06FEB21 / 2100Z - The Windy City Flyout! @ KORD & KMDW

Welcome to the Windy City Flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: KORD, KMDW

Time: 2100Z 2021-02-06T21:00:00Z

Welcome to the Windy City Flyout! This is a large event planned to be hosted by @Bren_McDonell and @anon74260613 ! The Chicago Air System consists of many airports and, collectively, is one of the busiest air systems in the world! We will be using the two main airports in Chicago: O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. O’Hare has been the 2nd busiest airport in the United States for many years now and is a hub for United and American, as well as hosting a small focus city for Frontier and Spirit! Midway is much smaller, but still serves as Southwest’s largest hub and also as a focus city for Mexican carrier Volaris. O’Hare also (as of later this year) will have the most runways of any US commercial airport (8)! With Chicago being the United States’ third largest city, you can tell they handle a lot of traffic!

This event will be a realistic flyout, with current routes (as well as some future and past routes!). You may request a route not shown if the route is a current or planned route. If you would like a different airplane, that is also completely fine! Once again, it must operate, be planned to operate, or have operated on that route regularily in the past (i.e do not request a UA 747 on Chicago-St. Louis).

Please make sure to follow all expert server rules!

And most of all, have fun!

Gate Information can be found below!


O’Hare Airport Airlines

Terminal 1
Concourse B

United Airlines
United Express

Concourse C

All Nippon Airways
United Airlines
United Express

Terminal 2
Concourse E

Air Canada Express
Delta Connection
United Express

Concourse F

United Express

Terminal 3
Concourse G

American Eagle

Concourse H

American Eagle (some flights)

Concourse K

American Eagle (some flights)
Japan Air Lines

Concourse L

American (some flights)
American Eagle
Air Choice One
Alaska Airlines
Boutique Air

Terminal 5

Aer Lingus
Air France
Air India
Air New Zealand
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Eastern
Copa Airlines
El Al
LOT Polish
Qatar Airways
Royal Jordanian
TAP Portugal
Turkish Airlines

South Cargo

Air France Cargo
Atlas Air
Cathay Pacific Cargo
China Airlines Cargo
Lufthansa Cargo
China Cargo Airlines
Turkish Airlines Cargo

North Cargo

ANA Cargo
Asiana Cargo
China Southern Cargo
Emirates SkyCargo
EVA Air Cargo
Korean Air Cargo
LAN Cargo
Qatar Cargo
Western Global

