06JUL21 / 1045Z - Sydney - Canberra @ YSSY - YSCB

Hey guys I’m thinking of doing a flight from Sydney to Canberra tonight because it’s very short and fun!!!

Aircraft and Livery: Qantas 737 or Virgin 737

Route: YSSY - YSCB

Time of Departure: 20:45 GMT + 10 Australian Eastern Standard time

Server: Expert

Additional Information: Please make sure to follow Act rules if Act are active! Feel free to copy my flight plan!
And make sure to follow Expert server rules and keep 10nm between aircraft!

Thanks for flying and hope you enjoy the route!!

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How about Sydney to London Heathrow 😝?

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The flight will only take 30 minutes com on join me it will be fun!!!

I’ll do a Sydney to London another day ahhahahah

Join my flight it will be fun

Have a great flight

Will you be joining us?

That would be a negative. I will be at work around that time.

Ok well tell your friend in the next hour

Too bad. Not yet G.3
See you on flight Sydney - London, perhaps. 😄

Is it 1045Z or 2045? Because you’ve put 1045 in the title, and 2045 in the description…

It’s 8:45 “PM” Australian Eastern time

Will you be joining the flight?

Ahh. Unfortunately not. But have a good flight!

Would love to join but it’s to late over in NZ! Would love to next time though :)

Ok I’ll make the next one a bit earlier haha

That’s for the consideration though

ATC has been open for both arrival and departure airports. Hope to see you soon

Thanks so much. It made the flight a lot more enjoyable

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