06FEB21 / 0900Z | Players, Practice, Passengers | Australian Open Fly-In | @OMDB & @OTHH | TODAY!

Players, Practice, Passengers | Australian Open Fly-In | Doha & Dubai to Melbourne

Event is sponsored by @QantasVirtualGroup.

If any of you are tennis fans then you may be aware that the qualifiers for the 2021 Australian Open are currently being played in Doha and Dubai, before the lucky group of qualifiers fly down to Melbourne and head for Melbourne Park, the home of the Australian Open. The qualifiers are usually played at Melbourne park itself, but due to COVID, they have decided for the first time in the history of the Australian Open, to play the qualifiers overseas.

This event has partnered with @QantasVirtualGroup to operate these special charter flights down to Melbourne and get the players there in time for the very exciting and first round of the Australian Open.

Below you can find all the important information in regards to the event:

Server: Expert Server

Date/Time: 2021-02-06T09:00:00Z

Airports: Dubai International Airport | Hamad International Airport


Suggested Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 787-9

Below is the list of available gates for each departure airport. They have been separated into separate drop down menus in an effort to make the gate reservation lists easier to navigate.

Dubai International Airport | Gate Reservations

Concourse A Gate A01 | @Declan_O

Concourse A Gate A02 | @Oli_H

Concourse A Gate A03 | @Josh

Concourse A Gate A04 | @DannyHL

Concourse A Gate A05 | @Robert_Thomas1

Concourse A Gate A06 | @Canadian_Aviator

Concourse A Gate A07 | @Errigal

Concourse A Gate A08 | @ewoharg4

Concourse A Gate A09 | @Capt_Skytrack

Concourse A Gate A10 | @Fat_Albert_512

Concourse B Gate B27 | @Carloslikesplanes23

Concourse B Gate B25 | @Vishark107

Concourse B Gate B24 |

Concourse B Gate B23 |

Concourse B Gate B22 |

Concourse A Gate D01 | @Indybeach

Concourse A Gate D02 | @Levi_Park

Concourse A Gate D03 | @Liam06

Concourse A Gate D04 | @Alex_E

Concourse A Gate D05 | @IFYMX

Concourse A Gate D06 | @FiniteFlying

Concourse A Gate D09 | @Adhan

Concourse A Gate D10 | @InfiniteArya

Hamad International Airport | Gate Reservations

Concourse C Gate C02 | @BAK_UOV

Concourse C Gate C04 | @Toby172

Concourse C Gate C06 | @champagnepapi

Concourse C Gate C08 | @Half-Aviation

Concourse C Gate C10 | @sam2875

Concourse C Gate C01 | @samory167

Concourse C Gate C03 | @Cameron_M

Concourse C Gate C05 | @Ritesh321

Concourse C Gate C07 | @GladiatorAlpha

Concourse C Gate C09 | @Pilot_Nidhal

Concourse D Gate D01 | @turkish534

Concourse D Gate D03 |

Concourse D Gate D05 |

Concourse D Gate D07 |

Concourse D Gate D09 |

Some NOTAMS are listed below. We ask that you please take a read through these in order to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that you as the pilot have the best experience and maximum enjoyment possible.

Please ensure that you reserve a gate below if you are interested in partaking in this event.

Please spawn at the gate 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time that is listed above.

Please ensure that you are following the event leader that will be nominated for each departure airport and file their flight plan.

Please also ensure to follow all IFATC instructions if present. Remember that any IFATC instructions override your filed flight plan.


I’d love a gate at Dubai, Declan. Looking forward to this one, thanks for letting us sponsor!

i’d also love a gate - Dubai!

Put me down for this one Deco! Looking forward to this!

No worries mate, thanks for sponsoring. Concourse A Gate A03 is yours!

Is this 9AM Zulu?

Yeah, 9AM Zulu. The time above in the original post should be showing the time that the event will be for you, in your timezone.

Signed you up mate. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Hi Declan I would love a gate at Dubai please, thanks man

Signed you up mate. I’ll see you there!

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Awesome mate! Concourse A Gate A05 is yours at Dubai.

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Ill take a gate at Dubai!

Great news mate! Concourse A Gate A06 is yours. See you there!

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Sorry to be a pain but I’ve read it 5 times and I feel like an idiot😂. Where are we flying to?

Melbourne YMML

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Yeah @Errigal is correct. We’re flying to Melbourne.

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And also, could I take a gate at Dubai please

Of course mate! Concourse A Gate A07 is yours. See you there!

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Ah thank you

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Can I have a Dubai gate?