Delta Airlines A321 Detroit Int’l 73
Southwest Airlines 737-800 New Orleans Int’l 123
Spirit Airlines A320 Windsor Locks Int’l 39
United Airlines 737-900 Denver Int’l 44
Alaska Airlines 737-900 Portland Int’l 112
United Airlines 737-900 Newark Int’l 46
Frontier Airlines A320 Trenton Int’l 14
JetBlue Airways A320 Boston Int’l 4
Wave #4 ; 6:00PM EST → 10:00PM EST
Airline Aircraft Destination Gate Pilot
Southwest Airlines 737-800 Buffalo Int’l 126
JetBlue Airways A320 San Juan Int’l 8 @TheGlobalAviator
JetBlue Airways A321 Salt Lake City Int’l 3
Frontier Airlines A320 Las Vegas Int’l 14
Delta Airlines 757-200 Atlanta Int’l 74
Delta Airlines 737-800 JFK Int’l 75 @Stick_theLanding
Spirit Airlines A320 Fort Lauderdale Int’l 34 @BonaireDude
JetBlue Airways A320 Syracuse Int’l 24
Delta Airlines A319 Boston Int’l 72
Frontier Airlines A320 Chicago O’Hare Int’l 12

ATC Assignments

Wave #1 ; 6:00AM EST → 10:00AM EST
Ground Tower
Wave #2 ; 10:00AM EST → 2:00PM EST
Wave #3 ; 2:00PM EST → 6:00PM EST
Wave #4 ; 6:00PM EST → 10:00PM EST

Thank you, and I hope that you can join the event!

Comment what flight you would like below, and I will add you to the event!

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What server is this?

Training Server

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The gates are all when the real flights actually leave so it is actually very organized and realistic. The waves are very realistic because it has flights throughout the day just like real life.

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Thank you, I do all of my events like this and it is a very organized and realistic way!

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Your style :)

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Can I please take American Airlines to Miami

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I will add you in!

This one to my home state!

Also this is a very unique format, makes it realistic and overall is the reason I would like to join.

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Same here , KACY is my home airport too!

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By the way can you put the times for each wave in Zulu so everyone, including me, knows when each wave takes place in their timezone?

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Can I do this this flight pls for the 3rd wave


I’m going to reopen this. Please keep it on subject. If you have constructive criticism, by all means go ahead, but we must remain respectful.

Anyways, have fun at the event! Looks great 😊


The format of this event is perfect for an event on expert server, but I don’t think that many people will be joining to fill up all 4 waves and have ATC at all 4 waves
But still, I’d like the American Airlines flight to Charlotte Intl, gate 58 in wave 2 :)

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Hey @InfiniteFlight48 good looking event but question: Why are there only 40 slots when there are 90 gates in total at MCO?

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Hey! I went on FlightRadar24 to get my gates and I also didn’t want to add to many flights just in case not a lot of people join

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Thank you! I will add you in to the event!

Thank you, see you there

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Wait, can we choose a different aircraft if we wanted to?

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this one plz?

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