06DEC20 / 0200Z - Asiana Virtual + Korean Virtual Present - The Korean Takeover // @RKSI

Amazing event!!! Unfortunately I have exams 2 days after so wont be able to attend:(

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Oh no, that’s unfortunate. We hope to see you at a future event!

Hello pls read the guide of how to make a event the event should be in 30 days thanks you

The event has to be within 30 days, which it clearly is. 😊

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I think I’m gonna go with Gate 253 and fly my first ever A380 flight haha!

Make sure to read the actual rules:

Alright, I’m suprised you didn’t take the flight to Vegas. Have a nice flight!

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Unrealistic since I cannot fly the 777-300ER KAL 😔

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I am in mountain time and if it’s at 0000Z, it should be 5PM instead of 7PM.

Sorry for the confusion, fixed the title.

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Time would actually be 0200Z if I’m not mistaken.

Yep, that’s what I fixed it to in the title. :)

Well, the date, not in the title, but the post says it is 2 weeks ago. I think it should be December instead of November.

Ok, got it, I had accidentally marked it for November.

This gate please! Thanks!

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You got it! I’ll see you there.

@Pingu may I get this flight
245 Korean Air B737-900 Fukuoka - RJFF

Um, when is the event taking place? Title says 06DEC20/0200Z, but then your thread shows 6th December, 6:00 PM PST.

If it’s on 5th December at 6 PM PST, then the date on the thread should be changed.
If it’s on 6th December at 6 PM PST, then the title should be 07DEC20.

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Could I take Terminal 1 #24


Looking forward to this, I hope to see a lot of people out there!

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You got it, I hope to see a lot of people there too.

@ran sorry, the time posted in the post itself is correct. The event is December 5, 6:00PM PST.

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