06JUN21 / 1800Z - AppleJet Virtual's 1st event: Soaring Over the Great Lakes @ KMKE

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Soaring Over the Great Lakes

Hosted By: @AppleJet_Virtual

Welcome to Our First Event!

Hey all! AppleJet Virtual is ecstatic and proud to host our first ever event. This event will be a group flight over the Great Lake Michigan to the west side of the Great Lake Huron in the midwest region of the United States. Being a GA VO, we are excited to see many GA aircraft fill up our central hub in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and fly over to Mackinac Island in Michigan. We hope to see you there!

About AppleJet Virtual

Here at AppleJet, we are a community of not only aviation enthusiasts, but experienced Infinite Flight pilots and controllers wanting to share our passion with others. AppleJet Virtual is here to give you a unique flying experience within Infinite Flight. One thing that sets us apart is being able to fly our 4 General Aviation (GA) aircraft, while still being able to fly those commercial routes. Many of our pilots however still love flying larger commercial aircraft and you can still do that with our 7 aircraft AppleJet fleet. We welcome everyone and hope to see you all in the skies either flying with or for us! To learn more about us, check out our thread here.

Website | Apply | IFC Thread


For our beautiful journey across Lake Michigan, you can use any of our four GA aircraft in our fleet. You have a choice of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, the Cessna 208 Caravan, the Daher TBM-930, and the Cubcrafters XCub.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk


Cessna 208 Caravan


Cubcrafters XCub


Daher TBM-930


Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport

Airport Diagram
Milwaukee Mitchell Intl Airport Milwaukee, WI (KMKE): AIRPORT DIAGRAM (APD)

Event Details

Server: Expert
Departure Airport: Milwaukee General Mitchell Int’l Airport (KMKE)
Arrival Airport: Mackinac Island Airport (KMCD)
Time: 2021-06-06T18:00:00Z

Each aircraft’s departure time will be split by 5 minutes to allow slower aircraft to get ahead

Route Info

Approx. Distance: 225 Nautical Miles
Est. Flight Time: 1:30 to 2:00 hrs

Gate Assignments

East GA Ramp 1|Cessna 208|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@KSS
East GA Ramp 2|TBM-930| Mackinac Island|KMCD|@Deltadev13
East GA Ramp 3|TBM-930|Mackinac Island|KMCD| @SWA1997
East GA Ramp 4|TBM-930|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@Liam_mcatee
East GA Ramp 5|Cessna 208|Mackinac Island|KMCD| @Cooper_Marcukaitis
East GA Ramp 6|Cessna 208|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@david_mullen
East GA Hanger 1-1|Cessna 172|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@Chicago_aviator
East GA Hanger 1-2|Cessna 208|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@Kansas_scotty
East GA Hanger 2|TBD|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@john_ryan1
East GA Hanger 3|GA Choice|Mackinac Island|KMCD|
East GA Hanger 4|GA Choice|Mackinac Island|KMCD
East GA Hanger 5|GA Choice|Mackinac Island|KMCD|
East GA Hanger 6|TBM-930|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@Mr_Young
East GA Hanger 7|TBM-930|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@zion89
East GA Hanger 8|TBM-930|Mackinac Island|KMCD|@aviation2929

More gates will be added if needed

⚠️ NOTAMS ⚠️

  • Please spawn 10-15 minutes prior to our scheduled departure
  • Respect UNICOM or IFATC at all times
  • Please act professionally to keep the event as realistic as possible
  • An official flight plan will be announced on a later date close to the event
  • We are not responsible for any violations or reports
  • Have Fun!


Thread designed by @KSS


I’ll take gate 4 with a TBM

Come join us, it will be a blast!


I should be able to make the event, but this is awesome, I go up to Mackinac every summer! I’ll take it in a TBM plz!


@Deltadev13 Welcome to the event! You are signed up!


I’ll take any gate in a Caravan. Thanks!


Do this one pls @KSS in the TBM
Thanks @AppleJet_Virtual


TBM Please


@bbrockairbus Welcome to the event! You are signed up!


can i have this gate

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@zion89 Which GA aircraft would you like to use?

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I’ll take a gate with a TBM!

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I’ll take a gate in a 172!


TBM please

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@Chicago_Aviator, @zion89, and @Aviation2929 Welcome to the event! You are all signed up!


TBM for this hangar please

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@Mr_Young Welcome to the event! You are signed up

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7 Days Until Departure! -

I can’t wait
I am proud of being Staff with this VA

Wkuld .ove to join you. Can I have a gate please

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Please sign me up flying a C-208.

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