O’Hare Airport Gates

Terminal 1
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B01 United Express KMLI - Moline CRJ-700
B02 United KSMF - Sacramento 737-700
B03 United KEWR - Newark 757-200 @Bren_McDonell
B04 United MMUN - Cancun 737-900ER
B05 United KRSW - Fort Myers 737-800
B06 United KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
B07 United KMCO - Orlando 757-200
B08 United KIAD - Washington-Dulles A320-200 @zion89
B09 United KDCA - Washington-National A320-200
B10 United KTPA - Tampa 737-900ER
B11 United TNCM - St. Maarten 737-700
B12 United KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul A320-200
B14 United KLAX - Los Angeles 757-200
B16 Lufthansa EDDM - Munich A350-900
B17 United SBGR - Sao Paulo-Guarulhos 777-200ER
B18 United Express KASE - Aspen CRJ-700
B19 United KPHL - Philadelphia A320-200
B20 United CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson A320-200
B21 United KBDL - Windsor Locks/Hartford A320-200
B22 United KOMA - Omaha 737-700
B23 United Express KCHA - Chattanooga CRJ-200
B24 United Express KEVV - Evansville CRJ-200
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C01 United Express KCID - Cedar Rapids/Eastern Iowa CRJ-700
C02 United Express KBGR - Bangor E170
C03 United Express KSTL - St. Louis CRJ-700
C04 United Express KMTJ - Montrose E170
C05 United Express KGSO - Greensboro CRJ-700
C06 United Express KBNA - Nashville E170
C07 United Express KRIC - Richmond CRJ-700
C08 United Express KSLC - Salt Lake City E170
C09 United KDEN - Denver 757-200
C10 United PHOG - Kahului 777-200ER
C11 United EGLL - London-Heathrow 767-300 @The_Real_Plane_Spott
C15 United EDDF - Frankfurt 767-300
C16 All Nippon RJAA - Tokyo-Narita 777-200ER
C17 United KSFO - San Francisco 737-900ER
C18 United ZBAA - Beijing-Capital 787-9
C19 United PHKO - Kona 787-9
C20 United EBBR - Brussels 787-10
C21 United EGPH - Edinburgh 757-200
C22 United KRDU - Raleigh/Durham A320-200
C23 United KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental 757-200
C24 United KORF - Norfolk 737-700
C25 United KLAS - Las Vegas 737-900ER
C26 United KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-900ER @NYFLFlyer22
C27 United KCLE - Cleveland 737-700
C28 United KSBA - Santa Barbara 737-700
C29A United RJTT - Tokyo-Haneda 777-200ER
C30 United KBUF - Buffalo A320-200
Terminal 2
Concourse E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
E01 United Express KICT - Wichita CRJ-200 @Andrew_Yates
E02 Air Canada Express CYVR - Vancouver CRJ-900
E03 Air Canada Express CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson E175
E04 United Express KCGI - Cape Girardeau CRJ-200
E05 United Express CYUL - Montreal-Trudeau E170
E06 United KSYR - Syracuse 737-700
E07 Delta KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
E08 United MROC - San Jose de Costa Rica 737-800
E09A Delta KSLC - Salt Lake City A319-100
E10 United MMZH - Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo A320-200
E12 United KBZN - Bozeman A320-200
E13A Delta KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul A321-200
E14 Delta KATL - Atlanta A321-200
E15 Delta Connection KRDU - Raleigh/Durham CRJ-700
E16 Delta KDTW - Detroit 717-200
E17 Delta Connection KJFK - New York-JFK CRJ-900
Concourse F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
F01 United Express KCKB - Clarksburg CRJ-200
F02 United Express KUNV - University Park CRJ-200
F03 United Express KLWB - Lewisburg CRJ-200
F04 United Express KMKG - Muskegon CRJ-200
F05 United Express KLAN - Lansing CRJ-200
F06 United Express KXNA - Fayetteville-Bentonville CRJ-700
F07 United Express KTYS - Knoxville CRJ-700
F08 United Express KPIA - Peoria CRJ-200
F09 United Express KAZO - Kalamazoo CRJ-200
F10 United Express KCMH - Columbus-Glenn CRJ-700
F11 United Express KCVG - Cincinnati CRJ-700
F12 United Express KSDF - Louisville CRJ-700
F15 United Express KSBN - South Bend CRJ-200
F16 United Express KGRB - Green Bay CRJ-700
F17 United Express KMSN - Madison CRJ-700
F19 United Express KABE - Allentown CRJ-700
