06JUL2020 / 1200Z - Infinite Flight YouTubers Present: Unexplored Sub-Saharan Event @ HAAB - DNMM

thanks for controlling!

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Incredible service, thanks for the ATC!

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Oh 1am here I was about to close my eyes on Short Final ahah

You live in Perth

Your event was great can’t wait for your next event!

Indeed, also @Plexi_Playz mind waiting 5 more mins? I’m landing soon :)


  • @PocketRishi @aviatorshubyt @AviatorDan for inviting me to do this Event!
  • Thank you to all of you for joining! Good Day!
  • Also Special thanks to the IFATC who participated to make this glorious event work!


The that was unfortunate XD I tried at least

what i was slepping

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hi @Plexi_Playz.
I m not happy with the ATC at DNMM. The report me. After a 4 hours flight my battery was at 10% when ATC request me to go around what I couldn’ t. is an event where we suppose to help each other as we can discuss here after a flight so if because somebody hid at the back of ATC and now ghosting Pilot because the did not follow what is their feeling I m sure that will no longer help people like me to attend such kind of events.
Please do your best to avoid such kind of things for the incoming next events.
Best regards.

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I am sorry here to here that! But remember, at events, host are never responsible for reports! And like I told you, always follow IFATC instructions!

Good Day!

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Thanks for having me @Plexi_Playz @aviatorshubyt @AviatorDan

This event couldn’t have been possible without you guys and certainly wouldn’t have been this smooth despite being off schedule by an hour (I landed around 3:30am)

heres to future events


I landed at about 1 am…

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