06JAN24: The Palm Springs Sendoff


Welcome to the Palm Springs Sendoff hosted by @Butter575. Palm Springs is a city just to the east of Los Angeles and serves as the main airport for the Coachella Valley. Being a more seasonal airport, Palm Springs is very busy during the Winter time, so there is no better time to host a flyout there then now. Join me as I once again try to fill up Palm Springs Airport.

Event Specifics

Airport: KPSP
Server: Expert
Date: 06JAN24


International Terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
01 Southwest 737-700 Las Vegas
03 Flair 737-800 Vancouver
04 American A321 Dallas Fort Worth
05 Allegiant A320 Bellingham
06 Delta 737-900 Atlanta
07 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto
08 JetBlue A320 New York @PhorzaSky
09 Southwest 737-700 Oakland @Bay_Area_Aviation
10 Westjet 737-800 Calgary @IFlyer
11 Alaska 737-900 Portland @Prestoni
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
12 American 737-800 Chicago @Rm111971
13 Alaska E175 Seattle @Ryan_15
14 Sun Country 737-800 Minneapolis
15 Delta E175 Salt Lake City @Wonderousbuilder641
16 Alaska E175 Portland @YT_Sniegutizzz
17A American E175 Phoenix @Apple_Haye
17B United CRJ7 San Francisco @IF.Kaden
17C Avelo 737-800 Redmond @RagonDragon
18 United 737-700 Houston @anon87523340
19 United A320 Denver @MANDELA
20 United E175 Los Angeles @TheBest
GA Ramps
Ramp Livery Aircraft Destination User
GA 24 Private CL35 San Francisco @alexNine99
GA 25 BBJ 737-700 Dubai @DuncanNL
GA 26 BBJ 737-900 San Salvador @American367
GA 27 Netjets CL35 Driggs @United403
GA 28
GA 29
Military 9


ATIS: @Butter575
Ground: @Butter575
Tower: @Butter575


  • I’m not responsible for Level 1 Violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act professionally
  • Have fun


You already know 😎

You are signed up

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Oh yeah! What an awesome fly out.

This please!

So far, this belongs to me :)

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@Butter575 do any airlines fly to Abbotsford from PSP?


Never heard of either of these cities but ig I’ll grab this


Why am I not surprised???

I’ll take this. Looking forward to my second Palm Springs event, both thanks to Butter!

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@NonStopsAviation already took that

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Oh, ok. Can I take that but on Gate 5?

Lets go with this one!

Also Alaska Airlines is launching a new route with nonstop service to New York JFK on the MAX9!


Thats such a w

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alaska for life

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Surprise, surprise!


Wow really? I would have never expected that

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Moi please

I’m a really unpredictable guy when it comes to my events.

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Finders keepers 😉

Yea yea. Say what you want. You people have to go to your home airports every time 🥴


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