06DEC20 / 0200Z - Asiana Virtual + Korean Virtual Present - The Korean Takeover // @RKSI

You got it, I hope to see a lot of people there too.

@ran sorry, the time posted in the post itself is correct. The event is December 5, 6:00PM PST.

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Alrighty! Please sign me up for an Asiana A350-900 gate to RJBB please. Thank you!

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You got it, see you there!

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I’ll take the AF 77W to CDG

Sounds good, I’ll sign you up.

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@Pingu can I get the gate I requested pls

Sorry for the delay, I’ll sign you up now.

It’s fine I was just wondering about it thx

Actually, I’m sorry, but could I please fly the RJBB flight with the Peach A320 instead? Thanks.

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Sounds good.

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Thank you sir

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Terminal 1

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 Asiana A321-200 Beijing - ZSPD
2 Asiana A321-200 Guangzhou - ZGGG
3 Asiana A321-200 Chengdu - ZUUU
4 Asiana A321-200 Narita - RJAA
5 Asiana A321-200 Taipei - RCTP
6 Asiana A321-200 Chongqing - ZUCK
7 Asiana A321-200 Changsha - ZGHA
8 Asiana A321-200 Hanoi - VVNB
9 Asiana A321-200 Chitose - RJCC
10 Asiana A350-900 Osaka - RJBB
11 Asiana A350-900 Shanghai - ZSPD
12 Asiana A350-900 Los Angeles - KLAX
14 Asiana A350-900 San Francisco - KSFO
15 Asiana A350-900 New York - KJFK
16 Asiana A321-200 Osaka - RJBB
17 Asiana A350-900 London - EGLL
18 Asiana A321-200 Hong Kong - VHHH
19 Asiana B777-200 Manila - RPLL
20 Asiana B777-200 Hong Kong - VHHH
21 Asiana B777-200 Jakarta - WIII
22 Asiana B777-200 Delhi - VIDP

Take that one to delhi

Hmmm, Aeroflot. I want it.