06FEB21 / 1330Z - IndiGo Virtual's First Year Anniversary Fly - Out | 6E Turns One | @VOBL (COMPLETED!)

IndiGo Virtual’s First Anniversary Fly-Out @ VOBL

An Official IndiGo Virtual Event

One year and counting…

Look at us. We are one! And it all happened so fast. IndiGo Virtual first started in January 2020 with just a few pilots and now, we have more than 45 active pilots flying constantly with over 7500 total VA hours. Impressive, right? Well, that is not all of it. Since the beginning, IndiGo Virtual has worked towards making the overall VA experience better for everyone, and now, we have achieved what we wanted, the 6E way!

What better way to celebrate this occasion than a group fly-out with the lovely pilots in Infinite Flight!

Called the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the center of India’s high-tech industry. The city is known for its parks and nightlife. It also holds some of the country’s largest companies such as Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), WIPRO, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Infosys, etc.

Bangalore’s Kempegowda International Airport (VOBL/BLR) is located towards the north of the city and is a very popular airport in India. It has also become the second busiest airport in India, beating Mumbai, as per reports by the Airport’s authority of India. The airport is a hub for IndiGo, with over 100 IndiGo flights departing the airport daily. It was also the most requested airport for fly-out by the pilots of IndiGo Virtual.

Departure Airport

Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore, India

Event Type


Date & Time


Aircraft & Livery

Any (IndiGo A320 recomended)

Want to be part of this amazing event? To assign yourself, reply with the following details:

  • Gate
  • To (arrival destination)
  • Aircraft
  • Callsign


Gates for Wide-Body Aircraft (Cargo Included)

Gates for Wide-Body Passenger Aircraft

Gate Number To Aircraft Callsign IFC USername
Gate 02 OTHH Qatar B77W Qatari 512VA @Fat_Albert_512
Gate 05
Gate 08
Gate 11
Gate 14
Gate 16
Gate 18
Gate 21
Remote Stand 24
Remote Stand 27
Remote Stand 30
Remote Stand 33A
Remote Stand 34
Remote Stand 37
Remote Stand 40
Remote Stand 51
Remote Stand 52
Remote Stand 53
Remote Stand 55
Remote Stand 57

Gates for Wide-Body Cargo Aircraft

Gate Number To Aircraft Callsign IFC Username
Cargo Ramp 45
Cargo Ramp 47
Cargo Ramp 49
Gates for Narrow-Body Aircraft

Gates for Narrow-Body Aircraft

Gate Number To Aircraft Callsign IFC Username
Remote Stand 66 VERP IndiGo A320 Ifly 40VA @Samyak
Remote Stand 68 VOTV IndiGo A320 Ifly 98VA @Mafiaviation
Remote Stand 69 VICG IndiGo A320 Ifly 59VA @Omkar_Rathi
Remote Stand 71 VOMD IndiGo A320 Ifly 06VA @kk.aviation
Remote Stand 72 VOTR IndiGo A320 Ifly 07VA @Parshava
Remote Stand 74 VIDP IndiGo A320 Ifly 27VA @anon2790671
Remote Stand 75 VEPT IndiGo A320 Ifly 42VA @Saharsh
Remote Stand 77 OEJN IndiGo A320 Ifly 8968 @modernaviator
Remote Stand 78 VOHB IndiGo A320 Ifly 58VA @CaptainAftab
Remote Stand 80 VIDP IndiGo A320 Ifly 5080 @anon89481537
Remote Stand 81 VOTR IndiGo A320 Ifly 01VA @hari.shreyas
Remote Stand 83 VIDP IndiGo A320 Ifly 16VA @Dip_Prajapati
Remote Stand 84 VABB Jet Airways B739 Jet Airways 003VA @Felix_Monroe
Remote Stand 86 VIDP IndiGo A320 Ifly 36VA @shrey_harbola
Remote Stand 90
Remote Stand 91
Remote Stand 92
Remote Stand 93
Remote Stand 94
Remote Stand 95
Remote Stand 96
Remote Stand 97
Remote Stand 98
Remote Stand 99
Remote Stand 100
Remote Stand 101
Remote Stand 102
Remote Stand 103
Remote Stand 104
Remote Stand 105
Remote Stand 106
Gates for GA Aircraft (Citation X Only)