F21 United Express KSAV - Savannah CRJ-200
F20 United Express KDSM - Des Moines CRJ-700
F23 United Express KGSP - Greenville-Spartanburg CRJ-700
F24 United Express KPNS - Pensacola CRJ-200
F25 United Express KILM - Wilmington (NC) CRJ-200
F26 United Express CYOW - Ottawa CRJ-200
F27 United Express KMDT - Harrisburg CRJ-700
F28 United Express KIND - Indianapolis CRJ-700 @airplaneboi
Terminal 3
Concourse G
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
G01A American Eagle KCID - Cedar Rapids/Eastern Iowa CRJ-200
G01B American Eagle KSDF - Louisville CRJ-200
G01C American Eagle KTUL - Tulsa CRJ-700
G02A American Eagle KOKC - Oklahoma City CRJ-700
G02B American Eagle CYQB - Quebec City CRJ-200
G04 American Eagle KFSD - Sioux Falls CRJ-700
G05 American Eagle KSUX - Sioux City CRJ-200
G06A American Eagle KRST - Rochester (MN) CRJ-200
G06B American Eagle KROC - Rochester (NY) CRJ-700
G07 American Eagle KTYS - Knoxville CRJ-700
G08 American Eagle KTOL - Toledo CRJ-200
G09 American Eagle KBNA - Nashville CRJ-700
G10 American Eagle KRIC - Richmond CRJ-700
G11 American Eagle KCVG - Cincinnati CRJ-200
G12 American Eagle KCLE - Cleveland CRJ-700
G13 American Eagle KFAR - Fargo CRJ-200
G14 American Eagle KLSE - La Crosse CRJ-200
G14A American Eagle KATW - Appleton CRJ-200
G16 American Eagle KELP - El Paso CRJ-700
G17 American Eagle KDSM - Des Moines CRJ-700
G19 American Eagle KLIT - Little Rock CRJ-700
G19A American Eagle KBMI - Bloomington/Normal CRJ-200
G20 American Eagle KCMI - Urbana/Champaign CRJ-200 @MJP_27
G21 American Eagle KMEM - Memphis CRJ-700
Concourse H
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
H01A American Eagle KIND - Indianapolis CRJ-700 @Da-la_nay
H01B American Eagle KFWA - Fort Wayne CRJ-200
H02 American Eagle KMSY - New Orleans CRJ-700
H03A American Eagle KBOI - Boise CRJ-700
H03B American KSNA - Orange County 737-800
H04 American KSAN - San Diego 737-800
H05 American KSFO - San Francisco 737-800
H06 American TJSJ - San Juan A321-200
H07 American KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-800
H08 American KATL - Atlanta A320-200 @Skippy
H09 American KRDU - Raleigh/Durham 737-800
H10 American KSMF - Sacramento 737-800
H11A American KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul 737-800
H11B American KPIT - Pittsburgh A320-200
H12 American TNCA - Aruba 737-800 @Venezuelancap
H14 American KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor A321-200
H15 American KLAX - Los Angeles 777-200ER @Antonio10231
H17 American KLGA - New York-La Guardia 737-800
H18 American KMCO - Orlando 737-800
Concourse K
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
K01 American KDCA - Washington-National 737-800
K02 American Eagle KDTW - Detroit CRJ-700
K03 American KMIA - Miami 737-800
K04 American KABQ - Albuquerque 737-800
K05 American EIDW - Dublin 787-9
K06 American PANC - Anchorage A321-200
K08 American KTPA - Tampa A321-200
K09 American LGAV - Athens 787-9
K10 American MKJS - Montego Bay 737-800
K12 American PHNL - Honolulu 777-200ER
K13X American KPHL - Philadelphia 787-9 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
K15 Japan Air Lines RJTT - Tokyo-Haneda 777-200ER
K16 American EGLL - London-Heathrow 777-200ER
K18 American MDPC - Punta Cana 737-800
K19X Iberia LEMD - Madrid A350-900
K20 American MYNN - Nassau 737-800
Concourse L
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
L01 Alaska KPDX - Portland 737-900ER
L02A American KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth 737-800 @bbrockairbus
L02C American Eagle KICT - Wichita CRJ-700
L03 Alaska KSEA - Seattle-Tacoma 737-900ER
L04 American Eagle KEGE - Eagle/Vail CRJ-700
L05 Spirit KIAH - Houston-Intercontinental A321-200
L06 American Eagle KSAV - Savannah CRJ-700
L07 Alaska KLAX - Los Angeles A320-200 @Javiation_491
L08 American Eagle KMCI - Kansas City CRJ-700
L09 Alaska PANC - Anchorage 737-900ER
L10 American KSJC - San Jose (CA) 737-800
L10A American Eagle KCMH - Columbus-Glenn CRJ-700
L10B American Eagle KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-800
