06JUN20 / 1900Z - Project Airbridge Presented by: UPS Virtual @KSDF

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UPS Virtual Presents: Project Airbridge

We are proud to sponsor and host this unique event. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, we operate flights to over 220 countries - the most of any airline company in the world. Our Louisville Worldport hub is a 5.2 million square foot state of the art processing center that is entirely painted in white to make sure it can remain efficiently air conditioned. Want a fun fact? If you were to take a leisurely walk around it, you would walk over 5 miles. At UPS Virtual, we believe in a pilot system that gives you the freedom to fly where you want and how you want. We offer no restrictions on routes so long as you depart or arrive at one of our many hubs located all over the world. You are also free to choose any UPS aircraft with the exception of our Corporate fleet aircraft which are reserved for pilots who have attained the ATP Captain rank status. We hope this gives you all a taste of what it’s like to fly for our prestigious VA.

Visit our IFC thread to learn more!

The Mission

Following in the footsteps of the real life UPS Airlines, UPS Virtual will be simulating Project Airbridge in assistance of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to, with the help of IFATC, simulate a real world fly out from KSDF. What is Project Airbridge and how are we helping? See below!

Led by FEMA and the White House Coronavirus Taskforce, Project Airbridge is a partnership between UPS and large U.S. healthcare distributors including Cardinal Health and others, and the U.S. federal government. UPS is providing air freight brokerage services on third-party aircraft, as well as on UPS-owned aircraft. Goods will be distributed at the direction of FEMA to hospitals and COVID-19 hot spots throughout the country.

This is part two of a multistage effort that’s underway to get supplies to those areas that are in desperate need amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Simulating a fly out from our enormous Worldport hub in Louisville, Kentucky, our cargo will include masks, surgical gowns, gloves, medical swabs and thermometers. We will be delivering over 3 million pounds of essential supplies.

UPS’s Healthcare division opened a new 450,000 square-foot healthcare distribution center on April 4, with dedicated space for FEMA. The facility is located just a few miles from UPS Worldport. With that proximity, UPS has the ability to quickly fulfill orders for delivery overnight, anywhere in the U.S. We will be doing a lot of flying for this event!

We have already flown a vast amount of supplies into Louisville Worldport and are now requesting a helping hand from the entire IFC community in distributing to other U.S. cities hardest hit by this deadly disease.

We want to extend our sincere condolences to all those who have been gravely affected by this disease and offer our upmost gratitude to those heroes working the front lines during this unprecedented time.

Event Details

We are excited to invite the entire IFC Community to this event and trust everyone will have a great time! If you find yourself unable to attend the event start time, we urge you to still partake at any point in the day by departing KSDF to one of the below listed airports of your choosing. Our Worldport hub will be have ATC active.

ATC Available: Yes

Server: Expert Server

Date & Time: 1900Z // 2020-06-06T19:00:00Z

Featured Airport (ATC Available): KSDF (Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport)

Aircraft: Any UPS livery aircraft (A330, B757, MD-11F)


  • ATC will be present. Please obey all instructions.
  • Please spawn at your assigned gate with ample time to flight plan.
  • Pilots are responsible for their own flight planning.
  • The use of SIDS/STARS is encouraged but may not always be followed by ATC. Please adjust accordingly.