GA Gates (For Citation X Only)

Gate Number To Aircraft Callsign IFC Username
Remote Stand 69A
Remote Stand 71A
Remote Stand 72A
Remote Stand 74A
Remote Stand 75A

Please select the gate appropriate for your aircraft.
More gates will be added if required.

Having a hard time figuring out the routes from Bangalore? Don’t worry, we got you. Here is the list of all destinations served by IndiGo from VOBL and the destinations offered by the other airlines can be found here.

We have partnered with @AirIndiaVirtual2 and @JetAirwaysVirtual for this event.

Air India Virtual

Thread | Website

Jet Airways Virtual

Thread | Website

  • Please spawn at the designated gate in the correct livery and aircraft 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time that is listed above.

  • Please note that IndiGo Virtual will not be responsible for any violations/ghosts/warnings during the course of the event.

  • Please also ensure that you follow all IFATC instructions if present. If there is no presence of IFATC, please follow all unicom rules.

  • Pushback order, departing runways, established SIDs, and other closers to time details will be sent to the pilots participating via PMs in the IFC.

  • Most importantly, enjoy and have fun :)

Founded in late 2019, IndiGo Virtual (6EVA) is an IFVARB approved virtual airline based in India. With over 900 routes to 90+ destinations across the world, IndiGo Virtual is one of the fastest-growing Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight. With numerous dedicated pilots, IndiGo Virtual is active constantly in the skies of Infinite Flight.
Want to be part of this amazing virtual airline? Join us by applying here.

Thread | Pilot Application | Website

Thread designed by 6EVA’s staff team

Requesting this gate, Indigo A320-232, Ifly40VA, off to Raipur (VERP)


As you have tagged @AirIndiaVirtual2, the Indian Air Force would like to join.
If that’s fine, we will hit you up with the Airframes.


Air India A321
Air India 011VA

Please sign me up


Can I get this gate? Ifly06VA to Madurai


IndiGo a320 To Chandigarh,Call Sign-Ifly 059VA


@Samyak to Raipur (VERP)
@Sierra_Golf to New Delhi (VIDP)
@Omkar_Rathi to Chandigarh (VICG)

@kk.aviation, you have been assigned Remote Stand 71 to Madurai (VOMD) instead of Remote Stand 68 as that gate was already reserved by another pilot.
Please let me know I that is okay with you.

Thanks for signing up everyone. See you there!


Hello @Noodle_Duck!
We are currently working on the addition of special gates for The Indian Air force.
Please stand by…

Thank you!

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Can I get this stand to VABB (Jet Airways 737)?


Requesting this gate, Indigo A320, Ifly27VA, off to Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP)


Will let IAF C130s know


@The_Aviator has been assigned Remote Stand 72 to Mumbai (VABB). Also, may I know the callsign you will be using for the event? Thanks!

@anon2790671 has been assigned Remote Stand 74 to New Delhi (VIDP).

Thanks for signing up. Good day!


Hello, @AryaTheLivingMeme and @Noodle_Duck!
You may now request gates for military aircraft from the Gates for Wide-Body Aircraft section.

Thank You!


May I have this gate to VEPT?


@Saharsh has been assigned Remote Stand 75 to Patna (VEPT).

Thanks for joining and enjoy your flight!


9W 172 please


Amazing! I will add that to the database.


Hi, Can I take an Indigo A320 to Jeddah please?


Off course you can!
But please specify the gate you would like and your callsign with which you will be flying to Jeddah :)


Hi could could I please have this gate? My callsign would be Ifly 8968 and could I please use an Indigo A320? I’ll be flying to Jeddah