06MAR21 / 0500z - Sydney Mardi Gras to Broken Heel (Hill) (YSSY - YBHI)

Australian Mardi Gras

A Qantas Virtual Group Event


Qantas Virtual Group next month (March) is celebrating Mardi Gras.
Qantas has been a major sponsor of the Sydney Mardi Gras for many many years. So grab your boa babez and join us as we follow in the footsteps of Priscilla queen of the desert and fly from Sydney to Broken Heel (Broken Hill - YBHI)

OPEN TO COMMUNITY - Come sign up and join us as we embark on a party flight across the skies.


Departure Airport: Sydney (YSSY)

Arrival Airport: Broken Hill(YBHI)

Landing Runway: Runway 23 (Subject to change)

Server: EXPERT

Qantas 737-800

Departure Time:

Flight Time: 1:30 (approx.)


Flightplan: YSSY TESAT KADOM 3327S/14920E 3309S/14815E 3202S/14333E NEWMO BHI 3157S/14133E YBHI




Make sure to request a gate simply by replying to this topic.

Qantas Terminal - Domestic

Gate Pilot
Gate 16 QVG Representative Event Leader
Gate 14 @bbrockairbus
Gate 12 @Massey116_Stefan
Gate 11 @BAK_UOV
Gate 10 @sam2875
Gate 09 @Robert_Thomas1
Gate 08 @Carloslikesplanes23
Gate 07 @Anthony_Vo
Gate 05 @Louis
Gate 04
Gate 03
Gate 02
Gate 01

More Gates Will Be Added If Required


Additionally, check out our thread here.


Sign me up!

Sign me up please

Hello, Your gate is 14.

See you at the event

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Hello, Your gate is 12.

See you at the event

Sign me up!

Hello @BAK_UOV
Your gate is Gate 11.
See you there :)

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Its not too late to sign up for a gate!

I’ll sign up for the Event please

Hello @Robert_Thomas1.

Awesome, you will be gate 9.
See you there

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Can I take gate 8 please?

Hello @Carloslikesplanes23
You sure can. Your gate is Gate 8.

See you there

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Its not too late, you can still sign up for a gate! Come join the fun as we party through the skies.

Just a reminder, the event departs in 1.5 hours. Its not too late to sign up for a gate.

See you all then

I’d like to join!

Sure thing!

You have Gate 07

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Sign me up!

Sure thing.

You have gate 5.

See you there

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