06JUN20 / 0800Z & 1500Z - Star Alliance Virtual 1 Year Anniversary - From Singapore To Istanbul @WSSS

Star Alliance Virtual 1 Year Anniversary: Singapore To Istanbul

2 Liveries. 11 Airlines.

We welcome all IFC members to join us in a fun flight from Singapore to Istanbul, two of the headquarters (& beautiful cities!) connecting our passengers through Singapore Airlines & Turkish Airlines respectively. We’ll be creating one of the longest conga lines in Infinite Flight, with almost all gates at Singapore Changi being used for this event.

Server: Expert
Flight Time: 11 Hours

Aircraft: Turkish Airlines 777-300ER & Singapore A350-900
Time Wave 1:2020-06-06T08:00:00Z.
Time Wave 2:2020-06-06T15:00:00Z.

Singapore to Istanbul: Operated by Singapore (SVA) & Turkish Airlines (TKVA)

Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Wave 1 Name & Details Wave 2 Name & Details
T1 Gate C01
T1 Gate C11
T1 Gate C13
T1 Gate C15
T1 Gate C17
T1 Gate C18
T1 Gate C20
T1 Gate C22
T1 Gate C23
T1 Gate C24 @SahyaQFFlyer, Callsign: NSV012S Turkish 77W
T1 Gate C25 @Jaeden01, Callsign: TKVA055
T1 Gate C26
T1 Gate D32
T1 Gate D34
T1 Gate D35
T1 Gate D36
T1 Gate D37
T1 Gate D40
T1 Gate D41 @MK7, Callsign: TKVA110, Turkish 77W
T1 Gate D42
T1 Gate D44
T1 Gate D47
T1 Gate D48
T1 Gate D49

Terminal 2 Gates
Gate Wave 1 Name & Details Wave 2 Name & Details
T2 Gate F52
T2 Gate F54
T2 Gate F56
T2 Gate F58
T2 Gate F59
T2 Gate F60
T2 Gate F30
T2 Gate F31
T2 Gate F32
T2 Gate F33
T2 Gate F34
T2 Gate F35
T2 Gate F36
T2 Gate F40
T2 Gate F41
T2 Gate F42

Terminal 3 Gates
Gate Wave 1 Name & Details Wave 2 Name & Details
T3 Gate A02 @PocketRishi, Callsign: AIVA009, Singapore A359
T3 Gate A04 @Deval_Surana, Callsign AIVA066, Singapore A359 @FSJZ, Callsign: SVA142, Singapore A359
T3 Gate A05 @Sierra_Golf, Callsign: AIVA090, Singapore A359 @joshualjk, Callsign: SVA147, Singapore A359
T3 Gate A10 @cptlogue, Callsign: ASVA011, Singapore A359 @CaptainAzriq, Callsign: Turkish 9889, Turkish B77W
T3 Gate A11
T3 Gate A12
T3 Gate A13
T3 Gate A14
T3 Gate A15
T3 Gate A16
T3 Gate A17
T3 Gate A18
T3 Gate A19
T3 Gate A20
T3 Gate A21
T3 Gate B01 @ran, Callsign: ANVA001, Turkish B77W
T3 Gate B02 @United2, Callsign: ANVA224, Turkish B77W
T3 Gate B03 @AlphaWings, Callsign: ANVA010, Turkish B77W
T3 Gate B04
T3 Gate B05
T3 Gate B06
T3 Gate B07
T3 Gate B08
T3 Gate B09
T3 Gate B10

Remote Gates
Gate Wave 1 Name & Details Wave 2 Name & Details
East Remote Apron 200 @Ayano_Gudy, Singapore A359
East Remote Apron 201 @CaptainHugh, Callsign: TKVA002, Turkish 77W
East Remote Apron 202
East Remote Apron 203
Remote SE 101
Remote SE 102
Remote SE 103
Remote SE 104
Remote SE 202
Remote SE 203
Remote SE 204
Remote SE 205

Cargo Apron
Gate Wave 1 Name & Details Wave 2 Name & Details
West Cargo apron 502
West Cargo apron 503
West Cargo apron 504
West Cargo apron 505
West Cargo apron 506
West Cargo apron 507
West Cargo apron 508
East Cargo apron 601
East Cargo apron 602
East Cargo apron 603
East Cargo apron 604

VA staff/pilots have the choice to sign up on this thread or internally via their slack.

Big thanks to our former chairmans @OC212 and @D3vison for maintaining Star Alliance Virtual throughout the months! We’d like to also thank @United2 for helping us out with this event. Make sure to say hello to them!


I would love to join, but the timing doesn’t work for me :/

Could I please have any gate, I’ll be attending Wave 1, and I’m planning to use a Turkish A350. Any of the terminal gates are fine.


Hey @PocketRishi,

We are only using Turkish Airlines’ B777-300ER on this route to maintain realism. You may use that aircraft, or the Singapore A350-900.


Could I please use the Singapore A350 then? I’ll be using my AIVA callsign (AIVA009).

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New Signups:

Yes, you may @PocketRishi! You’ve been signed up for Wave 1 of:

You’ve signed up with the callsign AIVA009 and are flying a Singapore A359.

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Thank you! Congratulations in advance on SAV’s first anniversary of many to come!

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Thank you @PocketRishi & we can’t wait to see you there!

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Can i join even i dont have a VA of both SVA and TKVA?

Yes, you may :)

Can i use the Singapore A350? and ill attending the “Wave 2”

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Hello @StarAllianceVirtual,

Can I have Gate C24 in a Turkish Airlines B777 please

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Any gate… Wave 1 Singapore A359. Call sign AIVA066. Thanks 🙌🏻

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Please sign me up for Wave 1 in terminal 3
Gate A04.
Callsign: AIVA090
Singapore A350


AIVA007 requesting wave 1 on a Singapore A359


How do I convert this to my time zone if it’s not there

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Sign me up for wave one.
Turkish 777
See you there


New Signups

@Ayano_Gudy @SahyaQFFlyer @Deval_Surana @Sierra_Golf @Krsh7 @Jaeden01 @United2


Thank you very much

There is no need. The time conversions are above.