06JUL20 / 1900Z - The KBUR flyout @ KBUR

Summary: _This is the KBUR fly out, and there aren’t many gates in KBUR, so join fast! If you didn’t know, KBUR = Hollywood Burbank Airport, and is a usually overlooked alternative airport to KLAX. KBUR is not an international airport, but it has many flights throughout the U.S. Fun fact: JetBlue 262(the jetBlue flight with the twisted nose gear, actually originated in KBUR! So anyway, I will be assigning gates, so just tell me what gate you would like, and I will reserve it for you. It will be fun to see such a small alt airport to be full. Anyway, I hope you can join, and have fun!
Brought to you by me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVbTYdkuusMNvevRwDQa2zw?view_as=subscriber _

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Hollywood Burbank Airport / Bob Hope (BUR/KBUR)

Time: This event will take place at 1900Z or 2020-07-06T19:00:00Z



Terminal 1

GATE A1 - Southwest 737-700 to Oakland(KOAK): @Udeme_Ekpo

GATE A2 - Southwest 737-700 to Phoenix(KPHX): @ORD777flyer

GATE A3 - Southwest 737-700 to Denver(KDEN): @airplane2

GATE A4 - Southwest 737-700 to Dallas(KDAL): @Seth_N

GATE A5 - Southwest 737-700 to Las Vegas(KLAS): @KBUR_Aviation

GATE A6 - Southwest 737-700 to San Francisco(KSFO): @anon74260613

GATE A7 - Southwest 737-800 to Portland(KPDX): RESERVED FOR A FRIEND

GATE A8: jetBlue - A321-200 to New York(KJFK)

GATE A9: American - CRJ-900 to Phoenix(KPHX):

Terminal 2

GATE B1 - Delta - E170 to Salt Lake City(KSLC):

GATE B2 - United - CRJ-700 to San Francisco(KSFO): @AGSilver_04

GATE B3 - Alaska - A320-200 or 737-800/900 to Seattle(KSEA):

GATE B4 - United - A320-200 to Denver(KDEN): @AviationMasterYT

GATE B5 - Spirit - A320-200 to Las Vegas(KLAS): @El_YuainXD


FEDEX RAMP 1 - Fedex - Cessna 208 to San Diego(KSAN):

FEDEX RAMP 2 - Fedex - Cessna 208 to Imperial County Airport(KIPL):

FEDEX RAMP 3 - Fedex - MD-11F to Memphis(KMEM):

JetSuiteX RAMP

JetSuiteX RAMP 1: Generic(cause we don’t have JSX) - Citation X(cause we don’t have E135/145) to Oakland(KOAK)

Note: Please be patient when waiting to pushback, and please don’t pushback all at once, as we have limited room, and still be realistic, even though we probably won’t have ATC. Other than that, we will use RWY 15. And also, look at this 😂 : https://abc7.com/travel/lax-ranked-worst-airport-in-world-while-burbank-airport-ranked-best/5345894/
Most importantly, have fun!


I’ll take a gate to PHX on a 737-700 please

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Can I take the Gate B5 with the A320-200 to Las Vegas.

Thank you!!


I will take this gate please thank you


Can I take Gate A4 to dal

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@Seth_N @ORD777flyer @El_YuainXD @Udeme_Ekpo you are all signed up

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I’ll take this gate please!

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you’re signed up

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If I were to do another flyout like this, where should I do it?

Long Beach maybe? Or another underrated SoCal airport.

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Yes! I was originally gonna do it at LGB

Ok cool!

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Thank you sir

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Can I have gate A3

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Yep. Ur signed up

All of the Southwest gates are full.

Alright. Only about 9 1/2 hours until the event!

Can I take this one?

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you’re all signed up

I’ll be going to San Francisco by the way :) United A320