L10C American Eagle CYYZ - Toronto-Pearson CRJ-700
L10C (pull ahead 1) Air Choice One KBRL - Burlington (IA) C208
L10C (pull ahead 2) Boutique Air KIWD - Ironwood TBM-930 @Jetcentric
L11 JetBlue KPBI - West Palm Beach A320-200
L20 American Eagle KOMA - Omaha CRJ-700
L21 American Eagle KMDT - Harrisburg CRJ-700
L22 American Eagle KGRR - Grand Rapids CRJ-700
L23 American Eagle KHDN - Hayden/Steamboat Springs CRJ-700
L24 American Eagle KJAX - Jacksonville CRJ-700
Terminal 5
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
M01 Aer Lingus EIDW - Dublin 757-200
M02 Icelandair BIKF - Reykjavik-Keflavik 757-200 @Aviation2929
M03 Air France LFPG - Paris-CDG 777-200ER
M04 KLM EHAM - Amsterdam 777-200ER
M05 SWISS LSZH - Zurich 777-300ER @Frequentfliyer
M07 SAS ESSA - Stockholm-Arlanda A330-300
M08 Emirates OMDB - Dubai-International 777-300ER
M09 Cathay Pacific VHHH - Hong Kong 777-300ER
M10 Air India VIDP - Delhi 777-300ER
M11A British Airways EGLL - London-Heathrow A380-800
M12 EVA Air RCTP - Taipei-Taoyuan 777-300ER
M13 Air New Zealand NZAA - Auckland 787-9
M15 China Eastern ZSPD - Shanghai-Pudong A350-900
M16 LOT Polish EPKK - Krakow 787-8
M17 Qatar OTHH - Doha 777-300ER
M18 VivaAerobus MMGL - Guadalajara A320-200
M19 Korean RKSI - Seoul-Incheon 777-200ER
M20 Southwest KDEN - Denver 737-700
M21 Southwest KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-700
M22A Frontier KDEN - Denver A321-200
M22B Frontier KMIA - Miami A321-200
M23 Ethiopian HAAB - Addis Ababa 787-8
M24 El Al LLBG - Tel Aviv 787-10
M25 Etihad OMAA - Abu Dhabi 777-300ER
RW1 Volaris MMQT - Queretaro A319-100
RW2 Volaris MMOX - Oaxaca A319-100
RW3 Volaris MMBT - Huatulco A319-100
RW4 Frontier KLAS - Las Vegas A321-200
ORD1 Volaris MMLO - Leon/Del Bajio A319-100
ORD2 Cape Air KUIN - Quincy TBM-930
ORD3 Volaris MMPR - Puerto Vallarta A319-100
ORD4 VivaAerobus MMMY - Monterrey A320-200
RW5 AeroMexico MMMX - Mexico City 737-700
RW6 Copa Airlines MPTO - Panama City-Tocumen 737-800
  • RWs are Rockwall positions where you will taxi from a particular TBD stand to a part of the airport (near T5), that isn’t a spawn position.
South Cargo
South West Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
2 FedEx KLAX - Los Angeles 777F
3 FedEx KMEM - Memphis MD-11F
4 FedEx KAFW - Alliance/Fort Worth MD-11F
5 FedEx KOAK - Oakland MD-11F
6 FedEx KPDX - Portland MD-11F
7 FedEx KIND - Indianapolis MD-11F
8 FedEx KEWR - Newark MD-11F
9 FedEx KMKE - Milwaukee MD-11F
South Central Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 ANA Cargo RJAA - Tokyo-Narita 777F
2 China Airlines Cargo RCTP - Taipei-Taoyuan via KSFO - San Francisco 747-400
3 Atlas Air KMIA - Miami 747-400
4 Atlas Air KILN - Wilmington (OH) 747-400
South East Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 China Cargo Airlines KATL - Atlanta 777F
2 DHL KEWR - Newark 777F
7 UPS KLCK - Columbus-Rickenbacker MD-11F
8 DHL KJFK - New York-JFK 777F
9 UPS KDFW - Dallas-Fort Worth MD-11F
10 DHL CYYC - Calgary 777F
11 UPS KMIA - Miami MD-11F
12 Lufthansa Cargo EDDF - Frankfurt 777F
13 UPS KPHL - Philadelphia MD-11F
15 UPS KPDX - Portland MD-11F
16 Lufthansa Cargo MMMX - Mexico City 777F
17 UPS EDDK - Cologne/Bonn A330-200F
18 Lufthansa Cargo EGCC - Manchester 777F
19 UPS KSDF - Louisville MD-11F
21 Air France Cargo EGPK - Glasgow-Prestwick 777F
23 Air France Cargo LFPG - Paris-Charles de Gaulle 777F
25 Turkish LTBA - Istanbul-Ataturk 777F
27 Turkish EINN - Shannon A330-200F
North Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
1 AirBridgeCargo EHAM - Amsterdam 747-8
2 Cathay Pacific Cargo VHHH - Hong Kong via PANC - Anchorage 747-400
3 Western Global (generic) KONT - Ontario MD-11F
4 CargoLux ELLX - Luxembourg 747-8
5 China Southern Cargo ZSPD - Shanghai-Pudong 777F
6 Emirates SkyCargo EHBK - Maastricht/Aachen 777F
7 EVA Air RCTP - Taipei-Taoyuan 777F
8 Korean Air Cargo RKSI - Seoul/Incheon via PANC - Anchorage 777F
9 LAN Cargo SCEL - Santiago de Chile 777F
10 Qatar Cargo OTHH - Doha 777F
11 Asiana Cargo RKSI - Seoul-Incheon 747-400


