06JUN20 / 0800Z & 1500Z - Star Alliance Virtual 1 Year Anniversary - From Singapore To Istanbul @WSSS

Actually, I will do it. I’ll take this gate for the first wave. Singapore A359. My callsign will be ASVA011

I’ll take wave 2, terminal 1 gate C25, Turkish airline b777 Callsign Tk55. Hopefully more people sign up

Hello! Can I be assigned Wave 2, Singapore A359, T3 Gate A05, callsign SVA147. Thanks for organising this event! :)

Forgot to say my callsign, it will be NSV0102S. Can you please add it? @StarAllianceVirtual thanks

New Signups

@cptlogue @Jaeden01 @joshualjk

Hi there! Could I be assigned to Wave 2, Singapore A359, T3 Gate A04 with the callsign SVA142. Looking forward :)

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You got it. See you there!

T3 A10|Turkish B77W|Time wave 2|Turkish 9889 Heavy.


You got it! See you there!

Were the times swapped for waves 1 and 2? Could I please be switched to Wave 2?

Yes they were but awhile back. I will switch you

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Can I sign up TKVA 002 TK 77W please.

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I would also like to register. I take 1 wave. I will represent Turkish Airlines and take B77W with the call sign TKVA 110

Terminal 1 D44 please

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New signups

@CaptainHugh @MK7

Hey @StarAllianceVirtual, can you take my name off the list?

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Can I have a Turkish 777 gate in the 1st wave? Callsign: TKVA114

Sorry and my call sign will be SVA067 attending wave one in the Singapore A350-9 with any gate

I would be using the A350-9 Singapore airlines any gate if possible thanks

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