UPS Worldport Terminal & Gate Details

Terminal 1
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft UPSV Pilot
Cargo 200 Miami [KMIA]
Cargo 201 Portland [KPDX] @NoticedTime A330
Cargo 202 Philadelphia [KPHL]
Cargo 203 Minneapolis-St. Paul [KMSP] @JerseyAnt MD-11F
Cargo 204 Ontario [KONT] @Gary_Crinnion MD-11F
Cargo 205 San Diego [KSAN]
Cargo 213 Anchorage [PANC] @karl_iszler MD-11F
Cargo 214 Denver [KDEN]
Cargo 215 Oakland [KOAK] @DaYooper A330
Cargo 216 Seattle-Boeing Field [KBFI] @Aviation_Capital A330
Cargo 217 San Antonio [KSAT]
Cargo 218 Miami [KMIA] @Udeme_Ekpo MD-11F
Cargo 219 Las Vegas [KLAS] @CPT_knick MD-11F
Terminal 2
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft UPSV Pilot
Cargo 206 Charlotte [KCLT] @EpicNYC04 A330
Cargo 207 Denver [KDEN]
Cargo 208 Portland [KPDX]
Cargo 209 Ontario [KONT] @Highlander24 A330
Cargo 210 Philadelphia [KPHL] @Bryan4558 MD-11F
Cargo 211 Ontario [KONT]
Cargo 212 Minneapolis-St. Paul [KMSP]
Cargo 220 Seattle-Boeing Field [KBFI] @Connor_Beirne MD-11F
Cargo 221 San Diego [KSAN]
Cargo 222 Charlotte [KCLT]
Cargo 223 Anchorage [PANC] @Alaska096 MD-11F
Cargo 224 Oakland [KOAK]
Cargo 225 Philadelphia [KPHL]
Terminal 3
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft UPSV Pilot
Cargo 226 Las Vegas [KLAS] @Lostler A330
Cargo 227 Ontario [KONT]
Cargo 228 Newark [KEWR]
Cargo 229 Oakland [KOAK]
Cargo 230 Denver [KDEN] @DanielOConnor MD-11F
Cargo 231 Miami [KMIA] @Konnerj41 MD-11F
Cargo 232 Minneapolis-St. Paul [KMSP]
Cargo 233 Dallas [KDFW]
Cargo 234 Newark [KEWR] @AliAlex A330
Cargo 235 Kansas City [KMCI]
Cargo 236 Denver [KDEN]
Cargo 237 Seattle-Boeing Field [KBFI] @ToasterStroodie MD-11F
Cargo 238 San Antonio [KSAT]
Cargo 239 Portland [KPDX]
Terminal 5
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft UPSV Pilot
Cargo 240 Seattle-Boeing Field [KBFI]
Cargo 241 Anchorage [PANC]
Cargo 242 Houston [KIAH]
Cargo 243 Kansas City [KMCI] @FlightLA205 B757
Cargo 244 Dallas [KDFW]
Cargo 245 Minneapolis-St. Paul [KMSP]
Cargo 246 Philadelphia [KPHL]
Cargo 247 Denver [KDEN]
Cargo 248 Houston [KIAH]
Cargo 249 Newark [KEWR] @Zach007 MD-11F
Cargo 250 Miami [KMIA] @Rockydawg_42 A330
Cargo 251 Dallas [KDFW]
Cargo 252 Baltimore [KBWI]
Cargo 253 Houston [KIAH]
Terminal 7
Cargo Gate Destination Pilot Requested Aircraft UPSV Pilot
Cargo 254 Oakland [KOAK]
Cargo 255 Dallas [KDFW]
Cargo 256 Denver [KDEN]
Cargo 257 Philadelphia [KPHL]
Cargo 258 Newark [KEWR]
Cargo 259 Dallas [KDFW]
Cargo 260 Miami [KMIA] @Inside_Flight A330
Cargo 261 Baltimore [KBWI]
Cargo 262 Las Vegas [KLAS] @ajrose8231 MD-11F
Cargo 263 Newark [KEWR]
Cargo 264 Minneapolis-St. Paul [KMSP]

Special Thanks!

We would like to thank IFATC for the opportunity to have such a special event that resembles real world operations that are currently underway. We look forward to the great service that will be provided and are excited to see our Worldport hub come alive.

We would also like to extend a special thanks to IFAE & @IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE for assisting us in the critical Phase 1 which was conducted as a UPSV internal event to bring supplies from Asia, Central America, Europe and as far north as Alaska. As always, we value our partnership and the ability to work together for important events such as these.

*UPS Virtual is a simulated and fictional creation intended for use by a special interest group within the Infinite Flight Community and in no way represent the actions, opinions, or ideas of their real-world counterparts. Any and all logos, rights, intellectual property, and copyrighted materials associated with their respective airlines belong to their respective owners.

This will be epic. Gate 200 to KMIA in the MD-11F!


Cargo 231 to KMIA in the MD11!

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I’ll take the MD-11F with this gate


Gate 215 to KOAK please - A330.


Cheers to more continued successes. We are honored and greatful to continue to foster and grow this professional partnership.@UPSVirtual

May the sun never set on GAF and the UPSV.


Gate 262 mdf11. UPSV144


Cargo 216 to KBFI in the A330!


I’ll take cargo 230 down to London Heathrow in a MD11F please :)


May I please have this gate with the 757. FlightLA205 ( UPSV1675 )

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250 at Miami please in the A330 please!!


That’s not a valid route. Would you like to do the route that pertains to that gate assignment?

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Cargo 220 with the MD11F please


Cargo 260 - A330 please!

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@Zach007 sign up^^

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@UPSVirtual any FedEx gates.
All jokes aside lol. I’ll take gate 249 in the MD11

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No don’t let him sign up anymore^

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May I have this gate? A330

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Yes please then. Sorry I’m not really good with cargo gates.

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All requested gates have been assigned!

Wise guy, eh?! No FedEx gates as we need cargo to make it on time. Thanks for signing up. 😉