Midway Airport Airlines

Allegiant Air
Delta Air Lines
Delta Connection
Porter Airlines
Southwest Airlines
Ultimate Air Shuttle

Midway Airport Gates

Concourse A
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
A1 Volaris MMMM - Morelia A319-100
A2 Volaris MMDO - Durango A319-100
A3 Volaris MMAS - Aguascalientes A319-100
A4A Southwest KABQ - Albuquerque 737-700
A4B Southwest KBWI - Baltimore 737-800 @SWA1997
A5 Delta KATL - Atlanta A319-100 @Tre_Dior
A7 Delta Connection KMSP - Minneapolis-St. Paul CRJ-700 @Alina_Bridges
A9 Delta Connection KDTW - Detroit CRJ-700
A10 Porter CYTZ - Toronto-Billy Bishop Q400 @DeltaFox
A11 Southwest KSNA - Orange County 737-700 @anon74260613
A12 Allegiant KPGD - Punta Gorda A320-200
A14 Southwest KMCI - Kansas City 737-700 @Hogwyld
A15 Southwest KSAN - San Diego 737-800
A16 Southwest MMSD - San Jose del Cabo 737-800
A17 Southwest KSMF - Sacramento 737-700
A18 Southwest KLAX - Los Angeles 737-800
A19 Southwest KFLL - Fort Lauderdale 737-800
Concourse B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
B1 Southwest KSFO - San Francisco 737-700
B2 Southwest KBHM - Birmingham (AL) 737-700
B3 Southwest KTUS - Tucson 737-700
B5 Southwest KPHX - Phoenix-Sky Harbor 737-800 @InfinitePilot1
B7 Southwest KLGB - Long Beach 737-700
B8 Southwest KSTL - St. Louis 737-700
B9 Southwest KOAK - Oakland 737-800
B10 Southwest KOMA - Omaha 737-700
B11 Southwest KDEN - Denver 737-800 @PilotChrisSG
B12 Southwest KSRQ - Sarasota 737-700 @AviationFreak
B14 Southwest KHOU - Houston-Hobby 737-800
B15 Southwest KDAL - Dallas-Love 737-800 @zion89
B16 Southwest KSJC - San Jose (CA) 737-800
B17 Southwest KRNO - Reno/Tahoe 737-700
B18 Southwest KSAT - San Antonio 737-700 @Owen_Fask
B19 Southwest KSLC - Salt Lake City 737-700
B20 Southwest KAUS - Austin-Bergstrom 737-700
B21 Southwest KRSW - Fort Myers 737-800 @K_HUNCHO3x
B22 Southwest KDAL - Dallas-Love 737-800 @ORD777flyer
B23 Southwest KMEM - Memphis 737-800
B24 Southwest KMSY - New Orleans 737-700
B25 Southwest KGRR - Grand Rapids 737-700 @IF_KGRR
B26 Southwest KMCO - Orlando 737-800
Concourse C
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain
C1 Southwest KLGA - New York-La Guardia 737-700
C2 Southwest KCOS - Colorado Springs 737-700
C3 Southwest KLAS - Las Vegas 737-800

Please sign up for the event! I can assure you the event will be very fun!

Have Fun!
@Bren_McDonell & @anon74260613 - Event Hosts


I’ll take this one, please :)

You got it! See you there!

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Can I have this gate

Sure you can! See you there!

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I will like this and

You got it! Nice!

Thanks I have A-List
This is for my VA

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I’ll definitely sign up! But not yet, as I need to make sure I’m not busy, since this is a while from now.

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Sorry can I change to this gate actually 😂

Yeah sure.

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I’ll take this gate. Thanks!

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Got it you have! See you there!

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I will take the American to LAX if it is still available

Sure! See you there!

Wait what is the longest flight here?

Im guessing either Air India to VIDP or ANZ to NZAA?

Prolly Auckland

Would it be possible to change over to Swiss to Zurich?


Alright thank you so much

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