06FEB21 / 2100Z - The Windy City Flyout! @ KORD & KMDW

Good turnout so far!

Can I please have this?

Yes you can!

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Thank you!

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Let’s get more signups!

More signups?

can i have this gate

You will be signed up as soon as possible! Thanks!

Yep! See you there!

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I’ll take B18 MDW-SAT

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Can you sign me up for this!

Can I sign up for this flight?

@Tre_Dior @Skippy @Owen_Fask you will all be added!

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Thank you so much


How about more signups! Three weeks left!

Can I have this flight please? Thanks!!

Could I get any 737 series going to KGRR, no preference on airport or airline.

Yes you can! See you there!

Alright, how does B25 at MDW to GRR with a SWA 737-700 sound?

I put it down for you for now

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That’s good, thanks!

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