06AUG22 / 0930Z - Yogyakarta Airport Memories: Feat. New Citilink A320 @WAHH


Hi everyone, a quick reminisce about the old airport in the city where I live. At the same time, as a thank you event to the development team who added the A320 Citilink Indonesia livery, updated to 22.05. You can choose the route with the shortest duration, and the best international route at that time

Server: Expert

Airport: WAHH

Time: 2022-08-06T09:30:00Z / 09.30 Z


Terminal A - FULL

Airlines & route operating out of Terminal A

Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air
Airline livery are selectable individually

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
01 Garuda Indonesia Denpasar (WADD) B738 @Se.Mal_aviation
02 Jakarta-Halim Perdana (WIHH) @yenier_Rodriguez
03 Citilink Denpasar (WADD) A320 @mildredAV
04 Citilink Balikpapan (WALL) A320 @canton
05 Sriwijaya Air Medan Kualanamu (WIMM) B737-900 @Haryo_Mataram_Adineg
06 Citilink Denpasar (WADD) A320 @Danny_Bar2.0
07 Citilink Surabaya (WARR) A320 (Substitution for Citilink ATR 72) @Humai-Girl
08 Citilink Bandar Lampung (WILL) A320 @Daffi
09 Jakarta Soekarno Hatta (WIII) @Bima_Suryatama
Terminal B (International)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
11 Silk Air (WSSS) Singapore A319
12 Air Asia (WMKK) Kuala Lumpur A320 @85x74dpsq5
13 Cebu Pacific (RPVM) Cebu A319

*The Cebu Pacific airline route at that time had not yet been realized, but there have been talks about the opening of this route


Use the active runway when you want to take off, this airport only has one asphalt runway that used to be and is usually used by standard size aircraft 737, A320, CRJ-1000, & ATR 72. If you want to take off from runway 09, you must first take a back taxi.

Maintain safe distances during taxi and pushback. Because the area of the airport apron and taxiway is relatively narrow

Controllers are welcome :)
More gates will be added for private aircraft & GA by requests


A bump!

@Haryo_Mataram_Adineg, looks like you’re going to attend my event, how about reserving a gate?

Hi! Ill take this gate on a Guarda Indonesia 737-800

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Sure, added you to the list. Thanks for coming!

Plenty of gates left guys!

Nice event! I’ll take gate 03 to Denpasar! I’d love to stream this event as well! If you’d like that (along with some additional promo) then make sure to leave a link in my thread labeled “Live-streaming YOUR events!”

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thanks, I’ll try to do that. If there’s any confusion, I’ll just PM you

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Awesome sounds great bro, same here, I’ll stay in contact ;)

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Could I get Gate 04 to Balikpapan? Thank you very much!

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yeah sure, why not? :)

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Good event I will take this flight pls 02Jakarta-Halim Perdana (WIHH)

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Got it, i suggest you to use A320 Citilink livery since they flown on this route too apart Batik Air.

I forgot to ask you @canton @mildredAV, what livery do you want to use?


I’ll do the citilink a320 please :)

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Citilink A320 please :)

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Some bump…
There are still gates left guys! There are also short flights

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About 10 days left to the event time, and we still have an empty international gate, let’s fill it up!


A320 Citilink I’ll take this one please

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Sure, added you to the list 😉 Thanks for coming

Citilink Denpasar (WADD) A320 pls

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Sure, see ya there on the event😉

Hello, This is a interest event! I will

QG1524 Surabaya - Yogyakarta
15.00 WIB - 16.00 WIB
QG1525 Yogyakarta - Surabaya
16.30 WIB - 17.30 WIB

See you 😅

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