06FEB21 / 2000Z - Race to the Caribbean @ KMIA - TNCM

Aircraft: Your Choice


Expert server

Time: 6th Feb, 8 PM GMT

This flight is a race from Miami to S.t Maarten. I have never seen a race on the community so I thought maybe we should try it out.
You can make your own flight plan and fly which ever aircraft type you like.
Please reply below if you intend on joining and once the flight is over send a picture of your nav route and flight time in the reply section and I will announce the winner the day after. The person with the shortest flight time wins.
Also, if you intend to join be respectful of others and make sure not to break any rules eg. cutting people off on final . Use ATC as well.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that, according to the forum rules, #live:groupflights can only be published within 3 hours of the flight. It looks like fun though

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Also, you are a TL2 User, so you can post this as an #live:events thread

Additionally, this topic needs proper title formatting, which should look like this:

06FEB21 / 2000Z - Race to the Caribbean @ KMIA - TNCM

Dont worry I changed the title, tags, and category for you, enjoy your flight!

Thank you!

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